Chapter 12 – (Extra)- King of Aaron Landis

Chapter 12(Extra)- King of Aaron Landis

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Aaron Landis, the morning star of the gods.

You are the kingdom above the clouds.

You are the brilliance in the hands of the gods.

You are the sun, moon, and stars above the mountain.

You are the most beautiful pearl shining above the sea.

Aaron Landis, I see your fiery red flag high up in the sky, I see you standing between heaven and earth.

The great hero Camos, you were born in the land of Aaron Landis.

You are the flame that burns in the darkness, and you are the light that guides us to glory.

We devoutly surrender to your feet.

You are the son of the Gods, dressed in the scorching sun and treading on the flames.

The sun, the moon, and the stars decorate your hair, and the majestic wind roars around you.

King Camos, my hero of Aaron Landis.

Your strong body is like a towering mountain, guarding the land of Aaron Landis.

You are a mighty lion on the battlefield. In the bloody battle on the battlefield, no one can defeat you.

Your roar made sentient beings tremble and crawl on the ground.

Camos, our King, our hero.

We cheer for you.

You are the supreme glory of Aaron Landis-


Aaron Landis was an ancient country with a long history. It was a country with a large population and a warm climate.

It was rich in products. To the north was a tall mountain that blocked the icy cold winds, and to the south was a warm ocean. The warm wind blowing from the south warmed the land like the passionate eyes of a goddess.

The two long rivers, Enki 1A water god in Sumerian mythology. He was originally the patron saint of Elidu, but later worship of him spread throughout Mesopotamia, Canaan, Hittite, Hurit and other peoples.and Eya2The goddess of health in Greek mythology. She is the daughter of the god of medicine Asclepius and the companion of the latter. His typical image is a girl who feeds snakes with a bowl. According to Plutarch’s record, Xu Guiya was also an alias for Athena. , ran slantingly through the entire Aaron Landis from north to south, bringing inexhaustible water resources and fertile land for planting crops.

These two rivers were like mothers, feeding the lives of Aaron Landis with their milk.

Camos, son of Homoyas, King of Aaron Landis.

When he was a prince, his unruly, playful, and lazy personality caused everyone a headache. He was the only child of a partial ancestor, and there was no other heir to the throne. One of his mentors even sighed that the kingdom might collapse under the hands of Prince Camos.

After the first King, Homoyas, was poisoned to death, he sat on the throne. He was less than eighteen years old.

At that time, there were internal and external troubles. Aaron Landis suffered natural disasters and domestic turmoil. There were thieves everywhere, cults arose, and many foreign enemy countries took the opportunity to invade. The country was on the road to ruin.

The prince, who everyone was not optimistic about, had just ascended the throne. After he first ascended the throne, regardless of the desperate resistance of the ministers, he led his army to a deadly battlefield, and successfully drove away the invasion by three enemy nations of Aaron Landis. Afterwards, he began to provide relief to the victims, exterminate cults, suppress domestic unrest, and expel domestic thieves. After a series of actions, he steadily defended the precarious kingdom.

He became a hero to which all the people of Aaron Landis cheered.

Ballads praising him resounded throughout the country.

The King of Aaron Landis, he was brave and fearless; he was strong and mighty; he was invincible; he was the supreme King; he was the patron saint3The protecting or guiding saint of a person or place. of the great kingdom.

All the people of Aaron Landis who sang this hymn would never forget what happened.

When the three major enemy nations invaded, other kingdoms watched from the sidelines. At the sight of their country about to be subjugated, everyone felt desperate and was in despair.

It was their hero, King Camos with only 50,000 troops by his side on the borderline, who fought madly with the three enemy nations’ coalition forces of 160,000 for more than ninety days. He did not retreat. He successfully turned the tide and defended Aaron Landis.

He inherited his oath as the King, guarded his kingdom, protected his people, and did not allow the enemy’s army to step into the border of the country.

The fierceness of that war shocked the surrounding nations who were waiting for the fisherman’s profit4It is a simple bluffing “outsmart the others” card game based on the Japanese proverb “If a snipe and seashell fight, the fisherman profits”, meaning that if two struggle, the third party wins., and they admired the young King from the bottom of their hearts.

Camos’s 50,000 troops fought to the death and they were only left with 20,000 soldiers. The casualties were extremely heavy. Even Camos himself, as the king, was seriously injured several times and nearly died. Of course, the enemies didn’t gain any benefits either. They lost at least one-third of their troops, their supplies were completely consumed, and they had to go back to their own countries in despair.

Although this battle was fought fiercely, it also shocked the surrounding countries who were busily preparing for immediate action.

Facing the mad King, King Camos, who was as fierce as a lion, and the soldiers who were as crazy as him, along with his powerful aura that let enemies know he was not afraid of death…

The other countries that wanted to try to bite a piece of fat on Aaron Landis, all hesitated shortly before retreating one by one. They all felt that it would be troublesome if they weren’t able to eat the meat but instead had had their flesh and blood brutally torn off by the fierce lion, who was not to be trifled with.

After all, if they were injured, the enemy who squatted and stared at them might not hesitate to pounce over.

According to the rumours of the people of Aaron Landis, their hero King was ten feet tall, with a sturdy back, and his eyes were like a lion. He was majestic, like a legendary giant god.

In conclusion, he was mighty and dignified. His eyes could breathe out fire, and just by using one foot, he could crush rocks.


At this moment amongst the crowd, the hero King, who had the body of a giant and could make the ground tremble with a step, was standing in his lion garden. He was looking at the children of his partner that had just been born less than a month ago.

Although he was indeed a tall and strong young man, he was still in the category of a normal human being, and things were definitely not as exaggerated as the rumours said.

He was standing in the sun, with slightly curly brown hair flying in the wind. At this moment, he was not wearing any cumbersome and gorgeous clothes, nor was he wearing hard and heavy armour, just simple and ordinary clothes. His shoulders and arms with full and strong muscles were exposed to bright sunlight, his bronzed skin glowed, and two or three deep scars could be seen on his arms and shoulders. One of which was on his left chest, along the collarbone, blending into the clothes.

Standing in front of him was his partner, a mighty lion with a thick brown mane similar to his, undulating in the wind. Its hot coal-like eyes stared straight ahead. In the corner of the lion garden, in that exquisite little conservatory, several maids were busy.

A few lion cubs, who were born less than a month ago, were crawling and tumbling.. Their little fluffy bodies entangled together, their mouths opened, and their teeth that were not sharp, bit each other. The maids were busy separating the noisy little lion cubs, picking up the fluffy little ones, feeding them, bathing, massaging, and combing their fur.

Camos stood outside and watched for a while, then took his partner into the greenhouse.

“Ah, Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty Camos-“

As soon as he entered, the busy maids immediately stopped working, knelt down and bowed their heads in salute to their King. The two maids who were too late to put down the little lion could only continue to hold the little lion, kneel down, and bow their heads in salute.

Camos’ gaze swept over and finally fell on one of the maid’s chest. He looked straight, making the maid blush. But she couldn’t help being a little proud and excited. Her beautiful eyes peeked at King Camos, who was staring at her chest, her eyes flashing with a seductive expression.

It was known, because of the fact that King Camos had been busy fighting all over the place, until now, King Camos had no offspring. There were very few maids attending to his bed, and there was no heir. This made the ministers strongly demand that a King Brother be chosen to avoid any accidents.

Therefore, as long as she was favoured by King Camos and succeeded in one swoop, her child would be the only heir to the throne! Their future would be destined to inherit the throne. Even if it was a girl, she would be destined to marry the chosen prince who had the right to inherit and would become a princess in the future.

What’s more, King Camos was still so young. He was so strong and sturdy. Look at the powerful body, the lines defining his muscles, the broad chest, and handsome face…

The more she thought about it, the more ecstatic she was. The maid, who was being stared at by Camos became more and more attentive, secretly sending a smile to the other.

Ah, I really want to touch it.

King Camos, who was staring in that direction, gulped in silence. His hands grasping the thick mane of the big lion next to him, as if trying to restrain some kind of impulse in his heart.

I really want to touch, knead, and squeeze.

I really want to.

Fiercely suppressing the eager desire in his heart, King Camos looked away with difficulty, for fear that if he couldn’t control himself, he would really take action.

He asked, “How are these children?”

The leading female officer stepped forward to answer.

“Their conditions are all very good, Your Majesty. These children are growing up healthily. When they grow up, they’ll definitely become majestic lions. Especially that… Eh?”

The female officer paused.

“Where did he go?”



“I fed him milk not long ago—”

“Oh no. One is truly missing.”

The maids who noticed a little lion cub missing, suddenly became anxious.

The naughtiest and strongest little cub somehow managed to climb up the window and got out.

“Where did he go?”

“What should we do?”

“I’m-I’m sorry, Your Majesty. It’s all our negligence. Please punish us.”

“Don’t worry. Even if he is young, he is a descendant of a strong Beast. Nothing bad will happen to him.”

Camos raised his hand, smiled, and said to appease the maids.

“I’ll find him.”

“B-But, to trouble Your Majesty to …”

“To be precise, I don’t have that kind of ability.” Camos patted the lion next to him with his hand and continued, “It’s for this guy to find his son.”

The big lion grunted from his throat, lowered his head, went to the window and sniffed, then turned around and walked out of the greenhouse. Camos naturally followed, but before leaving, he couldn’t help but glance back at the maid’s chest.

Keenly sensing the sight cast by King Camos, the maid became happier, and deliberately raised her towering chest so that the other party could see more clearly.

…Want to knead…

It looks soft…that feeling…

The young King thought so.

Ah, it’s fluffy… it must be very comfortable to knead…

While following the big lion in front of him, Camos was thinking about the maid’s towering breasts… nestling on it was the small, fluffy and furry cub with a chubby look.

Ah, I really want to hug it and rub it.

It was not known what kind of look the maid, who was so happy, might have when she learned about King Camos’s thoughts.

Yes, no one knew. Camos, The King of Aaron Landis; a young hero; a warrior like a lion on the battlefield-

had a fatal weakness.

He liked cute little things.

He had liked them since he was young.

Especially those little cute things that were fluffy, soft, warm, and had big watery eyes.

In the palace, there were also some female officials and female nobles who had pets such as kittens, puppies, and bunnies.

Every time he saw those women rubbing their cute fluffy pets, it made him very itchy, and he couldn’t wait to hug a cute little thing and knead it.


Who was he?

He was the majestic King; he was a fierce and powerful warrior; he was a beast in the eyes of the enemy.

He was the most heroic and strongest man in the world!

Therefore, in order to maintain his strong and noble image and to ensure that his fierce image would not be weakened, King Camos felt that he must never let anyone know that as a rough man, he had such a soft and cute passion.

He must not let people know his hobby!

As he walked, Camos thought again. After finding that naughty little cub, would he be able to take advantage and rub a little? But after thinking about it, he quickly gave up.

Because those little things didn’t like him.

For unknown reasons.

In fact, behind others’ backs, he secretly went to the garden to find little rabbits, little squirrels, and some small animals. He wanted to tease, touch, and satisfy himself a little bit. But it was not known why or if it was innate, those cute little things he liked always barked at him when they saw him. They were extremely unfriendly towards him, or ran away when they saw him. The little ones strongly refused to approach him even if they were dead or alive.

On the contrary, the beasts had a good amount of affection for him… It was not known if it was because they smelled the same scent of a carnivorous animal in him.

From the front, there came a noisy sound. It seemed to be a group of little brats making noise from a distance.

Camos wrinkled his brows, raised his hands and covered his ears. To be honest, he hated children very much. He didn’t think that kind of thing was cute at all. They were naughty, annoying, and were useless except for causing trouble.

This time, the choosing of the King’s Brother from the bloodline of the royal family was also because he was annoyed by the prime ministers who wanted to force him to get married and have a child. Instead of arguing, he complied with their demands. But even if he agreed, he didn’t intend to intervene and just tossed it to the people below. Anyway, those were confidantes he trusted, and he forgave those old men who couldn’t do anything.

He had already planned that, as long as he showed his face tomorrow, Camos would just let it go.

He was originally not interested in the fight between the little brats, but when his big lion had just walked in that direction, he had to follow.

Getting closer, he was immediately happy when he saw the scene.

It turned out that the weakest child among them was holding a branch, while the other obviously stronger children were howling wolves and ghosts5Describes crying miserably and the sound of being loud and messy.. Obviously, all their bodies were much stronger than that child, but they were violently chased by that child.

The scene that looked so wrong, actually looked really amusing.

Heh, it’s quite interesting.

Camos touched his chin that had some stubble and got excited. He looked at it from a distance, and then he saw that the older children were shooed away, and the remaining child was standing in the original place, bent down and panting with his head down.

Because he lowered his head, from his sight, he saw a little fluffy head, which lightly moved a little and made him suddenly have the urge to rub it.

Then, he saw that the child’s feet were hugged by the little cub who appeared out of nowhere, the awkward expression on that little face made him laugh.

After a while, he saw that the child looked down at the little cub who was holding onto him, and seemed a little uncertain. But after hesitating for a while, he bent over and hugged the little cub.

As Camos was watching happily, the big lion in his family had already unceremoniously strolled to his child.

The child holding the little lion cub raised his head.

The palm-sized face wrapped in the fluffy soft hair was fair and delicate, like the clouds in the sky.

He looked up, and his almond-like eyes were big and round, reflecting the sunlight, the purest golden amber.

His pale golden hair seemed to be surrounded by a shallow light circle. The little arm of the child was holding the fluffy little ball of fur in his arms. The little cub’s brown hair was softly pressed against his fair face. With a small pale pink mouth, he raised his head and glanced over-


Camos felt like he was pierced by an arrow.

So cute, so cute!

So adorably cute!

The King of Aaron Landis felt that his heart would be melted away by that glance.  

I don’t care, I don’t care-

I want this kid to be the King’s Brother!

Falling into beauty… No, the young man immersed in cuteness was no longer vigilant at this moment, just wanting to get close to his little brother (he decided).

He was afraid of damaging his image, so he couldn’t expose his love for cute things. However, as the King who spoiled his brother, no one could blame him, right? It could also make his image stronger

Very good, killing two birds with one stone.

Yes, he was so smart.

Come, my (future) King Brother, let Brother King Camos hug and lift you high~~

However, the so-called happiness also produced sadness.

Our great hero of Aaron Landis, on the battlefield known as the lion warrior, the King Camos who made the enemy fearful… As he was addicted to cuteness, he was caught by his cute little brother. He was kicked to his feet and had to squat on the ground, gasping in embarrassment for a long time and couldn’t stand up.

Then he could only watch his little brother escaping in a hurry, and it was too late to explain.

Yes, it was.

King Camos had the first defeat in his life.

This was the first time he had an unspeakable defeat in his entire life.


The author has something to say:

King Camos: Cuteness is justice!

Ziemuer (face expressionless): … MMP, I want to change my boss.

The Gods of Aaron Landis:…(Although it is indeed the trajectory of fate…but there is still something wrong!)

Jeanie wanna say:

HELLO!! AND WE ARE BACK! Thank you for waiting! We had a good break and managed to stock up some chapters. I’ll be posting 2 chapters a week for now. But am considering to post 3 chapters in the future( whoops. Gotta discuss this with Sleepy & Lore first. hehe)

Shoutout to Mello & Leonie for your support on Ko-fi! THANK YOU SO MUCH. It came as a surprise and motivated me so much that I translated additional chapters that week.HAHAHA ><


UPDATE: I’ve discussed with Sleepy and there might be some schedule constrain to be posting 3 chapters/week. We’ll continue to post 2 chapters/ week till Meeting The Wolf is complete, and we’ll decide if we are able to post more chapters for ATST 🙂

  • 1
    A water god in Sumerian mythology. He was originally the patron saint of Elidu, but later worship of him spread throughout Mesopotamia, Canaan, Hittite, Hurit and other peoples.
  • 2
    The goddess of health in Greek mythology. She is the daughter of the god of medicine Asclepius and the companion of the latter. His typical image is a girl who feeds snakes with a bowl. According to Plutarch’s record, Xu Guiya was also an alias for Athena.
  • 3
    The protecting or guiding saint of a person or place.
  • 4
    It is a simple bluffing “outsmart the others” card game based on the Japanese proverb “If a snipe and seashell fight, the fisherman profits”, meaning that if two struggle, the third party wins.
  • 5
    Describes crying miserably and the sound of being loud and messy.


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