Chapter 17 – This girl is humble, brilliant, smart, upright, and principled

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Wang Bailu joined their junior high school during the second semester. Her parents were educated youths and she lived in a remote town in the southwest all her life. But they were reluctant to hinder their daughter’s progress in life.

The local education conditions were not ideal for her, hence, they tried to get their daughter to go to the city, fostered her in Wang Bailu’s aunt’s house, and transferred her to the elevator middle school.

For the first time in the classroom, following the teacher, this rustic-dressed girl gave Qu Zhengyan and Du Yongjin a completely different feeling. Qu Zhengyan felt that her eyes were bright and piercing. Although her clothes were not as glamorous as the other students, there was no timidity on her face.

But Du Yongjin looked away disdainfully after weighing her in his eyes. Du Yongjin was always reluctant to even take a glance at any ugly, dirty, earthy, poor and stupid things. Influenced by his family education, he has always believed that he was of higher standing and that those people were not worthy to associate with him.

——Not being snobbish, but no one told him that it was bad at that time.

In fact, many of his classmates too, have the same ideas as Du Yongjin. They all looked down on the girls of the same age from the countryside. Apart from dressing up with a countryside look, they also had a preconceived notion that she was stupid, had never seen the world, and had little knowledge. She must be easy to bully.

Qu Zhengyan and Wang Bailu’s seats were quite far apart, so apart from the first glances, he didn’t pay much attention to this new classmate for some time. It was already enough with the arrogant Xiao Jin who loves to make trouble to make him preoccupied.

One day after school, when he was almost out of school, Qu Zhengyan remembered something and asked Du Yongjin, “Xiao Jin, the English teacher added an extra set of papers to hand it in tomorrow morning. Did you bring that workbook?”

Du Yongjin stopped and started to flip through his schoolbag. At this time, the books of junior high school students were heavy enough to crush a cow. Many students leave the books they do not need to use at night under the table.

Qu Zhengyan looked at him for a long time and knew that there was little hope. Sure enough, Du Yongjin raised his head, his brows frowned, and he was very upset, “Didn’t bring it. Why didn’t you say it earlier?!” Qu Zhengyan never thought of having to keep track of school matters for them both. He just said in a good temper, “I’ll get it back. You will wait for me for a while.”

Du Yongjin nodded and ordered, “Hurry up.”

“Okay.” Qu Zhengyan responded and ran back. “Boom, dong, dong” went up to the third floor, the classmates in the classroom were almost gone, only a few students on duty were left behind. He bent over to look for a book at Du Yongjin’s table and heard someone talking in front of him.

“Wang Bailu, I have to leave early today. There is something I have to do at home. You take over my duty for today, okay.”

Qu Zhengyan was slightly surprised. That was not an attitude to ask for help. The girl took for granted and didn’t even wait for the other party’s answer. She packed her school bag and went out, adding, “Oh, yes, the trash can in the corridor is our class’ turn. Don’t forget.”

“Sorry, I’m afraid it won’t work.”

Qu Zhengyan stood up straight and saw Wang Bailu put her school bag on her shoulders and walked towards the door. Her refusal surprised the girl and the girl stopped in her steps to look back.

Wang Bailu had a clear voice, a firm attitude and with a kind tone said, “I have a lot of things at home, I can’t help you.” She walked to the girl, looked at her, smiled and suggested, “If you clean up quickly, it can be done in five minutes, and it won’t be too long. I’ll go first. Bye.” She waved her hand and left without looking back.

The girl was a little dazed. When she reacted, she saw Qu Zhengyan was watching her. She thought about the scene just now and how her actions were reflected in the eyes of others. Her face suddenly showed embarrassment, she muttered something quietly in her mouth and put her school bag back down. Then, she picked up the broom.

Qu Zhengyan touched the back of his head and quickly left with Du Yongjin’s book.

Later, he made a special observation and found that there were unfriendly behaviours towards the new classmate in the class happening secretly. Even Du Yongjin took part in it. He never really mocked or bullied Wang Bailu, but as a superb little emperor who was fawned and sought after, even if Du Yongjin only occasionally expressed his dissatisfaction with her, of course, there would be the ‘good people’ to express it on behalf of him immediately. As a result, Wang Bailu was ostracized.

But this observation also allowed Qu Zhengyan to discover the admirable part of Wang Bailu. The girl turned a blind eye to all of this. She did not lower her posture or bowed down against their intentions. She always smiled and dealt with other people’s provocations neither softly nor hard. She was smart and careful, able to avoid more than one or two pranks, and protected herself, her books and stationery very well.

Qu Zhengyan occasionally went back to talk to his mother about this matter and Mrs Qu also sighed. It was really rare for such a young girl to have such principles in life.

Out of natural caution, Qu Zhengyan did not tell Du Yongjin of his observation results. However, it was still discovered in the end. It was at the end of the semester, Wang Bailu easily got first place in the grade. Her score left the second and third places in the dust. Qu Zhengyan finally couldn’t help it. When he met Wang Bailu in the corridor, he said to her sincerely, “You are amazing.”

The girl smiled. At this time, Qu Zhengyan discovered that she was very beautiful and had a unique and eye-catching temperament.

The first time the two had a conversation, they talked about the difficulties in the examination paper and the atmosphere was harmonious. Qu Zhengyan felt that Wang Bailu is a fast-learner, the study method she created was efficient and simple. She was more than twice as smart as himself, and her personality was sincere and frank.

If you have such a friend, it will have a good influence on you, right?

Qu Zhengyan thought so and then turned to see Du Yongjin standing at the door of the classroom. The beautiful child had an ugly face at this time. His lips were pressed tightly and his eyes were gloomy.

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