Sea Monster Alliance

Author: 天堂放逐者
Chapters: 184
Translator: ZFX
Editors: Sammy, Bubbles
Schedule: Saturday

When the end of the world arrived, the main character was on a ship….

Sirens that originally wreaked destruction and brought upon fear in legends, transformed into beautiful, benevolent mermaids in the minds of humans because of fairy tales. The reality was that they preferred to drag humans below the endless, turbulent waves…

Living in a post-apocalyptic world, there is no guarantee of survival. Waiting for death in a hopeless situation, just as Xia Yi thought that he’d be eaten alive by sea monsters, he encountered an unimaginable event.

No Zombies, no personal spatial inventory

*Disclaimer: There are descriptions of Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism mentioned in this story. Not all of the depictions will be accurate, but the author’s fictional explanation is needed for the plot to move forward. The translator is only translating what the original author has written in her story.


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