Chapter 33 – Hey

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Song Yu was a little confused by his gaze. Reward?

Oh, right. It seemed that from summer vacation to now, he’d been harassing Xie Sui with questions without giving anything back in return.

That wasn’t going to work.

Brother Yu had never been someone who took things without giving back.

Song Yu leaned over and asked enthusiastically, “What do you want?”

Song Yu’s eyelashes could be seen clearly from up close, and the heat from his breath could also be felt.

Xie Sui smiled suddenly, then winked at him like a seemingly tacit hint.

Song Yu was a little stunned. He seldom saw Xie Sui make such a youthful gesture. It was fresh and bright, like the morning breeze sweeping through a foggy forest.

Xie Sui pulled out a piece of paper from his desk, then picked up a pen. The noisy sound of studying filled the background as he wrote a line of text to Song Yu.

[ Tell me, what was bothering you just now? ]

Xie Sui’s writing was very beautiful. His words were clear and elegant, and the strokes of his pen were very deep.

Song Yu was a little confused as he glanced over at him. Did he mean that the reward he wanted was the answer to his question?

What did he mean by that?

However, there were some words that were easier to write than say out loud. Song Yu held the pen, thought about it, then finally chose to write out a reply.

[ I don’t like our class teacher very much. ]

Xie Sui’s hand that was holding the pen stilled for a moment when he saw this answer, then he laughed out quietly.

Based on Song Yu’s life background, it wasn’t difficult for him to change out a teacher in Jing City. Was a single Ou Yilian worth him being annoyed over?

He wrote.

[ So? ]

Song Yu’s heart was filled with ‘So, I have to find a way to get rid of her’, but he was already a fool who could only fight in Xie Sui’s heart, so he had to try and save his image.

[ So, I’m going to study hard and slap her face with it. ]

It was just that his note ended up being intercepted by the Chinese teacher as he was passing it over.

The Chinese teacher had come over to supervise the morning study period. Xie Sui was the top of the grade, and Class One’s class average mostly relied on his efforts. This naturally meant that he was the focus of every teacher’s concern.

As soon as he entered the classroom, the first thing they saw was Song Yu pushing over a note to harass Xie Sui. The Chinese teacher’s brows twisted into a frown and he came over slowly, muttering in dissatisfaction, “Morning studies, morning studies, if you don’t read out loud, then what kind of studies are you doing? What are you passing around? Let me take a look.”

The whole class had fallen quiet as soon as the teacher came in. They set down their textbooks and looked over in their direction.

“It’s, it’s nothing.”

There were words on the note that spoke ill of a teacher, and Song Yu couldn’t let him see such things. His expression changed and he subconsciously tugged on the paper. As a result, the paper tore apart, splitting into two pieces.

The Chinese teacher held the bottom half and read out loud, “So, I’m going to study hard and slap her1her – in Chinese, her/him sound the same face with it?”

The whole class laughed out loud.

Song Yu: “……”

The Chinese teacher was stunned. He hadn’t actually expected that Song Yu would have this level of consciousness, “Whose face are you going to slap?”

Song Yu’s expression stiffened slightly.

From beside him, Xie Sui helped him break the stalemate by raising up his hand. There was laughter in his voice, “Slap my face.”

The Chinese teacher’s eyes widened slightly. He certainly didn’t believe this, since the paper said ‘her’ and not ‘his’, but, there was no need to go so deep regarding the matters between students since children that age were very sensitive about their dignity.

He didn’t force Song Yu to hand over the rest of the note, but he frowned and said, “Don’t pass notes during morning studies. You and your deskmate are together all day from morning to night, what else is there that you haven’t said to each other?”

The rest of the class couldn’t bear it and laughed hard.

Song Yu: “……”

Ma Xiaoding couldn’t stop laughing after the teacher left. He finally asked Song Yu from behind them, “Brother Yu, we’re a few weeks away from the monthly examination. Have you already started declaring war on God Xie?”

Song Yu glared at him in annoyance, “Yeah!”

Xi Bowen used his pen as a microphone and held it out to Xie Sui, “I’d like to ask God Xie, what are your thoughts when faced with this challenge from A City’s learning bully?”

Xie Sui’s lips curved, “It’s a great honor.”

Ma Xiaoding applauded, “My Brother Yu is amazing, he’s taking over the titles of study god and school bully with both hands; he’ll become a double daddy in Jing City.”

Song Yu was actually a real learning scum pretending to be a study god, so this statement made him embarrassed and angry, “Shut up.”

For Song Yu, the No.1 High monthly exam was an important event. He had to show results to his parents in A City, otherwise they would think that he wasn’t studying in Jing City and might as well return home so that he was under their supervision for their peace of mind.

After morning studies ended and it came to the time when their homework was collected, Song Yu realized that he’d forgotten to bring his homework with him.

The Chinese class representative was the girl who’d asked about the domain of definition last time. She was beautiful and also had a gentle personality, “I can wait, how about you go back and get it now? There should be enough time now.”

Song Yu lived in the teacher apartments and it took at least half an hour to walk back and forth. He remembered that this assignment only required 300 words, so he might as well write a new one on the spot, “Thank you, class representative. I’ll write another one, then. What was the topic?”

It was the class representative’s first time dealing with him, and her spirit was tensed up. Now that she discovered that Song Yu was so approachable, she was both confused and happy, blushing and whispering, “You’re welcome, there’s no need for thanks. The topic is, your plans for this new school semester.”

Song Yu: “Okay.”

How had he written this yesterday…

Oh, he’d copied his answer from the internet yesterday.

Although Song Yu was trying to become a study god, diary writing and other such things had never been his strong point.

“Let me see yours.”

Song Yu turned to his deskmate for help.

Xie Sui smiled and refused, “I’m afraid that’s no good. My answer is useless for you.”

Song Yu: “We’re all 15 year old high school students. What do you mean? Are you looking down on people?”

Xie Sui was unable to dissuade him and handed over the paper on his desk.

Song Yu looked at it and felt his vision go dark.

Xie Sui’s plan for the new semester wasn’t 300 words at all. It wasn’t even 30 words.

There was one clearly written line of text at the top:

Help my deskmate win first place in the city.

Song Yu: “……”

He had to be relying on the fact that he had good grades and that the Chinese teacher wouldn’t do anything to him in order to act so presumptuously.

Song Yu was very dissatisfied with his plan, “You’re going to help me surpass you?”

Xie Sui: “Yes.”

Song Yu: “And then nothing else?”

Xie Sui laughed, “Yeah, my plan for this semester is just you.”

Song Yu: “……”

The Chinese class representative who was waiting to collect their homework: “!!!”

Last time, when she’d come over to ask a question, the cold school grass had crushed her young girl’s heart. So, she’d transformed into a CP fan.

What was this?

Were the main characters online and currently sending out sugar?

Did those who were smart not have to work hard? Song Yu was so sour that acid bubbles were forming. He decided to explain things to him properly, “How can you be like that? Don’t you want to study hard and get into A University?!”

Xie Sui ignored his irritation and smiled as he said, “Are you still not writing?”

Only now did Song Yu remember that the class representative was still waiting for him to finish. He turned his head and said, “Wait a moment, give me 15 minutes.”

The class representative couldn’t keep the corners of her lips from curving up in a smile, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I can hand it in during the next class. You and God Xie can take your time.”

She even was willing to wait another hour!

Xie Sui saw that he looked like he was suffering bitterly and offered kindly, “Can I help you with some ideas?”

Song Yu’s eyes lit up, “For example?”

Xie Sui: “The first goal, to become a school bully when school starts.”

Song Yu: “…… Shut up.”

Friday’s challenge at Shushan Building had already developed to this point and Song Yu had to agree even if he didn’t want to. If anything was to blame, then it would be that his hand had slipped one day during summer vacation. He’d clicked open No.1 High’s forums and made countless enemies. There was a Gao Feng today, and there might be a Feng Gao tomorrow. It was better to simply get an identity as a school bully and be famed in all directions. 

So, why had he gone to act like a troll in the first place––if his father hadn’t called him to make that agreement over the exams next month, how would he have ended up so angry?

So, dad, if your son doesn’t study hard and goes off to become a school bully, it’s all your fault.

Bear this responsibility.

The forum thread <Peak Battle At Shushan> had remained at the top of the popular threads list over the past few days.

Especially after ‘Your Husband, Brother Yu’ replied, the atmosphere had been pushed up to a climax.

Senior Two, Class Fifteen.

It was the first time Gao Feng had received attention from so many people. He was very excited and very happy when he found himself faced with inquiries from a whole group of people as he sat there in the classroom.

“In fact, I don’t place much importance on this matter. Based on Song Yu’s appearance, he’ll probably topple over when I touch him with a finger.”

“There was really no need, well, this matter has gotten so big that I can’t ignore it, hahahaha.”

When he said ‘there was no need’, his smile was so wide that his lips had trouble forming the words.

Chen Zhijie, who’d dyed his hair back to its original color and was seated in the back row while doing his homework, sneered out loud.

When Gao Feng heard this, he turned back and said proudly, “What are you laughing about? Did you have the same level of prestige when you were a school bully?”

Chen Zhijie didn’t say a word.

He just looked at him pitifully, like he was looking at a fool who didn’t know anything.

Gao Feng grew angry, “What kind of gaze is that, you want to fight?”

Chen Zhijie ignored him and stood up to hand in his homework.

There was something wrong with this fool’s brain.

Gao Feng remained in his seat, continuing to scold and curse.

The classroom was endlessly noisy. They had now basically confirmed that Song Yu was that troll who was known as a certain Yu and the boys were all egging him on, wanting Brother Gao to teach him a lesson.

The girls were all rolling their eyes non-stop.

There was a girl sitting by the window who seemed out of place. She had long, straight, and glossy black hair that fell straight down her back. She wore an expensive white dress beneath her school uniform. She had pale skin with a light coating of makeup and a very good temperament. She was Class Fifteen’s class flower, and also many people in the class’s secret love object, Chen Zhijie included.

“Xinxin, did you read that thread?”

The freckled girl seated at the desk in front of her leaned closer deliberately, her eyes holding flattery that couldn’t be hidden.

Bai Xuexin gave her a look.

The freckled girl continued, “It’s said that there’s an 80% chance that Song Yu is Brother Yu! Wow! I didn’t expect that the Brother Yu who is so fierce on the internet would be so delicate and cute in reality.”

Bai Xuexin did know something about what went on in the forums. However, in her opinion, it was just childish and funny, like children wandering around the house.

She clung to her own identity and felt that her vision was different from that of other girls her age.

“It’s just an internet troll. Is he worth noticing?”

Bai Xuexin’s voice was very light.

The freckled girl smiled awkwardly, feeling like she’d opened herself up for a snub, and turned her head back.

Bai Xuexin lowered her head and pulled out the text messages that had been sent to her cell phone from her aunt who’d married into the Xu Family in A City.

[ Xinxin, do you know a person named Xie Sui in your school? You should get closer to him. This young man, his identity isn’t simple. ]

The Bai Family’s status was pretty good in Jing City, but when compared to those big giants in A City, it wasn’t even worth mentioning.

Someone who could cause her aunt, who’d married into the Xu Family, to claim that their identity wasn’t simple, definitely wasn’t simple at all.

And she’d heard that it was the new school grass. It really was a perfect match for her.

Bai Xuexin happily raised up the corners of her lips.

That night, Song Yu faced the computer in his room and thought about how to word his report that he wanted to make. Unless it was as a last resort, he didn’t want to use the Meng Family’s power to deal with school affairs. As soon as he’d arrived in Jing City, he’d met with this kind of epic level trash class teacher; if this news was passed on to his father, he would probably receive another phone call ordering him to return home.

Song Yu felt that if Ou Yilian didn’t go and have the thoughts in her mind purified, then she’d really be unable to live up to her status as a teacher in the People’s Republic of China and would definitely harm more people in the future.

When he thought about how Xie Sui had been madly harassed by Wang Ci in the book, to the point where it was almost personal abuse and character defamation, yet Ou Yilian pretended not to see, acting as though it was just small disagreements between classmates…

… Song Yu would start to get angry again.

Just as he was so angry he was about to be angered half to death.

An e-mail suddenly appeared on the computer.

The sender was anonymous.

When he clicked it open, it held information covering Ou Yilian’s previous teaching experience, a few screenshots, and a personal report from a female student who she’d forced into depression and attempted suicide several times.

Song Yu was stunned. It turned out that Ou Yilian was even worse than he’d thought?!

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