Chapter 7.10 – Are we lovers?

The Target always thinks that I like him!
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Editor: meowmiao

That night, Meng Ze suffered from insomnia once more. He laid on the hotel bed, tossing and turning.

Usually, liking someone and having them reciprocate is a blissful matter. It’s easy to get together; they just have to tear down the paper window separating them and confess.

However, for Meng Ze, this was incredibly difficult because he was the one who called off the engagement previously, which caused Geng Xiao Han to become what he was today. If Geng Xiao Han knew that ‘liking women’ was merely an excuse, and that everything he had done was for naught and even a joke, what kind of pain would he feel?

Would he lose trust in him because of this? Or would he think that he was toying with him?

But if he doesn’t confess, it wasn’t as if he could hide it forever. Meng Ze couldn’t help feeling guilt and remorse whenever he saw the other person carefully dressed up in female clothes and even taking hormones because of him.

Just how on earth should he clear up this misunderstanding, to cause the least amount of hurt to him?

Meng Ze was frustrated. This was his first time regretting the decision to call off the engagement. If only he hadn’t.

Yet another sleepless night. The next day, Meng Ze’s spirit was clearly not good.

On the other hand, Xiang Han was refreshed. After enjoying breakfast together, he began to give a formal report of their itinerary for the day.

Meng Ze couldn’t concentrate. He saw that Xiang Han didn’t eat much and abruptly pushed his own plate forward and instructed, “Eat more.”

Too skinny. Moreover, he wasn’t tall. No wonder he never suspected the other person of being a man at all.

After hesitating, he called the waiter over. “Give this… lady a cup of milk.”

Xiang Han was bewildered. A foodie like him had come much earlier to eat his fill. By now, he was close to bursting, he couldn’t eat anymore!

Moreover, what the hell is up with the milk? He wasn’t a kid.

The waiter quickly brought a cup of milk. Xiang Han could only stare bitterly at it, unwilling to drink it.

All of a sudden, Meng Ze felt that things were pretty interesting and was thoroughly amused. He reached out a hand to pat his head and coaxed, “You still have a chance, drink more.” He heard that men stopped growing at 25 years old. Xiao Han probably… had one more year left.

After having his head patted, Xiang Han immediately threw off his hand and covered his head. “Don’t, my hair will fall…into a mess.”

Truthfully, the fastener on his wig was a little faulty, so he could only use some pins to hold it in place. If force was exerted, it would become crooked, even if it didn’t fall.

“Ahem. President Meng, I’ll go to the office first. President Zhang and the others are waiting.” Xiang Han coughed lightly, hoping to change the subject.

However, Meng Ze simply frowned and insisted, “Finish the milk.”

Xiang Han was speechless. Why was he picking a fight with the milk? Drink, drink, drink. If he drank so much, where would he go to find a restroom later?

With a face full of unwillingness, he still finished the cup.

“Clang!” After drinking, he dropped the cup onto the table and forced himself to swallow the last gulp of milk, feeling bloated.

“D-Done. Let’s go.” He let out a small hiccup and forced himself to continue.

Meng Ze slowly got up and walked towards him. Without warning, he picked up a napkin and dabbed at the remaining milk left on Xiang Han’s mouth. His actions were extremely gentle.

In fact, Meng Ze wanted to use his own lips, but the situation was wrong. He was afraid of scaring off the other person.

Xiang Han: “…” MMP! I almost got scared to death!

During the next phase of their trip, Xiang Han was in a trance. Although he was bold when flirting, his heartbeat would still speed up when he was flirted with. It’s over, he must have fallen for Meng Ze.

Speaking of which, it was just a kiss and showing some leg. President Meng was enlightened so easily, just like that, he must definitely be a straight man. If he had known it earlier, he would have…ahem, no, if he revealed any more, he would definitely scare the other person.

In the morning, they looked around the branch office and listened to reports from the managers of each department. In the afternoon, they went to inspect projects.

Xiang Han had drank too much milk in the morning, but due to his female get up, it wasn’t convenient for him to visit the restroom. Currently, he was on the brink and couldn’t help hunching everytime he took a step.

Seeing that Xiang Han was struggling to walk and bending down from time to time, he thought it was because he was uncomfortable. After seeing two projects, he called them to stop.

As they walked towards the parking lot, he asked Xiang Han in a low voice, “Do you feel unwell?”

“…” Xiang Han’s expression was resentful. He just wanted to go to the toilet, the kind where no one would see him; he didn’t even mind if he had to use a bottle.

Seeing that Meng Ze was leaving, President Zhang couldn’t help but rub his hands and say, “President Meng… we’ve booked a private room at Rongxiang, why don’t we go there first?”

Meng Ze glanced at Xiang Han’s face and shook his head, “Not today. Next time.”

After sending them off, an executive next to President Zhang couldn’t help but ask, “President Meng’s complexion doesn’t seem to be very good, is he…not satisfied with the project?”

Everyone in the branch office couldn’t help but stare at each other.

After getting in the car, Xiang Han sat shotgun and clutched his abdomen as he asked, “President Meng… can you go faster?”

Meng Ze subconsciously stepped on the accelerator when he saw Xiang Han clutching his lower abdomen and asked with worry, “Do you want to go to the hospital?”

“Huh?” Xiang Han froze for a second, then shook his head. “No need.” Who would go to the hospital just from holding in their pee?

“But you…” Meng Ze hesitated, glancing at his lower abdomen.

Xiang Han looked down and quietly said, “It’s just… my period hurts…” Please return to the hotel quickly, he is about to pee his pants.

Meng Ze: “…”

After this episode, Meng Ze canceled many unimportant events on their itinerary that were arranged by Xiang Han, such as massages and hot spring trips. But one evening, he still needed to have a meal with the senior executives of the branch office.

Xiang Han followed along this time, but didn’t dare drink a sip of wine. After the meal, the two went directly to the hotel.

Because their massage got cancelled, this part of his plan to seduce Meng Ze could not be carried out. Moreover, having worn high heels all day, he was so tired that he fell asleep right after taking a shower.

Meng Ze waited in his room until one o’clock in the morning, but there was no knock on his door.

In order to create some opportunities for them to be alone, he even pushed away those unnecessary activities just to return to the hotel early. But why hasn’t Secretary Geng come to flirt with him? Was it really just because his shower was spoiled yesterday?

Meng Ze waited for a long time, but no one came. So, he didn’t sleep well that night.

Having lost sleep for three consecutive nights, when he got up in the morning, his spirit was simply withered and dark circles had appeared under his eyes.

When Xiang Han saw his appearance, he was taken aback. He asked nervously, “President Meng, did you not rest well last night?”

“It’s fine.” Meng Ze yawned and glanced at him with a complicated look.

Xiang Han shuddered, why did he feel that… Meng Ze’s gaze seemed a little resentful?

“Ahem.” He coughed hurriedly and said solemnly, “President Meng, you need to attend a real estate economic forum today and speak on stage. But with your current condition…”

“What’s wrong?” Meng Ze didn’t think there was any problem. It wasn’t like he hadn’t stayed up late and worked overtime before, he could just wash his face with cold water later.

Xiang Han clicked his tongue and took the opportunity when he wasn’t paying attention to take out a bottle of water from his spiritual spring.

Little B suddenly chimed in quietly, [Mr. Xiang, that’s the water you used to soak your skeleton in.]

[Ahem, this kind of spiritual spring has a self-purification function. Besides, haven’t I drunk it too?] Xiang Han said with a light cough.

Little B: [True…]

Big A: [It doesn’t matter even if it doesn’t have the purification function. Bone broth is quite nutritious.]

Xiang Han was speechless for a while. While watching Meng Ze drink the water, he suddenly felt that something was off.

The economic forum started in the morning, so the two hurried over after breakfast.

Meng Ze was seated in the first row, while Xiang Han was in the second row, just behind him.

When they arrived, Xiang Han had just sat down when he felt a person tug at him. He turned his head and was surprised to see that it was Xin Lu Yao.

“You’re here too?”

“Yeah, I came with Jiang Yi, I figured I’d see you. How is it? I just saw President Meng protecting you all the way, did you two finally…?” Xin Lu Yao started to gossip.

Meng Ze was currently speaking on stage at this time. Xiang Han couldn’t help but glance at him, then reluctantly shook his head, “Not yet.”

“Ah? How can it be?” Xin Lu Yao was in disbelief. She shook her head and said, “President Meng is too mensao, why hasn’t he made a move after such a long time?”

Jiang Yi heard her whispering, and couldn’t help frowning as he reminded them, “Lower your voice.”

“Oh.” Xin Lu Yao simply leaned closer to Xiang Han, put an arm around his neck and said, “I told you, I can see it. Mr. Meng is a bit of a tsundere, you have to poke the paper window and break it…”

“That’s not it. Sister, why do you seem to know everything?” Xiang Han was a little depressed, turning his head to ask her.

“Tsk, it’s so obvious. I’m not blind.” Xin Lu Yao hooked an arm around his neck and said in a low voice, “For my best girlfriend, I must say something, let me tell you… ”

Best girlfriend? Xiang Han’s mouth twitched slightly, but he reluctantly lowered his head and listened carefully.

By chance, Meng Ze saw it all from the stage. He paused for a while, his expression ugly.

Their heads were so close together that they were face to face, almost kissing each other. So is Xin Lu Yao straight or not? Does she have a crush on Geng Xiao Han? And Jiang Yi, are you blind?

If Jiang Yi knew what he was thinking, he would feel extremely wronged. It wasn’t like he had eyes on the back of his head. Besides, they were both female. What’s wrong with getting a little close? No need for such a big fuss.

Meng Ze suddenly didn’t want to speak any longer. He finished his speech, covering the main points in a hurry, then stepped down.

The host was stunned. Wasn’t the plan for him to speak for 20 minutes? It’s been barely 10 minutes!

Xin Lu Yao was whispering Xiang Han’s ears off when she felt herself suddenly being pulled away.

“Who the hell?” She turned around angrily and was stunned to see Meng Ze standing behind her with a dark expression.

“Uh, President Meng, your seat…seems to be in front.” Xin Lu Yao reminded him with a stiff smile.

Meng Ze ignored her and said coldly to Xiang Han, “Secretary Geng, don’t we have a flight to catch? Still not leaving?”

“Oh?” Xiang Han was a little dazed. If he remembered correctly, he had booked a plane ticket for tomorrow morning.

“Let’s go.” Without waiting for a response, Meng Ze grabbed his wrist and pulled him away.


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