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A Tale of Strategies For the Throne
56 Chapters

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All the doctors said that Heimos couldn’t live for long.

That kind of terrible injury, only the call of death awaited him.

The palace had even begun to prepare a funeral for the Prince.

However, after being in a coma for ten days, the badly injured Heimos opened his eyes.

The old doctor who said he was bound to die couldn’t believe his eyes.

However, Heimos did survive, with willpower that made the doctors felt incredible.

They believe that it was simply inhuman willpower.

If he survived, he would have to endure unimaginable pain.

The old doctor said so.

It was indeed so.

High fever, nausea, burnt flesh, unable to eat, body unable to take care of itself… both physically and mentally, it was the pain that couldn’t be described by words.

No one could imagine what Heimos endured during this time. It was something that no living person could imagine.

That might have even been… a living hell.

Heimos struggled to crawl out of hell with terrible willpower.


“You mean…he forgot?”


King Camos remained silent, so Ziemuer answered.

The doctor said that it was because the stimulus was too strong and the mood swings were too intense, that the child couldn’t bear it, so the body instinctively chose to get rid of this memory in order to protect itself.

The teenager sitting on the hospital bed didn’t say a word.

He lowered his eyes, and a little messy black hair covered his eyes, making it difficult to see the emotions in his eyes.

The thin lips were sickly pale because of the lack of blood. When they tightened, they were like sharp blades.

A thin blanket covered him below his waist, and from his right arm to his waist, he was bound by a snow-white bandage, and his right hand fell to one side, unable to exert any strength.

His only movable left hand, at this moment, firmly grasped the thin blanket on his body, so hard that his knuckles were all white.


After leaving Heimos’ ward, King Camos, who had been silent, finally spoke.

“I’ll leave Garlan in your care.”

“King Camos?”

“He committed an irreparable sin… irreparable. Even as a child, it is his sin.”

King Camos’ tone was heavy.

“Because of my preference for him and my indulgence towards him, it caused all this to happen.”

He said, “From now on, I will not intervene in the affairs between the two princes.”

He sighed deeply and heavily.

“So, the child will be handed over to you.”


After that day, King Camos gradually distanced himself from Garlan, whom he once loved so much.

At most he would rush around the battlefield. He would no longer intervene in the matters between the two princes.

In the room where night fell, the young teenager with a snow-white bandage was still sitting there.

There was no light in the room, but the boy’s eyes were terribly bright in the dark.

He was tortured with severe pain at every moment.

However, that child actually forgot.

He had forgotten all the things he did and the things that pushed him into hell!

He forgot everything about it.

In the darkness, the teenager’s eyes were bloody.

Prince Heimos always wore bandage on his body.

It was said that it was because of terrible burns.

It was said that there once was a maid who vomited when she helped to change his bandages.

Yes, that maid was almost beaten to death… It was so miserable…

Have you seen the prince’s eyes? It was so cold that it was like a poisonous snake—

All kinds of news spread little by little in the palace. Prince Heimos was gloomy, unstable, cruel, and a terrible prince.

Many people gradually realised this, and then feared the terrible Prince, trembling in front of Heimos.

From the bottom of their hearts, they were unwilling to approach the Prince whose temperament had become weird.

And a year later, Ziemuer finally found out the truth of the matter at the time.

He immediately informed Heimos of it.

“You’re telling me the truth because you want to tell me that it has nothing to do with Garlan, is it?”

Dressed in black, only the young man with a white bandage on his right arm was playing with a small dagger with his right hand, and asked lazily.

In just one year, he seemed to be a different person.

Ziemuer could feel that just standing there, the whole body exuded a terrible aura.

A terrible breath that made people resist from the bottom of my heart and was unwilling to approach.

Heimos raised his eyes. He and Ziemuer were standing on a high platform, looking far away, and they could see the figure of the blond-haired child in the courtyard.

The sun fell on the child, surrounded him, and enveloped him in the light.

Many people surrounded the child, like the stars arched over the moon. The child was smiling, with a bright smile, as if the crisp laughter could be heard from the courtyard.

Heimos clenched the flimsy dagger in his hand.

There was no light in his golden red eyes staring at Garlan, as if he had fallen into a dull hell.

Yes, that incident was planned by his uncle who wanted him to die.

He got it.

But so what?

So what—

The most hateful thing in this world was not to be in hell, but when suffering in hell, the person who pushed you into hell lived happily in the sun without any knowledge and burden.

Then, after a few years.

In the dark night, there was no moonlight and no starlight. There was a little light flashing in the secret room, but it was not bright, but it made the room a few tones darker.

The young man who was sixteen years old was sitting on a chair, most of his body naked, only a thin white cloth obliquely covering his waist and hips.

He sat there quietly, silent, his cold eyes staring straight ahead.

A middle-aged doctor knelt at his feet, trembling, afraid to look up, his forehead was covered with cold sweat.

After a long time, the boy spoke quietly.

He asked, “You can’t cure it?”

The doctor lying on the ground was trembling, and his face was full of fear and horror.

“No, I’m very sorry, Your Highness.”

His voice was trembling.

“You…You will probably…you can’t…” He stammered, his heart was crossed, his teeth were bitten, “That place is already necrotic, so, so, I’m afraid you can’t…can’t give birth to any offspring.”


After a long silence, the doctor’s face was buried on the ground, afraid to look up at the Prince’s expression.

There was no sound.

But this terrible silence would almost drive this doctor crazy.

After a long time, he was so scared that he was about to faint, and finally heard a voice that made him relieved.

“…You may go.”

With a soft word, the doctor got up immediately, as if he had been granted amnesty, trying to get out of the door like he was running away.

However, just when his hand touched the door panel.

A sharp dagger was thrown from the back, pierced his throat, and nailed him to the door.

The blood slowly slid down the door panel, and it became more and more ominous with the faint light reflected.

It was like an open door to hell.

The young man who had been sitting in the seat for a long time got up, and the thin cloth slipped from him with his movements.

He stood there, his naked body reflected in the opposite mirror.

The half of the body on the right was covered with uneven black-red and wrinkled scars, scarlet polyps that were entangled like scales…

The young man fixedly looked at the ugly and disgusting body in the mirror, like the body of a monster.

The dangling fire light reflected on his cheeks, and his eyes were like poisonous snakes.

He smiled slightly.

Very faint, but it was inexplicably chilling.

He laughed again and again, softly, deeply, and crazily.

The golden-red eyes fell into the darkness, deep into the deepest hell, without any brilliance.

Because he was too weak, no one cared how he felt.


Because he didn’t have enough power and competency, he ended up like this.

Therefore, he must sit on the throne.

He wanted to stand at the highest place and take power in his own hands.

He wanted to trample all those who have trampled on him and hurt him under his feet!

In that dream, Garlan slowly woke up from the very light but heart-piercing laughter.

He opened his eyes and saw Heimos sleeping on the edge of the bed.

The young teenager who fell completely into despair and madness in his dreams was lying quietly beside him at this moment, sleeping peacefully.

The eyebrows that relaxed during sleep looked like a child.

Garlan saw that his hand was holding a finger of Heimos.

He tightened a little harder, and then slowly loosened it.

He raised his hand and touched the back of Heimos’ hand, then, his eyes followed the hand up and landed on Heimos’ arm.

Dark brown skin, tight muscles, skin glowing a little, it was a very beautiful arm.

Garlan remembered that in his dream he had seen the half body full of scars and polyps, which was so ugly that it was difficult to look directly at it…

He tightened his lips.

He had always thought that Heimos was a cruel and unscrupulous person who was greedy for power and would do anything in order to obtain the throne.

He didn’t like this kind of person.

Therefore, he didn’t like Heimos either.

He never thought that the truth was so tragic.

Garlan remembered what he had heard from that voice before. Although Heimos was on the throne, when he died, he didn’t leave any descendants. There was no one on the throne. There was chaos everywhere, and Aaron Landis soon went to destruction.

Heimos did what he said—

He wanted to bring everyone to hell.

So he took the entire Aaron Landis into hell.

Garlan’s gaze fell on Heimos’s face again, and the young man’s sleeping face was close in front of him.

He raised his hand and touched that handsome face.

In the dream, he looked at the scenes like a bystander.

In the sea of ​​fire, when Heimos curled up in the darkness. At that moment when Heimos was trembling with pain, in the deep and crazy laughter…

He tried countless times to reach out to the desperate teenager and grab him.

But it was a dream, it was just a dream, he couldn’t reach that person.

He could only watch Heimos step by step walk towards destruction and step into hell, and he couldn’t do anything.

It’s not too bad.

He touched Heimos’ cheek lightly, Garlan thought.

I made it in time.

This time, I finally made it in time.

Garlan closed his eyes and took a deep breath, as if something was brewing.

Then he opened his eyes and raised his hand.


Crisp and fast slaps suddenly sounded in the quiet room, and the child smacked the sleeping boy four times on the face.

As soon as the last hit was over, one hand suddenly lifted up and grabbed Garlan’s wrist.

Being rudely awakened from the few strikes to his face while he was asleep, Heimos was about to reflexively throw the person he was holding on. When he opened his eyes, he saw the golden eyes staring at him.

He was a little awake, but still a little confused.

Heimos grasped the wrist of little Garlan, staring at him in a daze, messy hair scattered on his face, probably not fully awake yet, looking quite stupid.

He blinked, his face blank, that face rarely looked cute at the moment.

He looked at Garlan in disorientation, and Garlan stared back at him.

Suddenly, he smiled at him.

“Does it hurt?”

The child asked him.

Before Heimos could react, he nodded subconsciously, and then immediately shook his head.

The child nodded in satisfaction.


Garlan said, “It’s good if it hurts.”

He thought, well, Heimos isn’t injured, and his character wouldn’t become so terrible.

Then, even for the throne, Heimos shouldn’t kill him again, and he wouldn’t kill Ziemuer again.

Although his back hurt, he succeeded in saving Heimos’ future, thus saving himself and Ziemuer, so it was worth it.

Garlan wondered.

In this way, he changed the important key point, so that such a tragedy wouldn’t happen in the future, would he be able to safely retreat now?

After all, he still knew that he couldn’t win Heimos for the throne.

And even though he knew the truth, the shadow in his heart couldn’t be easily eliminated. Although he sympathised with Heimos and didn’t hate him that much, he still felt a little frustrated when he looked at him.

Therefore, he still felt it was better to follow the goal he set; abandon his identity as a prince and travel to other countries.


A voice rang in his ears, and Garlan was suddenly excited.

No, it’s not right.

He thought.

The reason why Heimos became like that was because of his uncle’s conspiracy and tricks. Although he saved Heimos this time, the uncle was still there and would continue to do it—

Therefore, he worked so hard to save Heimos this time, maybe the next time his uncle did something, something happened to Heimos, and he started to become extreme again.

Wouldn’t he be injured for nothing?

Heimos become injured—his temper becomes extreme—he was expected to die again—Heimos had no descendants—so Aaron Landis had to be destroyed—

No, no, no, no, this won’t do!

He finally pulled out the flag that he must die and Aaron Landis must die. How could he watch it be back to square one again?


It seemed that he couldn’t leave now, he must watch over Heimos carefully.

Until Heimos grew up, he must not be allowed to harm him by that uncle.

Otherwise, it was estimated that all previous efforts would be in vain and they would return to the trajectory of their previous lives.

After drawing a big circle in his mind, Garlan made up his mind.

He raised his eyes and looked at Heimos.

He said, “In the future, I’ll take good care of you.”

I’ll take care of you until you grow up.

With a serious face, Garlan said firmly, “I’ll protect you.”

To protect Heimos was to save the lives of himself and Ziemuer, which was to save Aaron Landis.

As long as Heimos had a descendant, Aaron Landis would certainly not perish.

Garlan concluded.

He must see with his own eyes that Heimos killed that uncle, and then had a child, so that he could go out and travel on the earth happily and freely.

Galan thought in his heart.

Okay, then, his next goal was to protect Heimos and until the birth of Heimos’ child——

Suddenly he was awakened by Garlan. Heimos was still a little confused by holding Garlan’s wrist. He suddenly heard Garlan say this. Seeing the child’s serious appearance, he couldn’t help but want to laugh.

But a pair of golden eyes looking at him seriously, as well as those weighty gaze, inexplicably, his heart moved slightly, perhaps because Garlan’s eyes were too bright when looking at him.

Perhaps it was because of those golden eyes that reflected his figure so clearly for the first time.

He didn’t know why Garlan did this and said so suddenly, but he didn’t want to ask.

Because he liked the way Garlan intently looked at him.

Only looked at him.

Heimos nodded.

He said, “Okay.”

He smiled and replied to the child who said that he should take good care of him in the future, holding the slender wrist in the palm of his hand, and letting the little soft hand rest on his cheek.

The corners of his lips raised a soft arc.

Heimos didn’t expect at all that Garlan had ideas for him to find a woman and get a child quickly.

At the door, the one-eyed knight stayed here to pay attention to the movement in the room. At this moment, he stood up and listened to the conversation in the room.

For a moment, Kaijos’ expression was a little strange.

【In the future, I’ll protect and take good care of you. 】

Prince Garlan, is it really appropriate for you to say that?

Don’t you think that sounded a bit like…a proposal…?

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