Everyone Loves Pei JiYu

Author: 周白 (ZhouBai)
Chapters: 39
Translator: Serendipity
Editors: mako, Anna
Schedule: Friday

Pei JiYu was about to die. However, those who previously detested him have a change in personality one after another. With one competitive and another sincere, they told him “Pei JiYu, I love you”. There are only a few who can have a life like Pei JiYu, with such twists and beyond expectations. Everyone loves Pei JiYu but it is a pity that he no longer loves anyone.
This is a dogblood xiaobai1小白 (xiao bai) refers to stories that are superficial, have ordinary sweetness and an utter lack of substance. story of a shou who is dying, so the scum gong, nice gong, new gong, and the old gong show up one after another to confess to him.

1 Sentence Description: Lightning text2很雷 (literally translated as lightning) is a saying that refers to stories where readers will feel speechless, bizarre, unsatisfactory after reading it. (天雷文)

Main Character: 裴即玉 (Pei JiYu)

Side Characters: 陆青繁 (Lu QingFan),孟斯齐 (Meng SiQi),何厉 (He Li),乔朗 (Qiao Lang),陈尔信 (Chen ErXin)

Tags: 竞技 (competition), 虐恋情深 (cruel love, deep affection), 爱情战争 (love struggle), 都市情缘 (city fate)


Could be found lurking around BL novels. The translator for 法医穿越记事 (Forensic Traversing Notes) and 人人都爱裴即玉 (Everyone Loves Pei JiYu).

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