The Evil God Is Going Back To Work

Author: 寒玉面
Chapters: 79 + (2 Extras)
Translator: ChuRen
Editors: Xinghe, UM3
Schedule: Sunday

Stockpiled 10 chapters~

Just waiting for the announcement on discord before we start uploading every sunday~

Please don’t repost this anywhere else.

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8 thoughts on “The Evil God Is Going Back To Work”

  1. I think I’ve read this before ????????????I really think so and I’m not hallucinating. I just don’t know where I read it before. Maybe just a similar story? But it’s too identical goodness . I’ve read quite a lot of chapters too. I don’t remember where I read it but this is niceeeeeeee story as I remember. Have to camp here since I’ll be re reading it

    • Perhaps? I couldn’t find it being translated anywhere else. So I decided to take it up… We’re only missing 1 more chp before we can start releasing weekly.


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