Chapter 45 – The truth to be revealed.

A Tale of Strategies For the Throne
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-Unedited- [minor blood-splatter description at the end, but i think it should be fine?]

In the administrative hall of the palace, long tables of blackstone material were lined up on both sides, and the clerks sitting behind the tables were busy.

Countless people shuffled through this wide hall, constantly presenting rolls of parchment, standing at the table and reporting to the clerks behind the table. At some tables, there were only a few people scattered around. But there were some tables already lined up with people, and the clerks there were hectic and sweating profusely.

There were many side rooms on both sides of the government affairs hall. The doors were all closed. The clerks in front of these long tables belong to each department, and their superior was in the room behind them. Those rooms were the administrative room of each department.

From time to time, clerks walk in and out of it, reporting to their superiors on the works that they couldn’t make decisions on. From time to time, one could see the heads of the various government administration officers coming out to check and inquire about the progress of some important work.

A clerical clerk dressed in white walked into the side room behind him holding a pile of rolled parchment. Several people stood in the room, around a square table, discussing something with a spreaded out map on the table.

The clerk in white thought that if he had not guessed wrong, they were discussing how to clear the channel on the Vernal River. Now, the project was in full swing under the command of the new Vernal City’s consul.

Ziemuer stood in the group, wearing a white sacrificial robe that fell to his ankles, and a crown made of olive branches and leaves, pressing one hand on the map and quickly saying something.

When he was finished, he turned his head and saw the clerk in white coming in and asked.

“How’s the situation?”

A total of four cities were hit by floods this year, and the City of Vernal was the most serious of them.

According to past experience, every time there was a flood, there would be a serious plague in that city. Thus, Ziemuer asked his subordinates to sort out the report of plague situation in those cities as soon as possible, and let him have a look.

“Lord Ziemuer, things are a bit strange.”

The clerk took out a piece of parchment, walked over and spread it out on the table.

“You see, the report sent by Vernal City is very strange.”

“The flood in Vernal City is the worst in history, so even if there is a widespread plague, it is not surprising,” Someone nearby said.

“But this isn’t the case. This report clearly showed that the plague in Vernal City isn’t serious this time. Because the number of people who died from the plague was less than one-third of those in several other cities, the time and scope were limited. It seems that the spread has stopped now.”

“How can it be?”

Ziemuer frowned. Based on past experience, the plague in Vernal City should be very serious this time, at least twice that of other cities. How could it be much lesser than the other smaller cities?

“Did the consul lie about the report?”

“No,” Another person responded. He was an officer of the Ombudsman. “Our inspectors and spies in Vernal City have been monitoring the consul. He shouldn’t be able to do such a thing.”

Ziemuer was in deep thought.

Indeed, the officials and dignitaries of Vernal City felt the anger of the Lion King more than half a month ago. They saw with their own eyes that the corrupt officials were slain and blood flowed. Everyone who survived was scared to death. King Camos vowed with loyalty that he would no longer oppress the citizens.

How long ago did that happen? How dare they play tricks on this kind of thing?

However, the plague situation in Vernal City is indeed very strange…

Wait a minute.

Suddenly, a sentence that he heard more than half a month ago when he was still in the City of Vernal flashed through his mind.

‘The corpses of the sick and dead are soaked in the water. The sickness will melt into the water, and when everyone drinks the water, they will drink the sickness again.’

At that time, Ziemuer didn’t care at all, thinking that it was purely childish talk. It was just that King Camos spoiled this brother, so he left him to be tossed.

If he had to point out what the City of Vernal was different from other cities and all the cities in history that had been flooded, he was afraid it was only…

Thinking of it, Ziemuer bid the others goodbye. He held the parchment and hurriedly left this crowded government affairs hall.

Crossing the square, he headed to the King’s court at the rear.

The King’s court where King Camos was at this moment was spacious and bright. The golden walls on both sides spread out diagonally to both sides. Numerous huge golden columns carved with complex patterns prop up the arc-shaped hall dome, which was as thin as fog. The snow-white tulle hangs around the golden pillars, showing a graceful dance in the wind.

This royal court was on a high platform. Not far behind was the blue sea. Even if you sat in the deepest seat inside, you could see the surrounding land and the endless ocean at a glance, which symbolised the King having a broad mind that could hold everything.

The breeze from the sea blew across the royal court, bringing a moist humidity from the sea.

When the priest of Shamash walked into the royal court, King Camos was on the long golden throne.

He was sitting lazily on the bench, leaning on one armrest, supporting his head with one hand, and stepping on the throne with the other, while studying a piece of parchment in the other.

Below the high platform, several ministers were waiting.

After patiently waiting for King Camos to deal with the affairs of the previous ministers, Ziemuer stepped forward and reported the affairs of Vernal City to King Camos.

King Camos looked at the parchment in his hand and thought for a while.

He said, “You mean, the reason why the plague didn’t seriously affect the City of Vernal was most likely because of what Garlan did in the first place?”

“It’s just a guess. I have checked it carefully. The measures to prevent and control the plague were the same, and this was the only difference between Vernal City and the other cities.”

“Guess ah…”

King Camos pondered.

His little brother was an adorable and kind child. He couldn’t bear to see those corpses that no one cleaned up on the ground, so he acted like a little spoiled and took away a lot of money from him and hired local refugees to bury the bodies in the mountains.

He had always thought so.

However, Garlan did say that he was worried that the disease would melt into the water, and everyone fell ill after drinking it.

At the time, he just thought what my little brother said was so cute~~

However, if it was really a coincidental way to find a solution to curb the plague…

“King Camos, this incident may be just a coincidental, but it may also be really useful,” Ziemuer continued, “In any case, we have to try it first.”

The plague after the disaster had always been the existence that made this country brain-stricken.

Those people, who finally survived the disaster, died of illness in large numbers after the disaster. Therefore, even if it was only a number, the sharp decline in the population of the city that suffered every time was shocking.

In order to prevent the plague from occurring, the country had racked its brains and exhausted its methods throughout the ages, but it had always only achieved little.

King Camos nodded.

Whether it worked or not, they had to give it a try.

“Understood, I’ll issue a decree. From now on, no one can abandon the corpse in the water source, especially in the flooded cities. Corpses must be buried in the mountains.”

He thought for a while and added another sentence.

“From now on, funds will be granted to cities that are frequently affected by disasters and be provided a special fund that can only be used to bury and dispose of dead bodies.”

After speaking, King Camos looked at the parchment written by the consul in his hand about the current situation in the City of Vernal, and he felt much better.

He continued, “If this approach really works, then Garlan has made another great contribution.”

He smiled and said, “Ziemuer, say, what do you think that child is thinking? He could even think of this matter. If it were to be us, we would never consider such a thing at all.”

“…Yes, neither you nor me will think about such things,” Ziemuer said, “Only if you really think about the civilians in the bottom of your heart, you’ll be able to think like this.”

He sighed and continued, “I sometimes worry that Prince Garlan’s character is too gentle. It’s difficult for him to establish strictness. In addition, Aaron Landis is still in chaos and war, so he is actually not suitable to be King for how Aaron Landis is now.”

“Ziemuer, there is nothing to worry about.”

King Camos grinned and smiled indifferently.

“By the time I hand over the throne to him, Aaron Landis must have risen to peace, and there will be no war.”

“I’ll clear all obstacles for him, put iron and blood, death and war to an end in my hands, and I’ll put a peaceful Aaron Landis into his hands.”

“At that time, he only needed to guard the people of this country with his heart, and that is enough.”

Ziemuer looked at the King Camos who understated the grandeur1splendour and impressiveness of his heart. The young King was like a stalwart lion, standing proudly on the ground.

His scorching eyes looked down on the earth like a flame, ambitious, vowing to suppress everything under his hands.

And this Lion King who can tremble with a roar, only when he looks back at the little cub behind him, the sharpness in his eyes will converge, revealing a bit of softness and warmth.

Ziemuer said nothing, bowed slightly and saluted, then turned around and planned to leave.

“Are you leaving? I still want to find you to have a match to loosen my limbs.”

“Yes, King Camos. It’s almost time for Prince Garlan’s lesson.”

“…Ah, oh. Then, have a safe trip.”

Although he felt very distressed for his little brother, who was sluggish every time he was bombed by Ziemuer, King Camos who knew he would not be able to deal with Ziemuer choked, then smiled and waved his hand.

It was in the afternoon, when the sun was the brightest, and occasionally a few white clouds drifted across the blue sky.

At this moment in the spacious martial arts field, there was a sharp clash of metal blades when they collided, and the bright blades reflected the golden sunlight.

Garlan clenched the sword in his hands with both hands, raised his hand, and abruptly accepted the sword that the opponent stabbed.

With a bang, the force of the impact was transmitted from the junction of the weapons, and immediately, both his hands became numb.

At this moment, the opponent swung down another sword, so his numb hands could no longer be grasped. With that clanging sound, the sword in his hand was knocked into the air. It whirled in the air, obliquely and stuck into the ground.

And Garlan himself fell backward, and was about to fall to the ground.

A hand stretched out from the slanting ground and caught him who was about to fall.

He looked up subconsciously and saw the familiar golden-red eyes. The eyes of Heimos who caught him bent towards him, and after a little harder, he helped him stand firmly again.

“Prince Garlan, I have said many times, don’t come head-on. You must know how to use your strength to take advantage and turn it to your benefit.”

A stern voice sounded, and Ziemuer, who was holding a long sword, rebuked the little Prince who was beaten back by the sword again.

He had changed his robe, took off the crown of the branches and leaves, and was now dressed in a strong suit, looking like a warrior.

As the teacher of the two Princes, he was not only responsible for teaching knowledge, but also martial arts. After all, each of Shamash’s priests was a powerful warrior, and Ziemuer was the best among them.

“Also, when fighting with people, no matter what happens, you must never allow the weapon to leave your hands,” He reprimanded relentlessly, “Look, how many times did your sword leave your hand?”

Including the time just now, the sword in Garlan’s hand had been beaten by him five times in a row.

The blond-haired knight who had been watching the martial arts ground looked at the little Prince who had been reprimanded so badly that his whole being was stunned, pursed his lips, walked into the court, and drew out the long sword that was stuck on the ground.

Then, he took the sword and walked towards Ziemuer and the others.


He said, “I was watching by the side. The Prince has actually been using the technique of cooperation, but your strength is much greater than that of ordinary fighters, and your speed is also faster. The Prince has just executed his move and you have already swung your sword towards him.”

Ziemuer frowned.

“Is that right?”

“Yes,” Kaijos said, “And with uninterrupted practice like this, exhaustion will only make the Prince’s reaction slower.”


Ziemuer turned to look at Garlan, “Your Highness, you can rest for half an hour. Come back later on, and I’ll properly control my speed and strength.”

Then, his gaze fell on Heimos beside Garlan.

“Prince Heimos, you’re up next.”

Kaijos stepped forward, landed on one knee, and handed the sword he had just drawn to the little prince. He turned his back to Ziemuer, and winked at the little Prince secretly.

Garlan was stunned, and then couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing that the little Prince was amused by him, Kaijos got up and returned to where he had stood.

“Is that the guardian knight that King Camos arranged for you?”

Looking back from the back of the leaving knight, Heimos asked seemingly inadvertently.


Garlan replied, grinning like a toothache.

“Probably think I am too weak. If I could be as strong as you, then he probably wouldn’t arrange it for me.”

He didn’t care about a word that made Heimos, who was inexplicably unhappy with his lips pursed, laughed and rubbed his head.

“You’re still young.”

He said, “Ziemuer, being taller and stronger than you, is just bullying you.”

He coaxed Garlan like a child, who was obviously a little upset by being reprimanded by Ziemuer just now.

Garlan tilted his head to look at him.

“Then, you mean I can beat him when I grow up?”

Heimos, “…”

Should I lie right now or should I lie right now?2Meaning there’s no other way but to lie. Since both options were to lie.

He was in contemplation.

Garlan cast aside his lips, shoved the sword in his hand into Heimos’ hand, and then stepped back to make room for Heimos and Ziemuer.

Then, being too tired, he didn’t bother to care about his image and squatted down to watch the training.

Let alone other things, at least in terms of martial arts, Heimos was very good, and he was born with supernatural power. After Ziemuer deliberately slightly controlled his speed and strength, Heimos, being only a teenager, was able to compete with Ziemuer. There was no wind down3(Actual words:不落下风) to be evenly matched. in the battle.

Even Kaijos, who was standing aside watching, nodded slightly. He could see more than Garlan. For example, Heimos had a very strong ability to absorb and learn, just like a sponge, he made a mistake once. Never committed a second time, so his skills and experience grew extremely quickly.

Ziemuer also felt the same while in the match.

Probably in a few years, he would have to go all out for Prince Heimos.

As he was thinking about it in his heart, suddenly, a sharp pain came from his shoulder, it seemed that the arrow wound had split open.

The sudden pain caused his body to pause for a second, and Heimos, who happened to turn around and swayed behind him, turned and stabbed with a sword. Although he found something was wrong, he couldn’t hold back his hand. A sword stabbed under his armpit. Crimson blood spattered in the air—

“Master Ziemuer!”

Kaijos, who was watching the match, rushed over.

“It’s okay.” Ziemuer raised his hand for a gesture and said, “It just grazed pass the flesh under the armpit.”

A big cut near his waist had reopened, and he was bleeding, but it wasn’t serious.

Kaijos sighed in relief. He just wanted to say something, but saw Heimos suddenly change his face, dropped the sword in his hand, and rushed away. He looked at it suspiciously, and his face suddenly changed.

Not far away, the little figure who was squatting, had fallen to the ground at some point.



“Your Royal Highness Garlan—?”


Noisy sound…

… It’s so noisy…


【Since he is so loyal… I will go with him…】

Who was speaking?

… Ah, the bright sky… The stone statue of the star goddess looking down with endless compassion…


Stabbed with a sharp sword.

Stabbed heavily from the hand of the young man with cold golden-red eyes.

A sharp blade pierced through the heart of the priest Shamash who was kneeling on the ground.

The splattered blood stained the corners of the stone sculptures of the goddess that was standing on the ground and looking down compassionately…

I suddenly had the sudden urge to go back and study Japanese(studied the basic one, I supposedly could have taken the JLPT5 exam. But exams were such a turn-off that I decided not to take… & I dropped it all. GOSH)

Self-study might be good but, may lose the motivation while… on the other hand, classes are expensive T.T

indecisiveness is killing me.

P.S Chapter 41 & 42 have been edited, PR-ed & updated!Enjoy~


  • 1
    splendour and impressiveness
  • 2
    Meaning there’s no other way but to lie. Since both options were to lie.
  • 3
    (Actual words:不落下风) to be evenly matched.


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