Chapter 55 – Pulling hate 

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At first, Mu Yifan thought that it was the villagers of Baibi Village who came to find Zhan Beitian for help, but after looking more carefully, he noticed that the people surrounding Zhan Beitian were the five elite men who looked for the village chief yesterday about purchasing grains.

He quickly stood up and grabbed his bowl of noodles as he walked towards the commotion, but just as he arrived at the yard, he heard the leader of the group ask, “You’re Mr. Zhan, correct?”

Zhan Beitian coldly swept his eyes over the man, “Is something the matter?”

The person just glanced at the BMW beside him and smirked. “It seems that Mr. Zhan is from G City, I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Mu Corporation?”

Just as he finished speaking, he heard a ‘slurp’ sound coming from behind Zhan Beitian. It was the sound of noodles being sucked into a mouth. Everyone couldn’t help but look behind Zhan Beitian.

Mu Yifan walked out, and still eating, he asked, “What’s happening?”

That person smiled, “It isn’t anything serious, we just want to tell Mr. Zhan that we, the people of Mu Corporation, are also planning to buy grain. We’re just not sure if Mr. Zhan here is willing to let it go.”

This sentence was clearly said to use the name of Mu Corporation to pressure them, naturally, both Mu Yifan and Zhan Beitian could hear the hidden threat.

“Which leader of Mu Corporation sent you?” asked Zhan Beitian.

The leader and the person beside him looked to each other before he said, “The eldest young master of Mu Corporation, Mu Yifan.”

Mu Yifan, “…”

The fuck!

The male lead has already put him onto his list of people that need to be killed, please don’t help him pull anymore hate, ok?

Moreso that it wasn’t even him who had ordered them to buy grain, why are you pushing this problem onto him?

Zhan Beitian’s gaze chilled, not saying anything, he turned at drove out of Baibi Village.

The five elites dumbly looked at the leaving car, all the way until it vanished from their line of sight, did they return to their senses. “Fuck, this person obviously doesn’t know what’s good for him.”

“He simply doesn’t put our Mu Corporation in his eyes.”

“I think he just doesn’t know how heavy the consequences are after offending the Mu Corporation.”

“We need to give him a lesson.”

The leader looked at the Mu Yifan still busy eating his noodles and coldly said, “Let’s talk about this back at base.”

Mu Yifan looked at the five people who were leaving and was momentarily speechless.

Did they leave just like this?

They just left right after helping him pull hate?

“Little Mu? Why are you standing outside?” Chen Dong, who’d just returned from his field, doubtfully asked.

Mu Yifan refocused and smiled, “Uncle, you’re back.”

No longer having the mood to finish his bowl of noodles, he directly put the bowl back in the living room before returning to his bedroom.

He thought that the male lead probably believed those five elite’s words, that they were sent by Mu Yifan. Although he’d previously found that the person ordering them to buy grain was Mu Yihang, the male lead believed that the person pulling the strings behind the scenes was definitely Mu Yifan.

Now, those five elite men said that they were sent by Mu Yifan to buy grain, it further solidified the male lead’s guess that it was Mu Yifan who wanted to purchase resources. This also supported his thoughts that Mu Yifan could possibly have been reborn as well.

Mu Yifan sat on a chair and sighed.

Right now, the male lead was becoming more disgusted with Mu Yifan, this person, as well as more alert. It would be better to quickly deal with the male lead, especially since there wasn’t much time left.

However, although the male lead’s attitude towards him had improved, he still didn’t trust him. So, if he wanted to kill the male lead, it would be harder than going against heaven.

Mu Yifan looked at the big bed and his thoughts started to drift. Then, he suddenly thought of something and his eyes shone brightly.

Although he didn’t have the male lead’s trust right now, he was already sleeping on the same bed as him. As long as he waited until the male lead fell asleep, then wouldn’t he be able to make his move?

The more Mu Yifan thought about it, the more he excited he became, hoping that night would come quickly.


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