Chapter 59.1 – Loving You Is Instinct

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translator: xiin
editors: butter & XavierForest

Song Yu was flustered and angry, “No, I was talking about just now, why…”

His brain crashed. Why what? Why did you stick your tongue in? F*ck! How could he ask that out loud?!

They were still in the dark and he couldn’t let out his inner confusion. He felt like his anger was just stuck there; he almost angered himself to death.

Xie Sui was very close to him and could clearly feel Song Yu’s chaotic breathing.

The air was a little heated. He didn’t have to guess to know that he was blushing.

The teenager’s eyes were round and bright in the darkness, filled with chagrin and anger that burned as soon as it was ignited and exploded as soon as he was kissed.

Xie Sui smiled and asked, “Why what?”

As someone who could normally verbally spar against countless people, Song Yu’s tongue now seemed to be tied up in a knot. He still couldn’t find the right words to express his meaning even after stumbling and stalling for a long time.

He smashed the cracked pot1smashed the cracked pot – going all out in the face of despair / since things were already like this, he went all out before he could suffocate himself to death. Since no one could see anyone else now due to the power failure, he said, “No, why did you, tongue, why did it…”

In fact, his brain was now a mess and he didn’t know what he wanted to say.

Xie Sui was addicted to teasing him. He changed the topic and laughed, “Did you eat a peppermint candy?”

Song Yu’s confused thoughts were interrupted, “Wha?”

Xie Sui lightly commented, “It’s quite sweet.”

Song Yu: “……”


He felt that his ears must be thoroughly red by now.



The cat broke free from Ma Xiaoding’s hand and complacently jumped up onto Song Yu’s leg. However, it sensed killing intent directed at it before it could stand still and the cat’s body grew stiff.

“It was you, wasn’t it.”

Song Yu had simply found an outlet for his anger. He gritted his teeth and directly held its body, rubbing at it fiercely.

This damned cat!

It didn’t have anything better to do in the middle of the night and came out to run around!

“Meow—!!!” The Internet cafe rang out with the cat’s pitiful cry.

At this time, the lights over everyone’s heads came on.

The Internet cafe had electricity again.

“F*ck me! Is it fixed?”

The boss cursed and grumbled as he came back in from outside, “It wasn’t the construction team’s fault. The fuse tripped.”

Everyone in the Internet cafe cheered.

“Great! I was worried I’d miss the queue qualifying time!”

“Hurry up, hurry up!”

In their corner of the Internet cafe, Ma Xiaoding, who’d been frightened by the cat, was silent for a moment after the electricity came back.

Everyone looked at each other. They were either pressing someone down or hugging each other; their chairs were turned over, their keyboards had fallen, and the scene was very embarrassing.

Ma Xiaoding was the biggest culprit and was soon beaten up.

Everyone smacked him with their keyboards, angrily scolding, “What the hell are you calling out blindly for ahhhhh! You scared Laozi to death!”

Ma Xiaoding wrapped his arms around his head and had to admit that he was wrong. He could only try to change the target of their venting, “Don’t hit me anymore. You guys should go fight that cat, it’s the one who deserves to be beaten up the most.”

Only then did they think to look for that damned cat. They angrily set their keyboards down and looked around, noticing Song Yu and Xie Sui.

Then, the group of them were stunned.


Had they gone blind?

The cat was in Brother Yu’s hands and was currently getting ravaged, its life no better than death as it heedlessly cried out. Brother Yu had his head bowed, his ears were obviously red, and his face looked like he was gnashing his teeth.

Everyone was used to seeing his casual posture and disdainful arrogance so they were all confused after seeing him like this for the first time.

What the hell? What was going on with Brother Yu? Was he shy?

Compared with him, Xie Sui was much calmer. His hands were on the table, his eyes were curved, and his smile was happy and pleasant.


There was a faint sense of strangeness in everyone’s hearts.

Between Brother Yu and God Xie… why did it feel a bit weird?

Ma Xiaoding took the lead in getting up and leaning over. He crouched down in front of Song Yu and was particularly surprised when he looked up, “Brother Yu, what’s the matter with you? Why is your face so red? Are you hot? Oh god, Brother Yu, what’s the matter with you? Don’t scare me, you can’t be sick.”

Song Yu raised the cat in his hands and shoved it towards his face, “Shut up!”

“Bah, bah, bah.”

Ma Xiaoding had been stuffed with a mouthful of cat fur. He held the cat and sat down on the ground. His head filled with fog and he was even more confused.

Everyone was scared by Song Yu’s angry tone and shivered. They all tacitly shut up.

The battle for supremacy at Shushan Building had been broadcast live across the whole forum. He’d dragged Gao Feng over to stand at the edge of the top floor to say hi; Brother Yu was cruel, and they couldn’t afford to provoke him, they really couldn’t.

Song Yu put on headphones and played music at the loudest volume. He didn’t want to look at Xie Sui, and he also didn’t want to pay attention to anyone else nearby.

He clicked his mouse randomly on the computer screen, opening a program before closing it, on and off with no purpose in mind.

His brain was a mess, filled with the things that had happened in the dark—the strong hand that wrapped around his waist, the tongue that had licked his mouth, their ambiguous intertwined breaths, and the low laughter by his ear.

Song Yu reflexively took out a mint candy, wanting to calm down a bit, but he thought of Xie Sui’s sentence, ‘It’s quite sweet’ before he even tore open the candy wrapper

He swore and set the candy aside.

He’d been kissed for the first time in his life. Song Yu felt that he needed a lot of time to recover. In fact, shame and indignation came second; what he was most depressed about was the sense of loss he felt in his heart.

There was even a moment when, amidst a tangle of messy assumptions, he thought about how if the person he’d kissed in the dark wasn’t Xie Sui and he’d kissed someone else, then what? What kind of reaction would he have had—oh, that assumption didn’t work, because another person wouldn’t have stuck out their tongue.


Although his heart was agitated, his face was now calm. His pale face was cold and exquisite, but clusters of fire were hidden in his light pupils.

He faced the screen, his expression looking like he was about to livestream eating the computer at any second.

The group of nearby people were all shivering and trembling, “……”

They were afraid to use too much force when typing on the keyboard.

Brother Yu was really a very mysterious person. His monthly exams were like a crematorium for flamers, but once he grew shy, they were the unlucky ones.

Xie Sui chuckled lightly from beside him. It was very simple for him if he really wanted to understand what someone was thinking.

Besides, Song Yu was the person he liked, and they got along together morning and night. It could be said that he knew him like the palm of his own hand.

He chose not to trigger him into exploding at this point in time.

Xie Sui leaned back in his chair, moving his gaze away. He started playing with his cell phone.

Song Yu had been looking forward fixedly, forcing himself to treat Xie Sui like he was air.

He was really angry! How could he not be angry! Dammit, his first kiss.

His spirit was tense, but he could sense that Xie Sui’s heavy gaze had disappeared.

He let out a sigh of relief, his entire person relaxing.

Beep, beep.

The QQ message indicator on his computer rang out.

Song Yu clicked on it and a familiar chat box window popped out.

[ Xie Sui: Are you angry? ]

Song Yu: “……” Hold it. He held back his anger and controlled himself to not turn his head to look at Xie Sui.

He placed his mouse over the ‘x’, but then stopped again.

This wasn’t right. If he acted shy like this, then didn’t it seem like he put too much importance on it? Like a young kid who’d never seen the world and cared more about his first kiss than anything else.

He had to be steady. The Brother Yu who’d ‘seen the world’ replied calmly.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: No, what’s there to be angry about? ]

Xie Sui’s lips curved, but he didn’t expose Song Yu’s act.

[ Xie Sui: Then, are you curious? ]

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: ? Curious about what? ]

[ Xie Sui: Why I kissed you. ]

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: Oh, that was an accident. It’s the cat’s fault. I’ll take responsibility and help you beat it up. ]

[ Xie Sui: Do you really believe that it was an accident? ]

Song Yu’s entire person froze. The cold expression he’d tried so hard to maintain shattered, his eyes appearing dazed beneath his long, curly eyelashes.

An accident… an accidental kiss was alright, but what happened wasn’t accidental.

He wasn’t that much of a straight man. That kind of ambiguity should not have appeared between him and Xie Sui.

He felt that the hands that he used to type weren’t quite matching up to his will, and he was flustered and panicked.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: If it wasn’t an accident, then what was it ]

The two of them sat next to each other, but neither party looked at the other and communicated in another way.

Xie Sui smiled slightly, a trace of tenderness flashing through his eyes.

[ Xie Sui: Instinct. ]

Song Yu blinked incredulously.

He typed out a question mark.

[ Your Husband, Brother Yu: ? ]

[ Xie Sui: I want to kiss you ]

[ Xie Sui: Or in other words, I like you ]

[ Xie Sui: This is instinct. ]

Thump. Song Yu abruptly pulled off his headphones and suddenly turned his head, his eyes wide. He was so scared that he’d already forgotten his earlier mood.

Xie Sui also slowly put away his cell phone. He lifted his head and looked at him, smiling as he blinked his eyes. His expression was calm, as though what he’d said just now was nothing but a very, very small secret.

The Internet cafe was crowded, the environment noisy, and Song Yu’s brain was completely blank.

This time, he could no longer attribute ‘like’ to liking a certain type of weather or liking a certain taste.

It was tainted with desire and physical intimacy. It was the like between lovers.

What was this—he’d lived for so long, but this was the first time he’d been confessed to so seriously? And it came from Xie Sui, his self-proclaimed best friend in this world.

Song Yu looked at Xie Sui in a daze. He parted his lips, wanting to say something.

But Xie Sui had already gotten up. He stretched out his hand and pressed it against the teenager’s soft lips, the action to prevent him from talking. His eyes were dark, and the momentum behind them wasn’t reduced at all even if they were smiling and gentle.

His voice was hoarse as he said, “This is just my instinct. You don’t have to answer it.”

“—!” What kind of bullshit logic was this!

Song Yu really wanted to bite down on his hand.

Back up a little. The information he’d gotten was too explosive and had overturned his cognition. His brain was muddled and his eyes were dazed, confused, and out of focus.

Xie Sui dared to say it so early because he wasn’t afraid of scaring Song Yu away.

There was a faint smile on his lips and a trace of deep meaning in his eyes.

—You know what’s going to happen in the future, don’t you?

You came to my side because you felt heartache for me?

Well, then… feel a little more heartache2heartache – this is kind of a play on words. 心疼 means ‘to love dearly’ and also ‘heartache’. in the first mention, SY clearly felt ‘heartache’ for XS, but now XS wants this ‘heartache’ to turn into ‘love dearly’ for me, Yuyu.

Butter’s Thoughts:
Butter will feel the heartache for you! B-but as a reader! An editor! Butter isn’t trying to steal XY from SY! That’s not allowed ahhhhhhhh!

xiin: scheming, XS~

  • 1
    smashed the cracked pot – going all out in the face of despair / since things were already like this, he went all out
  • 2
    heartache – this is kind of a play on words. 心疼 means ‘to love dearly’ and also ‘heartache’. in the first mention, SY clearly felt ‘heartache’ for XS, but now XS wants this ‘heartache’ to turn into ‘love dearly’


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