Chapter 49 – A nightmare

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Zhan Beitian swiftly threw off the quilt covering his stomach and saw that the lower half of Mu Yifan’s body was tightly pressed against him, using a certain ‘awakened’ part to grind on his leg. Adding to that, his breaths were quickly turning into pants, hot puffs of air landing on his face.
Seeing this, black lines immediately covered his face.
Even after living two lives, he had never encountered such a situation. There was actually a man that could get hard for him.
But the thing that he felt the most frustrated about and found the most unbelievable was that under the ministrations and heavy breathing, the little comrade Zhan on his lower half was actually reacting.
Zhan Beitian’s expression darkened. He’d clearly always had good self-control, how had it suddenly become so poor?
Just as he raised his hand to push Mu Yifan away, the other suddenly stopped moving. Then the thing pressed against his thigh slowly started to soften, and almost immediately after that, a damp feeling spread on his thigh from where they were connected.
The vein on Zhan Beitian’s forehead was throbbing. As a man himself, how could he not know that the other had already released?
After releasing, Mu Yifan woke up, satisfied, and was instantly faced with Zhan Beitian’s murderous gaze. Frightened, he immediately let go of the other’s arm and sat up straight.
Thinking that Zhan Beitian had found out his identity, he hurriedly touched his face. After confirming that the gauze was still on his face, he glared at Zhan Beitian grumpily, “So early in the morning, why are you using such a violent gaze to stare at me? It couldn’t be that you had a nightmare, right?”
Zhan Beitian, “…”
He felt that what had just happened was more uncomfortable than a nightmare.
Mu Yifan suddenly felt that the inside of his pants was a little wet, and unconsciously frowned. He quickly realized what had happened, but didn’t think too much about it, assuming it was a simple wet dream.
Although he was almost a zombie now, surprisingly, he could actually still get it up.
Mu Yifan stood up, took out a clean pair of boxer briefs from his backpack, and swiftly stuffed it into his pajama pocket. Pretending that nothing had happened, he walked out of the room, leaving behind the man with a dark expression. He entered the washroom to change his pants.
With an icy expression, Zhan Beitian got up and got dressed. leaving the room and saw the Mu Yifan who was inside the washroom busily washing his underwear. He coldly swept his gaze over him then entered the washroom to freshen up. After that, he went downstairs to eat breakfast.
Chen Dong, who was currently preparing breakfast, felt that today’s Zhan Beitian was particularly dangerous. As if he’d just came out from an ice cave, his whole body was enveloped in a cold murderous aura. When he saw Mu Yifan come down behind him, he hurriedly pulled him over to the side and whispered, “Little Mu, did you make Brother Zhan angry?”
“I don’t think so?” Mu Yifan was clueless.
“But Brother Zhan looks very angry.”
Mu Yifan peered at Zhan Beitian who was sitting in the living room watching the morning news, “It’s probably because he had a nightmare last night, it must have made  him cranky.”
It was likely that he’d dreamt of the Zombie King Mu Yifan, otherwise, how would his expression be so scary so early in the morning? It was almost like he was about to eat someone.
Chen Dong shook his head and sighed, “You city people are so strange, getting so angry just because of a nightmare.”
Mu Yifan smiled conspiratorially and whispered into Chen Dong’s ear, “Actually, I think it’s because he’s been restraining himself for too long, having nowhere to release, that’s why he became like this.”
Chen Dong was someone from the countryside and wasn’t as open as city people. Once he heard him say this, he immediately became red faced, “You brat, only knowing to gossip.”
Mu Yifan laughed, walking into the living room and sitting opposite of Zhan Beitian. He was instantly glared at sharply by the other.


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