Chapter 28

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“I looked after the kitchen today and prepared a lot of delicious food for you, so don’t stop eating; otherwise, if the Castle Master knew, he would be sad again.”

I was lying on the bed, and Cheng Xiaoyu was sitting on a small stool beside me with an apple in his mouth.

I don’t know if the Heavens heard my prayers or not, but not only was I able to wake up again, but I also seemed to be more energetic than before.

Psycho was, after all, the master of the castle, so he couldn’t always stay by my side. After I repeatedly shooed him away, he could only let Cheng Xiaoyu, this annoying kid, take care of me. It was described as taking care of me, but in fact, it was tricking me to eat and drink.

I don’t know how his father raised him, but I never saw his mouth stop—whether it was eating or talking.

“Then help me eat a bit!”

His eyes lit up, but soon the corners of his mouth drooped again, and he refused, “No, that won’t do, this is for you to replenish your health. If my father discovered that I ate it for you, I would be beaten.”

“But I don’t feel like eating.” Although my condition is better, I always feel that this is not a good thing, and it feels somewhat like the final radiance of the setting sun1A final moment before death, often people who are about to die will suddenly feel better right before their death, like the beautiful colors of the sunset before it becomes dark..

He stared at me with blinking eyes and frankly asked, “Are you dying?”

I’m really quite terribly worried about him. What should be done if this kid grows up with this kind of conduct? Fortunately, Black Hawk Castle can support him. If he grew up in an ordinary family, I am afraid that as soon as he took one step into the Jianghu, someone would immediately thrash him to death, let alone think about creating a name for himself.

I looked at him with great bitterness on my face. “It should be so.”

“Don’t die, ah! Many people will be sad if you die, and I’ll also cry.” The kid turned pale with fright and rushed over to grab my hand, still holding his half-eaten apple in his right hand.

I helplessly patted the top of his head, “That is not for me to decide.”

“What will Castle Master do if you die?”

“Marry another Mrs. Xiao and give birth to a young master for you to play with,” I said with a kind of free and casual attitude, but my heart was slightly bitter.

Who knows if Psycho will come to visit my grave every year in the future, and if he did come, perhaps he would bring his son with him; I still want to see what his son would look like—would he resemble that serious and solemn face? Children should look like their age. In fact, it would be pretty good if he would be like Cheng Xiaoyu, and then be earnest at the age of eighteen or nineteen… Before I knew it, I was thinking a little too far off.

“… Then, when it’s time, just don’t come.” I suddenly said to Cheng Xiaoyu.

“What?” He looked puzzled.

I explained, “Just sweep my grave, and don’t come, I would be disturbed by your noisiness if you came, and then I would have to jump out of my coffin and pinch you.”

Cheng Xiaoyu tightly furrowed his brows. He slowly straightened up and stared at me as if he didn’t recognize me. After watching for a long time, he said with a bit of skeptical contempt, “I think you’re really sick.”

He was like someone who rushed into the kitchen to pick up a bowl of meat only to find that there was poop in it. He amused me, and I was rolling and laughing all over the bed.

“Can you be more serious? I’ll tell you the situation!” Cheng Xiaoyu wasn’t happy anymore. He put the half-eaten apple on the small table next to him quite imposingly.

I wiped the tears from the corners of my eyes and said with a smile, “Say it.”

He looked at me and sighed, and then using a ‘mature although young’ tone of voice, he spoke, “Big brother, you are a good person. I can see that you are sincere to the Castle Master, and the Castle Master also likes you very much. You don’t know how pitiful the Castle Master was during those several days that you weren’t at Black Hawk Castle—others would think that he was scary, but for me, he was pitiful.” The simple-minded smile on the child’s face was nowhere to be seen, and it had changed to a sad face, which made me almost think I was talking to someone else for a moment. “I grew up in Black Hawk Castle, and have the most affection for the two Castle Masters, they are the same as real brothers to me. The older Castle Master has already had his heart broken once before, and I don’t want him to be broken-hearted again… Big Brother, although I don’t know what kind of illness you have, you must take good care of yourself and work hard to maintain your health. You still have to make ziluo cakes for me when the wisteria flowers bloom next year!”

This Big Brother also wants to take good care of himself, but this Big Brother’s body doesn’t have the luxury to do so.

I didn’t have it in me to tell him too much about the cruel reality, thus I smiled at him, raised my right hand, and hooked my pinky. “Alright, it’s a deal. I’ll make you cakes next year.”

He finally smiled again when he heard me say this, and hooked his pinky with mine, then he picked up the apple that was placed aside and gnawed at it again.

He chattered continuously beside me. One moment, he was saying that there were rats in the Castle recently, and his father was planning to raise two cats to catch mice; a moment later, he was saying that there have been more people talking to Xiao Mobei recently, acting as a matchmaker, but the Second Castle Master seems uninterested; then a while after that, he was saying which horse in the paddock gave birth, and which horse became a father-in-law…

A benefit of chatting with Cheng Xiaoyu is that he was too skilled at talking and talking until the time will have passed without you knowing it. When his words finally came to an end, Xiao Zhongnan also came in from the outside. I took a look at the sky and it should be about time for dinner now.

“Then I’m going back. I’ll come again tomorrow!” Cheng Xiaoyu bid me goodbye, saluted toward Psycho, and skipped away.

I rubbed my slightly throbbing forehead, thinking about whether to let Psycho come with me tomorrow.

Xiao Zhongnan came over to help me sit up, and when he saw me rubbing my forehead, he also helped me massage it, pushing his internal force through his fingertips as he did so. It felt very comfortable and satisfying.

“Today, I asked the kitchen to make fish porridge. How was the taste?”

“It was good.” Although I didn’t have an appetite, I still tried to act like I’m feeling a bit better in front of him.

If he’s happy, then I’ll also be happy.

“I remember that you liked to eat the valley’s wild fruits during our time there. When you get better, let’s go back there and have a look, how about that?” Psycho’s voice was deep and gentle. It was hard to imagine that he could speak like this, but I really enjoy it.

I smiled and said, “You still want to dig up a tree and bring it back to plant in my courtyard?”

He kissed me on the corner of my lips, “It’s too far, I’m afraid it won’t be able to survive. It’s the same if we just go once a year.”

When it came to Cheng Xiaoyu, it was that I couldn’t bear to give him the shock; as for Psycho, it’s that I am unwilling to deliver the blow.

What he said about the trip, it was just like saying that next year he wants me to give him a son, because I know that both of them are – and will probably become – impossible dreams.

“Okay, we’ll go every year.” I touched his fingers. “Do you know what Xiaoyu was telling me just now? He said that he would make me make ziluo cakes for him next year, just like a glutton…”

I babbled on and on, repeating everything that Cheng Xiaoyu told me in the afternoon for Xiao Zhongnan to listen to. Unexpectedly, he listened very seriously, and would even echo my words from time to time.

When it was time for the meal, the servants walked into the room carrying food and arranged all the beautiful-looking, tasty-smelling, delicious vegetables and meat dishes neatly.

When the servants had left, Psycho walked to the table and cut each dish into small portions and placed them on a tray before returning to my side.

“Try everything. If you think it tastes good, tell me and I’ll add more of it for you. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t taste good, I won’t let them make it again in the future.” As he said this, he scooped a spoonful of porridge with a small spoon and brought it up to my lips.

I remembered the last time I had asked him to feed me and begged him for a long time. I raised my eyebrows and said, “Is it because my arms and legs are broken that I’m being fed?” That said, I ate the spoonful obediently.

The corners of his lips slightly twitched as he scooped another spoonful. “Are you holding a grudge? Then, from now on, I will always feed you.”

I finished the bowl of porridge with a smile, but I couldn’t eat anymore after that.

When night came, I lay on the same bed with him. A few days ago, he was worried about my health and simply went to sleep, letting the evening pass. But today, during this night with the lovely flowers and round moon, he still did not want to do anything! How can this be?

I immediately went to pull at his clothes, then sat astride on top of him, intending to be unyielding.

“Don’t mess around!” He didn’t dare to use force, but contrarily, I was provoked into being a little angry, and my face became entirely red with restraint.

“I’m not fooling around; you, untie your underpants, or I will do it myself.”

“Do it yourself, what do it yourself!” His breathing became increasingly rapid and shortened. I suspect that if my body were in good shape, he would’ve already been a starving wolf, pouncing on me and biting me until nothing remained.

While fighting with him, my hands swiftly reached toward his crotch, and when I touched the giant that was gradually hardening, I let out a knowing smile. “Good Gege2This is a bit different from the normal Brother Xiao that HQY is always calling him with. This is a more coquettish form of address, stop struggling and just hurry up and do me!”

His entire body froze, and he didn’t dare to move. Without any better option, he could only softly persuade me. “Behave, NanNan; your body is not capable, wait a little longer…”

I could bear other things, but this, I really couldn’t.

“Who said I can’t? Don’t slander me!” After that, I rubbed my lower body on his abdomen, letting him know firsthand whether I could or could not do it.

I stuffed my fingers into my mouth, wrapped my soft tongue around them, soaked them, licked and sucked them, and deliberately made a satisfied moan to tempt him.

“If you don’t do it, I’ll continue like this… nnh ah… Good Gege, do it well, make me comfortable…”

After continuously teasing him, Xiao Zhongnan flipped over and pressed me under him.

He gritted his teeth a little and said, “You’re being a bad example right now.”

I hooked around his neck and presented my lips on top of his. “It’s called… living in the present.”

  • 1
    A final moment before death, often people who are about to die will suddenly feel better right before their death, like the beautiful colors of the sunset before it becomes dark.
  • 2
    This is a bit different from the normal Brother Xiao that HQY is always calling him with. This is a more coquettish form of address


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