Sect Master and Psycho

Author: 邊想
Chapters: 29 + 2 extra
Translator: Xena
Editors: Byff, YoungMasterT

Chapter 1-4 can be found here

Content Warning: Rape, for audience 18 and above

Audio Drama:
Tutorial to watch/listen:猫耳fm-registration-tutorial/

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4 thoughts on “Sect Master and Psycho”

  1. Hi, sweetie how are you? I wanted to ask for your permission to be translating this novel into Brazilian Portuguese. Of course, I will give due credits.

  2. Hello, I read your translation of this novel and I loved it, I wanted to translate it to my language (Brazilian Portuguese) and I wanted to know if you would give me permission to translate, of course, leave all due credits for you, please think with love ♥ ️

  3. I’vr finished read it. Its verY easy to understand, very satisfied with the ending. Tq so much for your effors. God bless you


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