Chapter 44 – “I am your guardian knight, I will protect you till death.”

A Tale of Strategies For the Throne
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The bright sunlight was shining on the earth, and the water in the lotus pond was crystal clear, reflecting the light more and more sparkling. The blooming lavender lotus brewed a faint fragrance that lingered on the water surface.

The carved pattern on the gate surrounded by the arched arc column was embedded with gold wire, which gleamed in the sun. The malachite carving hung on it, was intertwined with the olive branches and leaves wound on the arched doorpost.

Entering the golden arch, near the lotus pond, there was a white jade statue of a gentle and beautiful woman. She looks down lovingly on the earth, holding the stars in her hand and wearing a moon crown on her head.

Isdar, the goddess of stars, gave people light in the dark and brought luck to the earth.

According to legend, the person whom she favours would have incomparable luck.

Inside the golden gate, graceful maids and attendants stood on both sides, bowing slightly in respect.

Under the welcome of everyone, Prince Garlan, who had been away from the palace for almost a month, finally returned to his residence again. He glanced at the people and showed a bright smile.

“During my absence, it has been hard on everyone.”

The people who were praised by the Prince bowed their heads to express their undeserving honour, but they were in a very good mood.

The great things the young Prince had done in Vernal City had already spread to the city, and everyone was amazed. As the servants of Prince Garlan, they were all honoured. Once they heard that the Prince was coming back today, they started to be busy early in the morning. It was important to give the returning Prince home a warm feeling.

An older female officer greeted her, knelt down in front of the little Prince, looked at his slightly thin cheeks, and her eyes were full of distress.

“You’re still young, how can King Camos let you do such a dangerous thing?”

There were complaints about King Camos in her words, and everyone held their breath, not daring to speak. It was only here that the elderly female officer dared to say such things.

She was the female official appointed by King Camos to manage the affairs of Garlan’s palace and was previously responsible for managing King Camos’ palace affairs. She was a childhood sweetheart who grew up together, and was a few years older than the King. Everyone thought that she would be included in the harem by the King, but when she grew up, neither King Camos nor she herself seemed to have this intention.

However, no one dared to look down upon her because of this. Because this female officer was deeply trusted by King Camos, she knew that she could casually complain about King Camos.

Seeing the little Prince who had become thinner, the distressed female officer didn’t continue and anxiously led Garlan away, leaving behind a bunch of maids and attendants staring at one another.

Garlan was then thrown into the bath and soaked for a good while. After being fished up, his body was immediately covered with good essential oils for skin care and had a full body massage. While being massaged, there was a gentle elder sister squatting aside, putting frozen fruit into his mouth.

In the end, the female officer gave him a vicious meal. It was too much and his belly became swollen. After succeeding in her task, the female officer let him go and sent him to bed, asking him to rest well.

As a result, Garlan, whose whole body was relaxed, slept soundly. He didn’t know how long he had slept and only realised that everyone had fallen asleep once he woke up.

He laid on the bed with his limbs spread out, looking at the sky through the skylight1A skylight (sometimes called a rooflight) is a light-transmitting structure or window, usually made of transparent or translucent glass in a daze. It should be morning.

After thinking for a while, he got up and planned to visit the Lion Garden.

After being away for such a long time, Garlan didn’t know what happened to the little lion cub who liked to pester him and acted like a baby. Although he was usually annoyed to be bothered by it, he had not seen it for such a long time and still missed it.

The arrival of Prince Garlan made almost all the maids who worked in the lion garden, especially the maids responsible for caring for the lion cubs, weep with joy.

For the whole month, only God knew they were tossed mad by the lion cub who was throwing a tantrum.

The first two days were okay. If the Prince didn’t come, the little lion cub would get angry and refuse to eat. It was useless for them to coax them.

After a few more days, it was probably very hungry, and the little lion cub started to eat by itself, and the maids had just breathed a sigh of relief when they realised that it was even worse. From then on, the cub with a full stomach would run off every day. No matter how they guarded, it always slipped out when they didn’t pay attention, and ran across the palace to the end, worrying many people.

They worked so hard to search everywhere, but they couldn’t find it, and they were too angry and tired.

Fortunately, the little lion would come back by itself at night. But every time it came back, it was listless, and looked pitiful, making the maids who were still very angry a little bit heartbroken.

They all guessed vaguely that the little lion was probably looking everywhere for the little Prince.

This kind of speculation made them feel distressed and wrong, and they could only let the little lion cub be tossed like this for a whole month.

On this day, as usual, the little lion cub was sitting on the ground and eating big mouthfuls. It had been weaned a long time ago. Its hair was thicker, and its teeth and claws were sharper.

The maid was watching it eat. Nergal was always eating quickly, gobbled the food down, and would never stop until he finished it. But this time, it stopped after eating half of it.

Its round ears suddenly stood up from the hair and trembled as if they had heard something.

Then, the maid was surprised to see that little Nergal left half of the food and ran to the door quickly with itd short legs.

But after a few steps, it stopped again for some reason, and then it dropped its head and ran to a corner of the greenhouse facing the door, with its back facing the door, and squatted there and rolled into a ball.


Just when the maid couldn’t figure out the situation, a voice came from outside the door, the door of the greenhouse was pushed open, and a child with bright blond hair came in.

The maid looked and knelt down in panic.


Garlan nodded, motioned to her to get up, and then looked around and saw the little lion cub squatting in the corner.

The little fluffy body squatted there, shrank into a ball of fur, turned his back to him, and didn’t move.

The female officer in charge of this place was taken aback, as if thinking of something, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Then, she walked over, squatted next to the little lion cub, and coaxed softly.

“Nergal, your favorite prince is here~”

The little cub continued to squat in the corner, with its back towards the crowd, motionlessly.

At first glance, they knew it was throwing a temper.

The female officer smiled and looked up at Garlan.

Galan raised his foot and walked towards the little lion. It was obvious that the others didn’t respond to how to coax, but as soon as Galan walked over, the little lion cub seemed to hear his footsteps, and his round ears moved.

Garlan knelt down, stretched out his hand, and poked Nejana’s fluffy little head.

“Nergal, I’m here to play with you.”

The little furball that had been poked in the head moved a bit, as if about to turn around, but finally held back.

Coax me, you must coax me well, if you don’t coax me well, I’ll continue to be angry.

The little furball still facing Garlan exuded such an aura.

“Don’t you want to play with me?”

Do not move.

“Look, this is your favorite jerky~”

I’m not moving.

“I have left you for so long. I was wrong. Don’t be angry, Okay?”

Hmph, ignore you.

“Nergal, be good~ I will play with you every day, Okay?”

My heart moved… No, I must hold back!

It’s not so easy to coax me, hmph!

Garlan coaxed for a long time, and the little Nergal was pointing at him with his chubby butt, his face motionless towards the wall.

Ah, this little guy has such a big temper.

Garlan scratched his head and didn’t know what to do.

When he was in distress, he suddenly heard a whimper next to him, and turned his head subconsciously, and saw a brown lion cub that looked like Nergal but was a little smaller standing not far away. It tilted his head and its black bean-like little eyes looked at him curiously.

The cute little appearance made Garlan smile, beckoned, and motioned for the little lion to come over.

The little lion looked at Garlan, then at his outstretched hand, stepped on his short legs, and ran towards him.

Just when the one-sized little furball was about to roll into Garlan’s hands, suddenly a shadow rushed over and knocked the little lion out.

The little lion was hit on the ground and rolled in a circle before he stood firm, stood up shakingly, and saw his eldest brother standing opposite him.

Little Nergal rushed over from the corner of the wall for some time. At this moment, it was blocking Garlan’s sight. Its anger exploded, and it opened its jaw at the other little lion, revealing sharp teeths.


With a loud roar, the sound made Garlan and the maid next to him cover their ears.

The little Nergal who made this sound was full of anger, staring fiercely at his little brother who was trying to hook up with someone he liked. No one knew how his little body could roar so loudly.

At this moment, he stood majestically in front of Garlan, angry, like a beast defending his territory.

After intimidating his brother, little Nergal turned around.

Sitting on the ground, it tilted its head, and whimpered at Garlan.

This time the wailing sound lost a bit of the prestige, but rather soft, with accusations, it sounded pitiful. His bean-like small eyes looked at Garlan aggrievingly.

The little appearance made the maids next to them laugh out loud.

Garlan smiled and hugged the little lion, reached out his hand and nodded its little head.

The little lion stared at him, stretched out its tongue and licked his fingers. While licking, it made a whining sound, and held his fingers in its paws, acting spoiled.


Awoo woo wooo~~

Garlan, who had brought the little Nergal back to his palace, was lying on the bed, playing with the little lion, when someone suddenly announced that someone was requesting to see him.

Garlan put down the little lion, walked into the hall, and saw a burly and tall young man walk in.

The young man wore a strong suit, a cyan shirt, a black waistband wrapped around his waist, and slightly tight black trousers underneath. The black and cyan boots covered most of his calf.

There was a short black shawl around his shoulders that only reached his back. He had blond hair, which was different from Garlan’s pale blond hair, but a darker golden colour and was slightly longer that was tied in a bun behind him.

When Garlan looked at him suspiciously, the young man raised his head. Under the blond hair was a handsome face with a high nose and deep eyes. It was a pity that only one of his eyes was exposed, and the other was covered by a black eye patch.

Seeing that one eye, Garlan was startled, the memory in his mind flashed, and he immediately remembered.

“Ah, you are…”

While talking, he walked quickly to the person and looked up at him.

The one-eyed young man smiled at him, then leaned over and knelt in front of him on one knee.

“Your Royal Highness.”

Garlan looked at the eye that was covered by the black eye patch, and didn’t know what to say for a while.

The young knight knelt in front of him, looking straight at him, and his face was very close to him. He could clearly see the other remaining eye of the knight, which was a beautiful aquamarine like malachite. He could imagine how heroic and handsome this blond-haired knight would be when he wasn’t injured, resulting in all admirers unable to look away.


Garlan opened his mouth and made a slight sound, but he didn’t know what to say, so he could only stop.

Then the young knight smiled at Garlan.

He said, “Prince, my eye doesn’t hurt anymore.”

He was answering the words the little Prince asked in that dangerous place that night.

At that time, the little Prince asked him, 【Does it hurt? 】

At that time, he couldn’t answer, so he answered him now.

He looked at the little Prince in front of him and said softly, “Your Highness, I am Kaijos. From today onwards, I will be your guardian.”

Ka, Ka what?


Garlan’s eyes suddenly widened in surprise.

This person was Kaijos who would be known as the “Knight of the Sun” in the future?!

Garlan was stunned.

Kaijos. Even if he had been in the palace for several lifetimes, he has heard of it.

Everyone on earth extolled the ‘Knight of the Blazing Sun’ or ‘The Knight of the Sun’. It was said that his ‘beautiful and bright appearance was like the Sun God Shamash and that moved countless noble ladies and even princesses’ hearts.” He also possessed the title of ‘The Brave knight who is also praised by the God of War’, and ‘The powerful knight second to the only Lion King in the world’.

At a young age, he became the warrior commander of Aaron Landis, directing tens of thousands of knights, and won the trust and appreciation of King Camos.

It was said that he was appreciated by King Camos on a battlefield to suppress a large-scale domestic rebellion, and was promoted to the warrior commander of a hundred cavalrymen. Then, he followed King Camos to the north and south and made countless achievements, and became a handsome warrior commander of thousands of calvarymen.

Wait, suppress the rebellion?

Could it be the refugee riot that happened this time?

Garlan looked at the future warrior horse commander who was kneeling in front of him, and his mood became really complicated.

In the entire Aaron Landis, there were no more than five cavalry commanders who could command tens of thousands of cavalry with military exploits. They were all brave and famous.

He remembered that no matter what life, the ‘Knight of the Sun’ had never participated in the battle between him and Heimos for the throne, but had stayed away from the two of them and followed King Camos all the time.

En? What did he just say?

…Become my guardian?

No, no, it’s not right, it’s not right at all!

“No, no way, Kaijos. You’re a knight on the battlefield.”

He was still a powerful knight who would become a commander in the future, who could let the whole earth know his name.

When Garlan thought of this, he couldn’t help but persuade.

“You should stay on the battlefield. It’s a waste to be by my side.”

Especially since I would not hold on to this position for long.

Even if I continue to be a Prince, if you follow me and be killed by Heimos in the future, Aaron Landis will lose an outstanding knight.

No matter how I think about it, it’ll be a huge loss ah—

“If it’s Brother King’s order, I’ll go and convince him. Kaijos, making contributions on the battlefield is what you should do as a soldier.”

The blond-haired knight looked at the little Prince who looked like he was trying to persuade him with an expression of ‘I’m doing you a favour’. He thought for a while, bowed his head, and his expression was a little disappointed.

“Is it because I lost an eye?”


Kaijos lowered his head, with a despondent expression on his face. Even if he had lost an eye, the young knight’s face was so handsome that one couldn’t look away.

Coupled with the melancholy in the handsomeness, I’m afraid it’ll be easier for him to get a woman’s love.

“You think…a useless person like me is not qualified to be your guardian, right?”

“No, that’s not the case! You’ve misunderstood.”

I really just think it’s too wasteful for you to follow me!

“I’ve lost an eye, so King Camos told me to leave the army. Prince, do you think I’m useless now?”

“Wait… that’s actually…”

“I understand. If the Prince despises a useless person like me, I’ll leave.”

After speaking, Kaijos stood up resolutely, planning to leave.

“Huh? Wait, wait a minute!”

Garlan grabbed Kaijos’ hand, who was about to leave.

He thought for a while with a tangled expression on his face, then glanced at Kaijos, who was determined to have a strong self-esteem, and then reluctantly nodded his little head.

He said, “Okay, I accept you as my guardian.”

“Understood. This knight obeys your will.”

As soon as Garlan’s words fell, the knight who was about to leave sadly a second ago, quickly knelt down, as if he was afraid that Garlan would change his mind.

The handsome face gave the little Prince a bright smile like the sun.

Garlan, “…”

Ah, I’ve forgotten.

This was the exact description of the “Knight of the Sun” extolled by the world.

‘He has the appearance of a beauty and bright like the Sun God Shamash, but inside he has a cunning heart like the god of darkness. ’

To put it in simpler terms, it was black when cut.


“Prince Garlan.”

Holding the small hand that was holding him firmly with his backhand, Kaijos, who would be called the “Knight of the Blazing Sun,” knelt in front of Prince Garlan on one knee.

He held the hands of the little Prince in both hands.

He still remembered on that icy night, this hand stroked his blood-stained face, bringing about gentleness and warmth.

He lowered his head and his lips fell on the little hand.

He closed his eyes, his face was more solemn than anything.

“I swear to the Gods of Aaron Landis, I swear to Shamash, the God of Judgment, I swear on my honour and soul—”

“From now on, I will be your guardian knight.”

“I will protect you until I die.”

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    A skylight (sometimes called a rooflight) is a light-transmitting structure or window, usually made of transparent or translucent glass


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