Could you not tease me?

Author: 焦糖冬瓜
Chapters: 88
Translator: Nura
Editors: (E)Sammy & (P)Bubbles
Schedule: Sunday

*Updates every other Sunday/sporadic!*


This is the story of a Gong who was reborn to the time before he lost his shou, where he started to tease his shou crazily… This story will be written from the shou’s POV.The F1’s God of racing, Winston, lost his one and only important rival, Hunter. No matter how many skillful opponents appeared before him one after another, he still remained as the solitary ruler.

But one day, when Winston woke up, he found himself back to the time Hunter was only 18-years-old.

Winston, “Are you willing to rule over the Kingdom of speed with me and be my only King?”


Blood infused spicy spicy chicken!! Currently translating a story about a dense man and his passionate ice popsicle

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3 thoughts on “Could you not tease me?”

  1. hi, i am from a brazilian group of translators, and i would like to ask for your permission to use your translation (which is the better i could find) to share this amazing story with my country. sorry to bother you, answer me when possible 🙂 we would give you the all credits, for sure


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