Chapter 6.1

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The biggest difference between ‘Zone’ and many other popular games would be its unique equipment system. 

The designers behind the game seemed to put a lot of thought in the entire artefact setup. Whenever new equipment was designed, not only were the attributes unique, but from the peculiar instances where drops1 Drops – Drops are what we call in-the-game loot. They are rewards or pieces that are received at the end of defeating a particular boss or an instance. could be found, down to the structure of the layout it could be said to have been well organized. 

Once a new weapon was introduced, not only would the crazy PvP players try to come up with methods on how they could reap these rewards, but even average PvE players would go as far as to spend money asking professionals to help collect them. No one was willing to let a single item go.

Lin Xiao was certainly not the reserved type that would keep himself under control in these conditions, however, since he’d already grasped the attributes behind most of the equipment as well as his status as a senior pro player, he believed time was better spent on leveling up his equipment and creating new strategies.

All the equipment in ‘Zone’ could be placed in the player’s inventory just after acquiring them. Although many players could have the same weapon, they were bound to be different and have unique effects. Each piece of armament could be trained to have effects from the eight main attributes: Blood Soul Effect (Physical Attack), Magical Effect (Magic Attack), Shield Effect (Physical Defense), Magical Defense (Magic Defense), Mana Capacity (Mana Limit), Wind (Speed ​​Sensitive), Environment and Elemental (Resistance), and Condenser (Cooldown Reduction).

As a result of this, each player could have more ground to compete based on their own uniquely added characteristic, and it also made creating match strategies and choice of weaponry a bit more complex. Whether it may be international pro players in the league or a local team in a match, the participant’s ability to use various tactics when selecting weapons was one of the most exciting aspects of the game. 

After leaving the instance, Lin Xiao quickly dumped all the equipment from his backpack to his inventory.  Looking around for a bit, he opted against picking artefacts that needed to be trained long term and simply tossed them into the system for demolition. Normal people would have chosen to split them in parts and place them in the cool down reduction system.2Cool Down Reduction system – This is a mechanical feature that reduces the cooldown of spells, passives, items and charge based abilities.

After Lin Xiao added Red Alert, there was no contact between the two. He mostly devoted himself to clearing various dungeons. In order to improve his ranking on the ladder as fast as possible, he needed new equipment. However in order to get new equipment, his own basic equipment had to be trained first.

Lin Xiao, who was on his own, could only clear levels with random teams, and not all bosses in dungeons were easily killed. So wanting to conquer dungeons quickly was unlikely. It took an entire week before a sufficient amount of artefacts could be gathered for the cooldown system.   

The equipment training method that granted the cooldown reduction attribute mainly focused on cooling, and shrinking had become a cooling flow in the Zone world, which granted extreme skill shortening effects. However, players who used the cool down reduction system would select 4 other attributes to train, so even if they were playing against professional league players, they would use a maximum of 6 pieces. Unlike Lin Xiao, who had prepared 8 pieces of equipment and planned on training the entire set with only CD [cool down] effects. One could only describe this as madness.

The basic equipment was ready, and next in line were the main training equipment. Based on limited conditions, he temporarily selected several equipment that were relatively easy to obtain.

There were already five finished products in Lin Xiao’s hands, and the other three could be obtained from more difficult dungeons. Major guilds had their respective groups assigned for instances. 

He began browsing through the map channel to find a suitable group to clear levels with when suddenly, there was a pop, then a flash, and the computer screen went dark. After checking, he found it was only a wire trip which had short circuited and after restarting and waiting for a while, a series of English words popped up, covering the entire screen on a dark background.  

Well, the computer was broken.

“So unlucky,” Lin Xiao muttered as he disassembled the computer into three separate parts, and went downstairs to find a computer store within the city. Stuffing himself into the backseat of a taxi and curling up into a ball, he couldn’t help but yawn. After several days of  sleepless nights and endless grinding, he really was tired. It was thanks to the broken computer that this could be considered a mini vacation. 


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  • 1
    Drops – Drops are what we call in-the-game loot. They are rewards or pieces that are received at the end of defeating a particular boss or an instance.
  • 2
    Cool Down Reduction system – This is a mechanical feature that reduces the cooldown of spells, passives, items and charge based abilities.


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