Chapter 34 – 2B is on the phone

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Editors: Mimishijie, Kyo576, Vivi

Mu Yifan remembered what the pharmacist had said: two tablets of medicine to be taken after meals, three times a day.

He opened the bottle, took out another pill, and threw it into his mouth.

Right at that moment, the cell phone that had been thrown onto the bed suddenly let out an unpleasant ringtone that sounded like a duck’s squawk: “2B[1] is calling, 2B is calling.”

“Cough! Cough!”

Mu Yifan immediately choked on the tablet.


Which dumb fucker set up this kind of ringtone?!

He quickly poured a glass of water and downed it, before he hurried to his bedside to pick up his phone. The Caller ID displayed the words “Mu Yihang” on the screen. Mu Yifan promptly pressed the answer button in a hurry and asked, “What is it, Big Brother?”

The other party was silent.

Mu Yifan looked at the screen in suspicion. The call was obviously still connected, so why was there was no sound? Suddenly, he thought of something and so he quickly deepened his voice and asked coldly, “Is something the matter?”

He had committed a sin!

He would never again dare to use the names of his family and friends in the real world to name the characters in his novels. This was simply courting death.

The Mu Yihang on the phone right now was the younger half-brother [2] of the owner of this body; the second brother who had allowed Li Qingtian to inject the virus into this body.

However, in reality, Mu Yuhang was his biological elder brother who treated him very well. Because he was younger than Mu Yihang by almost 15 years, as the eldest brother, Mu Yihang would always spoil him. His eldest Sister Mu Yixue, who was older than him by 10 years, was also the same. The two of them were even more doting on him than his biological parents, almost as if they were his second set of parents.

However, of the two, one had become the younger brother who wanted him dead all the time, while the other had become the female supporting character who had collaborated with him in the past to kill the male lead.


Are you playing with me?

By the way, there was also Mu Yihang’s biological mother. She was obviously his biological mother in reality, but she had become his stepmother in the novel. It’s motherfucking insane!

“Dad is coming back tomorrow. Mom wants you to come back for dinner in the evening,” Mu Yihang informed him coldly, then hung up once he was finished.

Mu Yifan’s taut expression immediately relaxed a little, but tensed up into a frown the next moment. He had to play the part of the real Mu Yifan properly tomorrow.

At that moment, a knock sounded at the door.

Mu Yifan returned to reality.

In the villa, there was only him and Zhan Beitian, so the one knocking on his door had to be Zhan Beitian.

Mu Yifan put the medicine away with haste before he opened the door and asked, “What is it?”

Zhan Beitian said mildly, “Come down, let’s watch a movie together.”

He hadn’t thought that the male lead had such initiative, causing Mu Yifan to be pleasantly surprised. Then, he thought of something and hurriedly asked, “It won’t be a cartoon again, right?”

Zhan Beitian’s indifferent eyes revealed a hint of a hidden smile, “No.”

Mu Yifan laughed, “Let’s go down and watch a movie.”

Zhan Beitian really didn’t put on a cartoon, but instead played a comedy that Mu Yifan enjoyed. However, halfway through the movie, he unexpectedly turned it off.

Afterwards, Zhan Beitian said that they would continue watching tomorrow before he turned on the piano piece that they had listened to in the morning, picked up a book without a cover, and began to read.

Mu Yifan was baffled by him, not knowing what to do. After listening to a few pieces, Mu Yifan soon fell asleep on the sofa.

To the side, Zhan Beitian, who had seen that Mu Yifan had fallen soundly asleep, put down the book, walked over to him quietly, and crouched down.

[1] 2B – also known as ‘Er bi’ which is a slang to call someone else stupid, fool, etc.

[2] 同父异母 – born of the same father but a different mother


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