Chapter 6.09 – Falling out

The Target always thinks that I like him!
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The melon-eating team felt quite uncomfortable having the female lead’s party following behind them.

Although this road didn’t belong to them and anyone was free to go as they please, it was pretty disgusting to be followed all the way to the air-raid shelter. Apart from Wu Han, they weren’t familiar with any of them. Who knew if they would be schemed against? Especially the girl leading the team… judging from her conversation with Xiang Han, Wu Han had been left behind in City X because of her?

It was inevitable to be biased towards him after having been with Xiang Han for many days and even eating his melon. In the melon-eating team’s opinion, Xiang Han had already given her enough face during the breakup, as he hadn’t planned on revealing the matter of him being left behind in City X.

But Gu Ming refused to let it go. Whether or not he cheated on her, they didn’t know, but saying that he had something with Xu Lele was blatantly creating something from nothing. Tan Wei from their team was still pursuing Xu Lele. If Xiang Han really had something with her, wouldn’t he be beaten up?

Moreover, it was obvious at a glance that she wasn’t a good person. She would talk loudly about matters that can’t be seen or proven, but when it came to returning his items, it was all talk but no action. This was the apocalypse, not two years ago. Things like cars and food can’t be easily given away. They even heard that in Jiang Zhou, a small bag of insect-ridden rice could be exchanged for a maiden.

Because of their disgust for Gu Ming, they also had an aversion to the rest of the people by her side. Once they saw Gu Ming’s team attempting to enter, they immediately picked up their weapons. Tan Wei’s tone was extremely rude, “Please find somewhere else.”

Gu Ming looked at Xiang Han before turning to Xu Yan Ze. “We have five ability users. They can help clear out the zombies in the shelter.”

She had deliberately emphasised the number of ability users on their teams while Cheng Hai agreed, “That’s right. Outside, we should help each other…”

“No need, please leave.” Xu Yan Ze said coldly, evidently unmoved. He didn’t wait for them to finish speaking before refusing.

Cheng Hai’s face instantly turned ugly. Gu Ming wanted to persuade him but Tan Wei already put his hand on the trigger. “We won’t be polite if you continue to bother us.”

Cheng Hai immediately turned around, but Gu Ming, who clearly knew about the matter of the zombie birds, was growing anxious. When she saw Cheng Hai about to leave, she quickly reached out to hold him and said softly, “It’s too late, let’s just endure it.”

Perhaps afraid that others might overhear, she leaned in close to speak into the other person’s ear.

In the eyes of the melon-eating team, this scene was filled with a different meaning.

Xu Lele could no longer hold back as she turned to Xiang Han. “I feel like you’ve suffered a loss.” This woman obviously had something with that Captain, yet Wu Han actually gave everything to her. This breakup… was too disadvantageous.

“That’s right.” Xiang Han agreed along. He’d just cleared up their relationship and no longer wanted to be involved with her in any way. For now, he just wanted to be a part of the melon-eating group1to be a spectator.

However, Gu Ming didn’t have any intentions of allowing this. After she saw Xu Lele’s actions, her gaze darkened and she suddenly turned to Xiang Han. “Wu Han, on account of us knowing each other, even if we’ve broken up, we’re still friends, right?”

Xu Yan Ze immediately looked at Xiang Han as if to say that if he dared say the word ‘yes’, he could leave with her.

Xiang Han laughed stiffly. “No need. Since you hate me so much, why force yourself?”

He was actually quite unhappy. He assumed that everything had been cleared up, but Gu Ming didn’t seem to think so.

Satisfied with his performance, Xu Yan Ze nodded discreetly before speaking in a cold voice, “If you don’t leave, we’ll take action.”

As he said this, cold air emanated from his body. He was clearly growing annoyed.

Gu Ming looked at the sky and grew even more anxious. “Wu Han, are you really that heartless? Do you really not care about Gu Meng?”

In her last life, after obtaining the ring, it didn’t take long for ‘Wu Han’ to end up with Gu Meng. Gu Ming felt that these two must have hooked up a long ago and she had merely been late to discover it.

Since ‘Wu Han’ chose to save Gu Meng in her last life, he couldn’t possibly not care about her now. Judging from the situation, his relationship with the team wasn’t bad. As long as he relented, this matter would have grounds for discussion. The zombie bird horde was closing in, there was no time for them to find another place to hide.

“Sis, what are you saying?” Gu Meng nearly cried from anger, directly pulling on her father to reason things out.

With regard to this matter, Gu Ming had truly misunderstood. Gu Meng was a person who wouldn’t release the hawk until she’d seen the hare2don’t do things unless you know you will succeed.. She really couldn’t look favourably upon the original host without an ability. This wasn’t peacetime where money and appearance was everything.

Xiang Han was growing upset. When he first saw the data, he still had some sympathy for the female lead and felt it would be best for them to part on good terms. Yet now, he was nearly driven to laughter by anger.

“Why don’t you speak clearly, what do I have with Gu Meng?” He simply fleshed things out. “When we were dating, I hadn’t even seen your sister. Later on, everyone was focused on escaping and I’d always been with your father while you two sisters stuck together. I haven’t even spoken more than a few sentences to her. Is there any meaning to you continuously bringing this up?”

Everything had just been her guess. Gu Ming had wanted to use Gu Meng as a free pass to the air-raid shelter but didn’t expect Xiang Han to say such a thing, leaving her momentarily speechless.

Cheng Hai’s heart ached. Since they had shed all pretense of cordiality, he directly said, “Who knows if you’ve secretly done something else? Otherwise, why would you dare not ask for the car or food? You and the girl beside you, do you really think we’re blind…”

Before he could finish, Tan Wei had already pulled the trigger. The bullet grazed his scalp, causing Cheng Hai’s words to be stuck in his throat as a line of blood flowed down his forehead.

At the same time, Xu Yan Ze pulled out an ice blade and forced them to retreat. “Scram!”

Xiang Han’s gun that had been slightly raised was silently lowered. He sneered, “Today, I finally saw what it meant to be given an inch and want a mile.”

He peered at Cheng Hai then at Gu Ming, before saying coldly, “Since you refuse to let it go, I’ll just let everyone know. The reason for the break up wasn’t because I cheated but because back in City X, the bun you gave me to eat left me unconscious until the next morning. When I woke up, everyone had left and didn’t leave behind even a single bottle of water for me.”

“Don’t talk nons…”

“You don’t need to make excuses. Whether it’s true or not, you should know best in your heart.” Xiang Han immediately cut her off and Gu Ming’s face turned ugly.

“Although I don’t know why you hate me, it’s true that my heart had been set on returning home during the last two years and may have neglected you. So I didn’t want to argue with you but I didn’t expect that you wouldn’t stop there. You even made up lies that the reason for not wanting those supplies was because of guilt. In that case, return the car to me. I don’t need the food, who knows if you added anything to it?”

He deliberately overlooked the ring for he knew that once he mentioned it, Gu Ming would struggle to her death for it and would be even more difficult when the time came. If they really started a brawl, both sides would suffer casualties and it would be too great of a loss if those on Xu Yan Ze’s side were injured. Moreover, the zombie bird horde was approaching so time was tight.

More importantly, he had only joined the team a few days ago but Xu Yan Ze still seemed to treat him with… disdain? If a fight broke out, he didn’t know what Xu Yan Ze might do to him.

These words caused those standing on Gu Ming’s side to look at her doubtfully, and even Cheng Hai couldn’t help glancing at her.

Gu Ming’s face turned red. “I didn’t, don’t talk nonsense. After you disappeared, I wanted to go back to find you, but…”

“I know. But Gu Meng was sick, right? But since I was unconscious for so long, who knew how she fell sick?” Xiang Han interrupted her once more impatiently. “Give me the car keys. If you continue to dawdle, you can return everything else along with it. I won’t dare to eat the food, but I can throw it away for fun.”

Xu Yan Ze wanted to force the other side into a corner before sealing off the entrance but once he heard Xiang Han’s words, his actions stopped and he looked to his side.

Cheng Hai protected Gu Ming from the back. “Don’t go overboard.”

“How am I being overboard?” Xiang Han asked lazily, “Do you guys intend to just dilly-dally here? I’m fine with it, but once the zombie birds come, we’ll just shut the door. Isn’t that right?”

When he mentioned shutting the door, Xiang Han turned back with confidence. “We’ll be fine, but you guys…hah.”

Watching the situation unfold in this direction, it was clear that they couldn’t enter the shelter. Gu Ming didn’t want to continue arguing with them, but the car…

Frankly speaking, she really couldn’t look favorably upon the original host’s belongings after she obtained the ring. But the reality was they were unable to travel far without a car, let alone find a safe area.

But Father Gu had dragged her forward in disappointment. “Xiao Ming, why did you become like this? Hurry and return the things to Xiao Han. How shameful is this?”

Gu Meng stood by the side, her eyes filled with hatred and unwillingness. She couldn’t understand why Gu Ming and Cheng Hai would say such things about her in such a terrible tone.

Gu Ming gritted her teeth and turned to look at Xiang Han who was toying with the gun in his hand.

Xu Yan Ze also glanced at her and under his silent acknowledgement, the rest of the melon-eating team readied their weapons as they prepared to go all out.

Gu Ming didn’t expect things to develop so quickly and no longer wished to stay behind. In fact, she was desperate to leave but the melon-eating squad’s attitude seemed to hint that it wouldn’t be easy for them to leave either.

Their current predicament wasn’t suitable for a fight at all, especially since the enemy had many people on their side. Who knew how many ability users they had?

She gnashed her teeth furiously and finally chose to throw the car keys over. “Take it!” Her voice was full of hatred.

Most likely in order to preserve the little bit of face left, she added, “The food is still in the car, I’ll return everything to you. From now on, neither of us owe each other.”

Xiang Han snorted and waited for them to leave. He immediately drove the car into the shelter and exclaimed, “This is really timely. The five-seater vehicle was just damaged pretty badly.”

This was a military-grade vehicle that the original host got from his brother. It could go up slopes, had no problem with icy roads, and its roof was even made of bulletproof material

On the contrary, Xu Lele wasn’t concerned with those. She took a bag of rice, half a bag of flour and some sausages out with pity. “Are we really throwing them out?”

“No way, they’re perfectly fine. Why waste them?” Xiang Han quickly protected it.

Xu Yan Ze had just returned with a few others from sealing the entrance and happened to hear this. “Didn’t you say you wanted to throw it out?” He frowned.

“I was just trying to spite her. There’s no way she could have done anything to it in such a short period of time.” Xiang Han took everything out, found that there were even a few canned foods, and laughed foolishly. He was finally free from dried rations. Snatching things from others seemed…pretty good.

In fact, if he thought about it, he wasn’t the original host. Why did he have to tolerate the female lead’s anger? Moreover, it’s not like she hadn’t taken her revenge. Most likely, she wasn’t happy after seeing him still alive and felt she hadn’t achieved the satisfaction of enacting revenge. However, his coming to the world wasn’t for the purpose of giving her this satisfaction. Who told her to not simply strangle the scum man to death previously?

He shook his head and threw everything unpleasant to the back of his mind, putting himself in a new dilemma. “Should we have canned food or sausages tonight?”

“Sausages. Canned food can be kept,” Xu Lele suggested.

Xiang Han glanced at her and Tan Wei, recalling something. He apologised, “Lele, I’m sorry…for earlier. I didn’t expect to drag you into it.”

Xu Lele froze before shaking her head. “It’s fine.” She looked at Xu Yan Ze and lowered her voice, “But… can I ask, why does she hate you so much?”

Xu Yan Ze was fixing the sleeping bag when he heard this. He immediately froze and pricked up his ears to listen.

“About this…” Xiang Han hesitated for a moment and finally shook his head. “I’m actually not too sure either.”

“Oh.” Xu Lele gave him a pat on the back and comforted him. “I heard she awakened an ability. Sigh, cheer up. Some people are like this, once they have some ability, they want better…uh, no, what I meant is that they become arrogant once they have some power. I’m not saying you’re no good…”

“I think you should go console Tan Wei instead.” Xiang Han said helplessly.

Xu Lele gave an awkward expression and stuttered for half a day before coming up with a single sentence. “Actually, your gun skills aren’t bad.”

And you look pretty good, Xu Yan Ze added silently in his heart.

After knowing Xiang Han didn’t have any relationship with either sister, the weight in his heart was immediately resolved, though he didn’t understand why. In essence, he seemed to look forward to something, but after thinking carefully, there didn’t seem to be anything?

T/n: Xu Yan Ze is slowly falling… Also glad that Xiang Han managed to get his supplies back from the snake female lead >:(


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