Chapter 47 – You bastard

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Mu Yifan returned to his room and was rolling back and forth across his bed, happy about escaping.

At the time, if he’d really drank the medicine containing water from the spirit spring, he was afraid that he would directly turn into a zombie right then and there. At that time, the male lead would definitely kill him.

Speaking of this, would he return to his world once he died?

He really didn’t dare to try something that dangerous. If he couldn’t return then he’d be doomed.

Mu Yifan continued to praise himself for his wit.

When Zhan Beitian came in, he was faced with Mu Yifan’s childish display. Just for escaping from taking his medicine, he was on the bed, hugging the quilt and rolling around. Zhan Beitian’s eyes flashed with a hint of amusement.

From the corner of his eye, Mu Yifan saw that someone had entered. He stopped his actions and curiously watched Zhan Beitian enter with two red beverage cans.

With a ‘pop’, Zhan Beitian opened one of the canned beverages. He sat on the bedside and gave the other can that was previously opened to Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan received the can and immediately smelled the thick scent of medicine. Frowning, he smelled it. “What’s this drink? Why is there such a bitter medicinal smell?”

Zhan Beitian drank a sip from his own can before replying, “LiangYaoWang, have you never had it?”

Mu Yifan looked at the three large print words on the can and shook his head.

How was it possible for him to have drunk a beverage from his novel?

Zhan Beitian said meaningfully, “It’s better that you’ve never had any, now you can try it.”

Mu Yifan held the can to his nose and sniffed it again, his brows tightened even more before finally, he took a small sip. Instantly, his mouth was overtaken by a bitter taste.

“Ah, so bitter.” His brows were practically knitted together.

“Bitter medicine is good medicine,” Zhan Beitian calmly stated.

Mu Yifan bore the bitter taste and drank a bit more. “Is all your canned LiangYaoWang here this bitter?”

Why is it so different from his world’s beverage, LiangChaWang[1]? This was simply no different than drinking Chinese medicine.

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes.

Why did that sound rather unusual? Why did he add ‘your’ and ‘here’?

There wasn’t time for him to think deeply about it, as he saw Mu Yifan wanted to throw the can into the trash.

Zhan Beitian’s hardened, “You’re not allowed to throw it away, drink it all.”

“But it’s so…bitter.” Mu Yifan’s gaze met a pair of serious, piercing eyes. Not daring to throw the can away again, he could only force himself to drink it all in one breath.

Zhan Beitian took the can from his hand, checking that there was no more liquid in it. Unseen, the corner of his mouth hooked up slightly. Only after that, he threw the can away. He took a piece of candy from his pants pocket, tossing it to Mu Yifan, then got up and left the room.

Mu Yifan immediately shoved the candy in his mouth to get rid of the bitterness.
When the candy had mostly melted in his mouth, he suddenly thought of the medicine left in the pot and hurriedly got up to go to the kitchen.


Mu Yifan suspiciously looked at the medicine pot that only poured out the few drops of medicine left. “How is there only a few drops left? That’s impossible!”

He took off the lid to take a look. Other than a few dregs, where was the medicinal liquid?

Mu Yifan froze, “Where’s the medicine?”

Could it be that Chen Dong dumped it?

That couldn’t be it.

Had Chen Dong found out that there was still medicine in the medicine pot, he definitely would have left it for tonight. He wouldn’t have dumped it.

If it hadn’t been dumped, then where was it?

Mu Yifan put the medicine pot back to its original position, walking to Chen Dong’s side, probing a little, “Uncle Chen, where’s the medicine in the pot?”

Chen Dong looked at him strangely, “Didn’t you drink it?”

“Not that, I’m talking about…” He’d be really embarrassed if he told him that he’d secretly poured the medicine back in the pot.

Chen Dong turned around, his hands still occupied with his work but also using a disapproving tone to clack at him. “You ah, your body isn’t good so you should drink medicine so you can recover faster. A person like you, who doesn’t take medicine because it’s bitter, not only will you stay unhealthy, your body will deteriorate. Aren’t you just harming yourself?”

Speaking up to here, he found it both exasperating and laughable, “I say, you little rascal, you’re already such a big adult; how are you like such a child? To avoid taking your medicine, you actually poured it back into the pot. Just now, if it weren’t for Brother Zhan realising that you’d poured it back, I would’ve kept thinking that you drank it.”’

“It-it-it…” On one hand, Mu Yifan was listening to the lecture, on the other, he was reacting a little. But, hearing this, his whole person was so shocked that he jumped up, “Wh-what? Zhan Beitian realised that I poured it back? How did he know? And then? What did he do with the medicine?”

Chen Dong looked at him, confused, “Didn’t he take it to have you drink it?”

“I drank it? When did I…” Mu Yifan suddenly thought of that terribly bitter can of LiangYaoWang from just then and loudly lamented, “I got it now, it was that can of LiangYaoWang, right? Fuck, I just thought it was a normal herbal drink, I never thought the contents were replaced. Actually putting boiled Chinese medicine in there, he’s really too awful!”

No wonder the drink was so bitter.

No wonder the can of LiangYaoWang had already been opened; it turned out that the drink had already been swapped out.

Wait a second, that’s not right.

The just-boiled medicine should’ve been hot, how did it cool down so fast? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so easily duped.

All of a sudden, Mu Yifan remembered that Zhan Beitian had ice abilities and could cool down anything in a flash.

He quickly turned, facing the lounge, and howled, “Zhan Beitian, you bastard!”

To think, he’d just been feeling very smart about himself, thinking that he’d pulled off his trick and no one knew that he had poured the medicine back. He never thought Zhan Beitian, that fellow, would find out. Moreover, he’d tricked him into drinking the medicine.

Zhan Beitian, who was just watching the news in the lounge, heard Mu Yifan’s roar. His stiff lips hooked up into a nice curve. Seeing the other so angry, his spirits inexplicably rose.

Outside the yard, Mu Yifan seemed to have thought of something. He quickly ran back into the house and faced the full-length mirror, looking over his whole body. In the end, he didn’t even gloss over his eye sockets.

Making sure that he hadn’t taken another step towards zombification, he let out a huge breath.

“Thank goodness.” Mu Yifan patted his chest

That means the two bottles of water Zhan Beitian gave Chen Dong previously were either regular mineral water or mineral water with a small amount of spring water mixed into it. As little as just one to two drops of spring water, probably.

But, if it was drunk often, it wouldn’t take long for something to go wrong.

However, Zhan Beitian has already found out that he was resistant towards taking the medicine. Later, every time he took medicine, Zhan Britain would definitely watch him so he couldn’t escape.

Mu Yifan had no tears left to cry.

His life really was hard.

Speaking of, why would the male lead suddenly start being so good to him?

Mu Yifan lowered his head to look at his stomach. “It’s because of you, right?”

His stomach immediately throbbed a bit.

Mu Yifan held his head and sighed.

It was definitely because of the Qingtian bead, otherwise, why else would the male lead feed him his spirit spring water so generously?

If it were anyone else who drank the spirit spring water, it would be a dream come true, but it was different for him. Drinking the spring water would speed up his transformation into a zombie.

He wasn’t the real Mu Yifan so he didn’t know whether or not he could still keep his consciousness when he became a zombie

At lunchtime, Mu Yifan kept glaring at Zhan Beitian.

Chen Dong, watching him, couldn’t help but put in a good word for Zhan Beitian, “Little Mu, Brother Zhan only poured the medicine in the can for your own good.”

Mu Yifan retracted his gaze and nodded, “I know.”

He licked his chopsticks a little, then picked up a piece of chicken butt and placed it in Zhan Beitian’s bowl, beaming, “Beitian, thank you for caring so much for me. Here, eat more.”

He knew Zhan Beitian wasn’t picky with his food but, nevertheless, had mysophobia. He wasn’t fond of others putting food in his bowl, especially since Mu Yifan had actually licked his chopsticks.

Sure enough, Zhan Beitian looked at the chicken butt in his bowl and knit his brows.

“Beitian, why aren’t you eating? Are you still angry about me pouring the medicine back?”

Mu Yifan looked at him with a face full of innocence.

Zhan Beitian glanced at him, immediately catching sight of the sly laughter in his eyes. With a slight frown, he took up his chopsticks and picked up the chicken butt, dipped it in some soy sauce and took a bite.

Hey, hey, hey!

Mu Yifan’s eyes widened.

His male lead didn’t even eat the food picked for him by the female lead, how come he’d just eaten food that had been picked up by chopsticks that he’d licked?

At this moment, Mu Yifan’s phone began to ring.

He took a look and saw that it was Mu Yuecheng calling. Hurriedly, he got up and said, “I’m taking this call.”

Holding his phone, Mu Yifan walked out of the room and to the main entrance. He picked up the call and blandly stated, “Dad.”

“Where are you right now?” Mu Yuecheng directly asked.

Only now had Mu Yifan remembered what Mu Yuecheng said about him returning to B City. He looked at the time on his phone, it was actually already past 2:00 pm.

Wasn’t he just eating lunch? How was it already 2:00 pm?

Ah! Right.

Since they woke up slightly later today, their lunchtime was also later.

“Dad, I’m stuck in traffic.”

Right then, a tractor drove past him. The little pigs riding in it let out several snorts.

On the other side of the phone, Mu Yuecheng was angered, “Where are you stuck? Why are there tractor and pig sounds?”

Mu Yifan, “…..”

Mu Yuecheng seemed to have felt his unwillingness to return to B City and asked, “Is it because you have something else and can’t come over right now?”


Mu Yuecheng was silent for a few seconds then said, “You have until May to return to B city.”


“Let’s leave it at this for now.”

Mu Yifan suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “Father, don’t hang up yet, I have something I need you help me with.”

[1] Liang Cha Wang: a legit brand of herbal drinks


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