Good God, Stop!

Author: 吃青梅酱呀
Chapters: 148 +5 extras
Translator: Platinum (chapter 1-9) and Frappucinccino (chapter 10 onwards)
Editors: SleepyMango123 and Happy Bubbles (chapter 1-9); pidgon (chapter 10 onwards) and musk (chapter 10-27.1)
Schedule: Monday

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13 thoughts on “Good God, Stop!”

  1. I hope that this translation starts back up because it left at like a cliff hanger. I dislike reading MTL because I feel like it’s a disgrace to the author to not understand what’s actually happening or somewhat.

  2. I was looking for this novel on NU but theres no tl link, it was only 2 chapters there. So I googled it and found tl from dummynovels huhu im so happy <3
    Im waiting for the next update <3


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