Chapter 7.15 – Dump Him After (2)

The Target always thinks that I like him!
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Editor: meowmiao

In the first place, this was all a misunderstanding. After going to the living room, they quickly explained and looked at Father Geng.

Father Geng directly drove Meng Ze away. The next day, he dragged Xiang Han to the hospital for an examination before he was relieved.

Knowing that he had thoroughly offended his prospective father-in-law once more, Meng Ze decided to go home and ask his parents for help.

After Mother Meng learned about everything he had gone through, she was speechless for some time. Hearing that Meng Ze was here to ask her and his father for help, she suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She merely stared at him helplessly. “Didn’t I say you were too fickle? Regretting it after annulling the engagement…”

Although Mother Meng chided him, she still felt sorry for her son and soon brought Father Meng along to pay a visit.

In front of two of his old friends, Father Geng was extremely polite. In addition, Meng Ze’s performance afterwards was quite good as he no longer dared to do anything rash. He finally relented and allowed the young couple to get together.

When he saw Meng Ze again, Xiang Han couldn’t help but complain, “We’re like Romeo and Juliet.”

Seeing him suddenly appear in his office, Meng Ze was a little stunned.

Xiang Han waved a hand and laughed, “Are you stunned?”

From across the table, Meng Ze immediately pulled him towards himself and shut Xiang Han up with a rough kiss.

“Our families have no animosity and we will not have a tragic end.” After the kiss, he spoke through gasps.

“Your skills have gotten worse.” Xiang Han tilted his head and commented with a smile.

Meng Ze didn’t hold back and clasped Xiang Han’s face to give him another thorough kiss. Then, he pressed their foreheads against each other. “Won’t you move in with me?”

Xiang Han grinned. “My dad wants me to quit and move back home.”

“Your contract isn’t up yet.” Meng Ze only said solemnly.

“I’ve already been converted? When was the contract signed?” Xiang Han asked in surprise.

“Right now.” Meng Ze handed him the contract with a probing gaze.

Xiang Han took it casually, but just as he was about to sign, he deliberately stopped and mused deeply, “I have to think about it carefully.”

The expectation in Meng Ze’s eyes turned into disappointment in an instant, but he feigned nonchalance. “Whatever you want, but you must move in with me.”

Xiang Han saw through his pretense, but did not expose him. He deliberately wanted to make Meng Ze anxious, so he calmly replied, “Well then, I will bring it back to have a read and at the same time…discuss with my dad about the matter of me living outside.”

Meng Ze immediately sighed in relief and the anxiety dissipated.

Xiang Han was overjoyed and silently snorted in his heart: Keep pretending!

He didn’t expect that before long, he would regret not signing the contract immediately.

As he was leaving the office, Xiang Han happened to see Assistant Fang and greeted him.

Meeting him, Assistant Fang’s expression suddenly became a little strange.

Meng Ze got up at this moment. He walked over to embrace Xiang Han and said, “I will send you off.”

Assistant Fang’s expression grew even weirder. Didn’t President Meng like Secretary Geng before? Why did he suddenly like men now? And… this man looked like Secretary Geng!

“Nina, who was that person in President Meng’s office just now?” After the two left, Assistant Fang couldn’t help but ask his colleague.

“It’s the son of Si Chuang’s Boss, Mr. Geng Xiao.” Nina replied.

“Oh, it turns out to be President Geng’s son. No wonder he looked so much…like Secretary Geng?” Assistant Fang suddenly felt a little confused and wondered did President Meng fall for both siblings?

After Xiang Han returned, it took a long time before he finally got Father Geng’s permission to move out again.

When moving into Meng Ze’s residence, Xiang Han was too ashamed to bring up the topic of sharing a room. Meanwhile, Meng Ze felt that the two had only begun dating for a short while and thought that Xiang Han probably still needed time to adapt. Since it was not easy to persuade Xiang Han to move in, he shouldn’t force it and thus, did not mention it.

Therefore, although they lived together, they slept in separate rooms.

Xiang Han did not go to work in Meng Ze’s company after he moved out because Father Geng wanted him to return to his company to work. The original host studied and specialised in interior design.

Living together or working together; he had to choose one of the two. Xiang Han chose the former in the end. Thus, he didn’t sign Meng Ze’s contract either.

However, Xiang Han wasn’t someone who enjoyed working. He had gone to work before only to chase Meng Ze. Now that he had succeeded, he naturally wanted to slack off for a few days. Therefore, he used the excuse of having work to hand over in Ze Yuan to delay his entry into Si Chuang for a month.

Xiang Han hadn’t been to work for half a month, what work could there possibly be to hand over? Father Geng was aware of his scheme but didn’t expose him.

Meng Ze had to work that day. Without anything to do, Xiang Han often went to visit him.

After going a few times, everyone gradually learned the truth and sighed: Secretary Geng is really in love!

Xin Lu Yao was the last to know and only accused him of being a terrible friend, wanting him to buy her a meal.

Xiang Han didn’t refuse, but he brought Meng Ze along.

Thus, a proper meal like this became extremely awkward.

No, it was more accurate to say that only Xin Lu Yao was awkward from eating dog food the entire time. She finally understood why President Meng’s eyes were full of vinegar whenever he stared at her.

While leaving the restaurant, she couldn’t help pulling Xiang Han aside and whispering, “In the future, don’t bring President Meng along.”

Then, it was no surprise when she met President Meng’s unfriendly gaze.

Xiang Han was at a loss. Before he could say something, someone patted him on the shoulder and he turned around.

“Geng Xiao Han? It’s really you?” The other person had bleached hair and hands in his pocket, looking rather sloppy.

“Chi…Yu?” Xiang Han recalled some of the original host’s memories before remembering who this person was.

“It’s me.” Blondie took off his shades and sized him up. “Where have you been of late? Why don’t you hang out with us any more?”

As he spoke, he saw Xin Lu Yao and whistled a praise. “Yo, got a girl? No wonder you have no more time for us.”

Xin Lu Yao frowned with uncertainty. “Han Han, you know him?”

Meng Ze’s brows also furrowed, evidently displeased with blondie.

Hearing the female lead’s words, he threw an arm over Xiang Han’s shoulders and bragged. “How could he not? We’re…”

“We’re classmates.” Xiang Han hurriedly interrupted, having remembered who he was. This was one of the scoundrels who had heckled the original host to ‘chase Meng Ze before dumping him’.

“Classmate?” Meng Ze’s expression wasn’t good. He reached out and removed blondie’s hand, his tone unfriendly.

“We’re classmates, aren’t we, Chi Yu?” Xiang Han immediately repeated and took the chance to land a hit on blondie.

“Yeah, we’re classmates. Who are you?” Blondie asked arrogantly.

Once again, Xiang Han cut in front. “He’s my fri-”

Before he could complete the word ‘friend’, Meng Ze abruptly spoke up. “Meng Ze, Geng Xiao Han’s boyfriend.”

“Meng Meng, Meng Ze… Wait, no. President Meng?” Blondie stuttered, turning to look at Xiang Han in shock.

Xiang Han looked at him meaningfully and anxiously until his eyes were about to cramp before blondie finally realized it and he gave a long ‘Oh’. He then shook Meng Ze’s hand and said with a trace of sympathy, “It turned out to be President Meng, I’ve offended you.”

“Haha, yeah, that… Chi Yu, we have something on, so we will be leaving first. Let’s talk again later.” Xiang Han gave a dry laugh as he pulled the slightly dark-faced Meng Ze away.

Xin Lu Yao saw that the atmosphere was not right between them, but couldn’t say anything. After giving Xiang Han a look, Xin Luyao hurriedly bid them goodbye.

On the way back, Meng Ze frowned and asked, “Is that guy really your classmate?”

“Truly, I knew him from high school.” Xiang Han nodded seriously. This was the truth.

However, Meng Ze’s frown remained. He asked doubtfully. “In that case, why are you nervous?”

“Uh…” Xiang Han hesitated for a second before he quickly spun a lie. “It’s because… my circle of friends previously was a little messy and didn’t you dislike it? So I…”

He didn’t need to finish his words for Meng Ze to understand. Soon, he sighed and pulled Xiang Han into his arms, whispering, “actually, you don’t have to go to this extent for me. You still need a social life, it’s just that…”

Reaching this point, he paused for a second. “You can’t recklessly make friends.”

“Yeah, yeah, I understand.” Xiang Han nodded obediently without retort.

Having successfully muddled his way through, he let out a breath but did not completely relax yet. If it wasn’t for meeting Chi Yu, he would have forgotten about his pack of scoundrel friends. They were all a ticking time bomb that needed to be resolved as soon as possible.

In just two days, Meng Ze seemed to have forgotten about this matter, but Xiang Han couldn’t help but be cautious. He hurriedly found an opportunity to meet up with Chi Yu and the others, intending to use his spiritual force to get them to forget about this matter.

Unfortunately, it was an ill-fated coincidence that Meng Ze happened to be in the same restaurant as Xiang Han and even more coincidentally, he sat in the booth beside them.

Meng Ze was rather startled when he heard Xiang Han’s voice. Just as he was about to go over and call out to him, he heard a sloppy voice. “My word, Geng Xiao Han, you’re really awesome. You actually managed to hook Meng Ze in.”

Blondie? Why did Xiao Han come to find him?

Doubt sprouted in Meng Ze’s heart and he momentarily forgot to get up.

“Exactly. When Chi Yu told us about this, Zhao Liang and my jaw nearly fell from shock. Tell us, how did you manage to hook him in? You really cross-dressed?” The fatty beside blondie asked.

“It must be, Meng Ze is a straight man! Geng Xiao Han looks quite good, so his female getup must also be quite pretty. How could he not succeed?” Zhao Liang also chimed in before asking curiously, “But you’re really amazing. You’re even able to keep him head over heels with you after changing back into your male getup. It looks like Meng Ze has really been bent. You finally got your revenge!”

Revenge? Meng Ze’s eyelid twitched and he knitted his brows.

“Ah, actually I’m more curious about when you’re planning to dump him? When that time comes, it will definitely be a good show, hahaha…”

The author has something to say:

Xiang Han: Let me explain…

Meng Ze: I’m not listening…

T/n: Hey guys, I’ve decided to take a break from translating for a while, maybe for a month or so (? depends on when I’m ready to come back but I’ll try not to extend it over a month). The reason is because I’m exhausted from school/translating(? idk) and the short break I took earlier this month to focus on my exams set me back quite a bit. So hopefully, I’ll spend the next month catching up and regaining any motivation to translate. On another note, this novel is almost 3.5 years old. I’m so slow but consistent (ig?) It’s just one more arc then back to the real world.


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