Chapter 3 – Xiao Jin changed

Beyond our glorious spring
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Chapter 1 - No matter how much he has changed, I still recognise him. . . Chapter 2 - Though a meeting was finally agreed upon, the heart was still anxious Chapter 3 - Xiao Jin changed Chapter 4 - No matter the reason for us meeting, I am grateful! Chapter 5 - Although the adults have animosity, little Qu Zhengyan could recognise the beautiful Xiao Jin at a glance. Chapter 6 - Such a beautiful child is actually a little violent tyrant! Chapter 7 - I too, have a temper! Chapter 8 - ...But I always lose in the midst of your proud eyes... Chapter 9 - Help me fix my computer... Also meet with me along the way... Chapter 10 - The long passing of time conceals plenty Chapter 11 - Can I consider this as a gradual improvement? Chapter 12 - For the landlord’s sake, Xiao Jin actually pretended to be sick. Chapter 13 - Topic: Kitchen Gossip Chapter 14 - "Huh?" Xiao Xia looked at him stupidly. "You told him to wait? He definitely won't wait, you should hold him.” Chapter 15 - Everyone has both their present and past... Chapter 16 - She, who once played an important role in his life, no longer knows him. Chapter 17 - This girl is humble, brilliant, smart, upright, and principled Chapter 18 - The war has started, but the involved parties are oblivious Chapter 19 - Did not want to believe that something like this will happen Chapter 20 - How long can you protect him like this? Chapter 21 - But was this not a kind of appeasement? Qu Zhengyan didn’t realize at that time. Chapter 22 - Life is full of accidents Chapter 23 - Indeed, life is truly full of accidents! Chapter 24 - Even a fool can see how much he likes you! Chapter 25 - Needing a little catalyst Chapter 26 - The plentiful colours of youth Chapter 27 - A narrow road Chapter 28 - The growing distance between the two Chapter 29 - Don’t make me disappointed in you

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5.30pm passed. Qu Zhengyan couldn’t sit still anymore. He got up and left early. Driving back to Wanda, he did not enter the parking lot. Instead he parked the car on the opposite street where the exit could be seen.

Wanda Security used a relatively independent building podium with a separate exit. At this time, the employees who finished their work for the day, were coming out one after another, saying goodbye to each other. However, the person he was waiting for was not among them.

Looking at his watch, it had now passed 6pm. Still, there was no sight of his figure. Qu Zhengyan tapped the steering wheel, thinking, should he give him a call? No, no, perhaps he should wait a little. Maybe there was some trouble during work, answering the phone might affect his concentration. Wait for a while, let’s wait for a while…

Watching as the minute hand slowly reached the half-hour mark, finally, he couldn’t help picking up the phone. Just then, he saw He Ziming coming out. The young man slinged his bag across, his hands in his trouser pockets, and his head hanging down. He walked very slowly, down the long steps, and turned directly onto the sidewalk.

Qu Zhengyan thought He Ziming would look around to find him. He even lowered the car window especially. However, looking at He Ziming’s actions, as if completely forgetting that someone was waiting for him, he walked forward as if in a trance. Qu Zhengyan started the car, slowly heading towards He Ziming’s direction. He tapped the horn.

He Ziming stopped and turned to look at him.

Being stared at with those eyes, Qu Zhengyan could not form any words. With difficulty, he uttered, “Get in the car.”

The door opened, and a person sat in the seat next to him.

Qu Zhengyan felt that his smile must be very rigid at this time. He had imagined the scenario of this moment many times. What he should say, what he should do. Yet at this time, it was completely useless. He could only ask, “What do you want to eat?”

He Ziming didn’t answer immediately.

Qu Zhengyan glanced sideways, holding his breath as he observed He Ziming’s face. The first thought was fair – not the kind of translucent skin and delicate fairness found during childhood, but the paleness caused by insufficient sunlight and not enough exercise. He was no longer as pretty as he was when he was a kid. It was normal for many people to be beautiful when they were young. But when they grew older, their facial features would no longer be as delicate as their childhood days. He Ziming still appeared elegant, but compared to before… there was a huge difference.

But the biggest change was not because of his appearance.

While Qu Zhengyan was thinking, he heard He Ziming say, “You decide.” This simple answer made him feel a little strange, almost as if he should not hear this at all. After hesitating, Qu Zhengyan asked: “Shall we… go eat southern food?” In his memory, Xiao Jin had a light palate.

“Okay.” A concise answer was given.

Qu Zhengyan stared at He Ziming in a daze.

The other party noticed it. He turned his head with a question in his eyes.

Qu Zhengyan immediately calmed his mind. “Southern cuisine it is.”

They didn’t talk anymore until they sat down in the dining room.

This southern restaurant has a quiet environment and the dishes were flavourful. When ordering, He Ziming returned the menu that was handed to him. In the end, it was up to Qu Zhengyan to decide.

Qu Zhengyan finally understood what felt wrong. It was this. He Ziming had no opinions – nothing was happy or unhappy. Whether it was sitting in the car or eating together, it was fine if it happened and fine if it didn’t. Even for today’s reunion, he was passive. If Qu Zhengyan hadn’t walked over and asked, He Ziming would probably wait for the people to leave, and continued doing his own thing with his head lowered, treating as if nothing happened.

He was not like this before. The former Xiao Jin was completely self-centered, too wilful to listen to different opinions, and cranky enough to cause others to have a headache…

At that time, Du Yongjin’s father was the president of the university, and the Du family was the most stylish “first family” in the compound. As a famous director, Du Yongjin’s mother was away from home for ten months in a year. Hence, Du Yongjin was brought up by President Du’s mother, the “First Old Lady” as called by Qu Zhengyan’s mother. Whenever Mother Qu mentioned Mdm Du, it left a sour taste in her mouth.

Qu Zhengyan once overheard his mother telling his father that such an old lady who used powerful connections to intimidate people, was really too arrogant with that kind of snobbish attitude. With her love for fabricating rumors, it was no wonder that she will raise a child like Du Yongjin.

A child like Du Yongjin… What kind of child was he? At that time, Qu Zhengyan was still young. He did not understand. He only knew that Xiao Jin was the most beautiful child he had ever seen. He had fair skin and picturesque brows. His little pink mouth was always tightly pressed, like a flower bud…

This boy with a flower bud lips beat his classmates until their nose bled for no reason, and also sneered while being disciplined. Qu Zhengyan did not hate him, and he obediently obeyed Du Yongjin’s orders when Du Yongjin naturally threw his schoolbag over and ordered Qu Zhengyan to carry it home.

Mother Qu has said more than once that since childhood, Qu Zhengyan has always judged people by their appearance. There was no cure for it.

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