Chapter 8.09 – You change and I change

The Target always thinks that I like him!
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When Chen Shu Ze received the clothes, his heart thumped.

He never expected his Shizun to personally hand him his clothes. Why did Shizun treat him so well?

Under Xiang Han’s urges, he quickly put them on, but his mood while leaving was extremely peculiar, to the extent that he did not notice the other man’s strangeness.

After he returned to his own residence, he recalled his transformation earlier and felt a big headache.

Why did he have to be a demon? Chen Shu Ze could not understand, evidently unable to recover from the shock of the transformation earlier.

He immediately dispelled his plans to return home to ask his parents, once he thought of how Xiang Han had wanted him to go to his courtyard the next morning. In any case, he had more chances to ask them and his Shizun’s words were his priority as of now.

Speaking of which, his Shizun didn’t mind that he was a demon and even treated him extremely well. Furthermore, he knew about Chu Ming and Xiao Yue. Did he look into it deliberately? That may not be so, in fact, it may be because of shijie, so he shouldn’t overthink it.

Chen Shu Ze rolled over and over on the small and broken bed, waiting for tomorrow to come quickly.

At night, Liu Meng’er passed by the little shack. After talking about useless stuff for half a day, she finally broached the main topic. “Shidi, did Shizun… mention anything about me?”

“He did, but once he heard Shijie wasn’t around, he didn’t say anything else.”

“Oh,” Liu Meng’er let out a breath and looked around his room. “Shidi, are you sure you don’t want to change your place of residence?”

Chen Shu Ze shook his head helplessly. Just as he was about to say ‘there’s really no need’, Liu Meng’er cut in. “Huh, Shidi, why do I feel that there’s… demonic energy around?”

“What?” Chen Shu Ze’s heart squeezed. He looked up at the bronze mirror and instantly, his entire person… no, entire wolf… that’s not right either. In any case, his entire being wasn’t good. Because two furry ears had emerged.

Seeing Liu Meng’er turn around, he quickly reached up to cover it nervously. “There isn’t. Shijie, are you too tired? Furthermore, I want to rest.”

“Oh.” Liu Meng’er didn’t think much about it and simply bid him farewell.

Chen Shu Ze instantly sighed in relief. Once she was gone, he hesitated for a bit before deciding to seek Xiang Han out.

When Xiang Han saw his two ears, he nearly roared with laughter. Enduring with all his might, he did his best to suppress his raging emotions. “I understand. Go out and wait for a while.”

“Yes.” Chen Shu Ze obediently left. Once he was out, he couldn’t help touching his back and immediately felt his tail.

Xiang Han could no longer hold back. After Chen Shu Ze left, he quickly set up a barrier and gripped the bed while laughing uncontrollably.

He only released the barrier after he’d laughed enough and feigned calm. “Come in.”

Chen Shu Ze quickly returned and asked nervously, “Shizun, do you have a way?”

“Your master needs more information in order to accurately treat it. Come and squat over here.” Xiang Han held back another laugh.

Chen Shu Ze did not suspect a thing and simply knelt down.

Sweeping a glance over him and ensuring he had not been exposed, Xiang Han finally relaxed and boldly extended his claws. He touched the ears, rubbing and fondling, feeling extremely pleased.

With his ears pinched, Chen Shu Ze had the illusion his lifeline had been seized. A numbing sensation gradually crept from his ears towards his scalp. He couldn’t help but tremble, and his breath grew disordered.

Seeing that his ears were still twitching, Xiang Han’s other hand began to itch.

Chen Shu Ze couldn’t endure it. He suddenly felt hot all over. He wanted to, really wanted to… push a certain someone down. But he was instantly startled awake by this thought and couldn’t help but feel ashamed. He desperately recited in his heart: You can’t commit blasphemy with your master, you can’t… But why does Shizun keep touching my ears?

He really couldn’t take it anymore!

Chen Shu Ze couldn’t help but glance at Xiang Han from the corner of his eye. When he saw the latter’s serious expression as if simply taking his pulse, he couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

Shizun was trying to help him solve his problem, but here he was, allowing his thoughts to run wild. It was simply too absurd, but…

“S-Shizun, how is it?” Chen Shu Ze could no longer hold back. If he continued to be stroked like this, going bald would be the least of his concerns. Instead, a reaction somewhere else would surely be a problem.

“Ahem, it’s fine.” Xiang Han hurriedly retracted his hand, his eyes filled with reluctance.

“This situation is quite normal. It’s most likely because you were sealed before and are not experienced at changing forms, so it will be difficult to control yourself. You will be fine once you get used to it.”

“Really?” Chen Shu Ze was filled with doubt. He tried to change himself back into a human form and his ears soon returned to normal.

Xiang Han hadn’t touched it enough, so he couldn’t help but feel pity.

Chen Shu Ze breathed a sigh of relief, but quickly asked, “Shizun, is there any way to hide my aura? Shijie seemed to have noticed when she came into my room.”

“Wait here.”

Leaving this sentence behind, Xiang Han went into the inner room. He flipped through the space ring for a long time before finally finding an aura-concealing bead.

After coming out, he threw the bead directly to Chen Shu Ze and said very casually, “An aura-concealment bead. Wear it well and cultivators below the Immortalization stage will not be able to detect it.”

“Immortalization stage?” Chen Shu Ze was shocked and suddenly felt his palm burning. He gripped the bead, “Shizun, this is too much…”

“Since this master has given it to you, keep it properly and save your breath.” Xiang Han simply interrupted him.

“Yes.” Chen Shu Ze hurriedly accepted it. When he returned to his stone hut, he couldn’t help repeating to himself: Shizun treats me so well…

Xiang Han simply couldn’t bear to look at his doghole… no, his wolfhole. He immediately called for someone to rebuild it the next day.

Cultivators were quite adept at building houses so this matter was settled in a day.

Chen Shu Ze had been cultivating in Xiang Han’s courtyard. When he came out to see the little hut gone, he didn’t dare believe it. Once he learnt that Xiang Han had instructed for it to be rebuilt, he was immediately overwhelmed with gratitude and swore to cultivate seriously in order to repay his Shizun.

When cultivating the second stage of the <Heavenly Compass> technique, Chen Shu Ze suddenly found that the chaotic five elements in his spiritual root had disappeared at some point and were replaced by a pure blue ice-attribute aura.

Xiang Han also noticed this. He nodded and praised, “Yes, it is the ice spiritual root which should have been concealed by your Five Elements aura before.”

Ice spirit root? That was a mutant spirit root!

Chen Shu Ze immediately grew agitated. After all, he was called a waste not too long ago and became a genius in the blink of an eye. He couldn’t help but rejoice in his heart.

Fortunately, he met his Shizun. If it weren’t for his Shizun, he might still be watering the Spiritual Valley at this time.

With this in mind, he quickly reentered the state of ‘thanking his Shizun everyday’.

After his cultivation was on the right track, Xiang Han moved on to the next task and asked Chen Shu Ze, “I remember you were learning swordsmanship?”

“Yes.” Chen Shu Ze nodded, remembering Xiang Han’s blade and added: “Actually, I also like the blade very much.”

Xiang Han smiled slightly and said with pride, “No problem, as long as you like it, Shizun can teach you both the way of the sword and blade.”

“It turns out that Shizun is good at both?” Chen Shu Ze couldn’t help asking with a look of admiration.

Xiang Han waved his hand humbly and said, “It’s nothing. Cultivation goes against heaven’s will, there’s nothing wrong with learning more. There are some things you don’t have to be good at, but must know about. It’s easy to suffer a loss if you are only good at one thing.”

Anyway, he has the system’s help. Even if he didn’t know it before, he would now.

Chen Shu Ze was suddenly enlightened and said seriously, “Shizun is right, I understand now.”

Xiang Han was a little overwhelmed by the praise and immediately said, “Since you have been using swords, your master will teach you a set of swordsmanship skills.”

“Okay.” Chen Shu Ze nodded earnestly and expectantly.

Xiang Han was very satisfied. After getting up with his hands behind his back, he opened the equipment interface and pretended. “I will demonstrate it once, you have to look carefully.”

“Yes.” Chen Shu Ze continued to nod, looking like a chicken pecking at rice.

Xiang Han first picked a decent sword from the equipment interface, then opened the skill interface, poked around and finally picked a skill with good special effects. It was called Illusory God Art.

He had used this skill in the game before and felt that the power was good. So he believed that it should be enough to restrain the boy in front of him.

After releasing the skill, Xiang Han began to move his sword instinctively. The spiritual power in his body spontaneously circulated and poured into the sword. In the next moment, a majestic sword aura burst out, shaking the entire courtyard. Without a barrier, the entire mountain would probably shake with it.

Chen Shu Ze was really dumbfounded. He looked at Xiang Han in shock

Xiang Han was very satisfied with the effect. After putting away his sword, he brushed the front of his robes, pretending to be high and mighty. “How is it? Did you see it clearly?”

“S… Shizun, y, your tail… popped, popped out.” Chen Shu Ze was stunned and it took a long time to form a sentence.

Xiang Han was a little taken aback. When he finally reacted, he hurriedly turned his head and looked behind him, and then… was stunned again.

What the hell were these nine big fluffy tails that were higher than his head? He knew that the Illusory God Art was a unique skill of the demon fox clan and also knew that when used, he would temporarily turn into a demon fox. But that was in the game!

After his initial shock, Xiang Han quickly calmed down and turned to look at Chen Shu Ze.

“S… Shizun, are you also a demon?” Chen Shu Ze looked stunned, but his tone… revealed a hint of expectation and surprise.

Xiang Han’s face darkened and he thought to himself: What is this boy saying?

He calmly stepped forward and looked at Chen Shu Ze. Without saying a word, he directly waved the hilt of the sword and smashed it towards the back of the latter’s neck. Then, Chen Shu Ze fainted.

Xiang Han took a deep breath. He did not even have the time to send Chen ShuZe back before he rushed back to his room and set up a barrier.

If he was right, he would completely turn into a fox later, because this was the exact setting in the game.

Sure enough, as soon as the barrier was set up, his clothes immediately fell to the ground. After a while, a little fox arched out of his clothes with great effort.

[Big A, aren’t you going to explain?] Xiang Han’s furious fox face was almost warped.

[Uh, since you already guessed it, I don’t need to explain any more?] Big A carefully asked.

[How can Liu Han Zhou’s body be affected?]

[It’s all virtual. It’s all data, so it’s… quite normal.] Big A was feeling very guilty.

It must be mentioned that he had actually discovered this problem when Xiang Han changed his equipment previously, but he didn’t dare to make a sound. Mainly because they were in a rush and when the code was copied, he forgot to change it.

[Then why did I transform? Isn’t the program installed on Little Nine?] Fox spirit Xiang Han laid on the pile of clothes in melancholy, with nine tails swaying behind him.

T/n: sorry for disappearing for so long, im not sure if i mentioned it yet but I’m starting my next phase of life so it’s been crazy busy. It’s been months since I translated and Idk if i’ll continue, but for no, I’ll just release my stockpile… even though I’m literally at the end already T_T


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