Chapter 18 – The war has started, but the involved parties are oblivious

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Though he didn’t think he was in the wrong, for some reason, Qu Zhengyan felt a little guilty. He hurriedly walked back to Du Yongjin’s side — his face was embarrassed.

When he mentioned it a long time later, Wang Bailu had also laughed at him for this. Saying that he was like a little sheep under the whip of Du Yongjin at that time, well-behaved and obedient. At that time, Du Yongjin had disappeared from their sight for three years. In the past three years, this name had become taboo, and no one mentioned it. But seeing the separation was imminent, with Qu Zhengyan and Wang Bailu each going to university in the north and the south, reuniting would be hard.

On the day of the farewell party, a group of young men and women with bright and brilliant futures were all excited and celebrated wantonly. The years are full of brilliance, simple and happy. Their journey was just starting and they were now paving the road to the beautiful years of their life.

Qu Zhengyan drank a bit more, but his mind was still clear.

When Wang Bailu came to look for him, he was leaning against the window in a daze, staring blankly at the wide lake outside, not knowing what he was looking for. The river breeze slowly blew in, flipping his hair, revealing his smooth forehead and frowning eyebrows.

“What are you thinking about?” Wang Bailu asked.

Qu Zhengyan was silent for a while, and said, “I was just thinking, where is Xiao Jin right now?”

Wang Bailu made no sound.

After a long time, Qu Zhengyan turned his head, and asked smilingly, “You think, would he be arguing with such a group of people, drinking and singing?”

Looking at the twisted smile he pasted on his face, Wang Bailu was silent for a while. She smiled and said, “I’m afraid Du Yongjin is not so easy-going to get close to people, right?”

Qu Zhengyan lowered his head, thinking carefully. “Well, Xiao Jin was the most impressive when he was proud.”

Wang Bailu wanted to laugh, but she felt a little sad. She patted Qu Zhengyan on the shoulder to show comfort.

Many people thought that they have a very close relationship and they even paired them up together. Even Du Yongjin was always angry about this. Unfortunately, the two protagonists themselves don’t understand and don’t care about it.

Anyway, in the third year of junior high, Wang Bailu’s life was not easy and Du Yongjin seemed to deliberately target her. By the time the “carport dating incident” occurred, the two men had reached a boiling point to their anger. For this reason, the quarrels between Qu Zhengyan and Du Yongjin were extremely frequent that year.

At first, it was just small verbal bullying. But now that he had interacted and had a certain affection for the girl, Qu Zhengyan was ashamed of the attack by Du Yongjin as if he had done it himself. He secretly apologized to Wang Bailu in private. Please don’t mind him, Xiao Jin just has a bad temper and is a little willful.

After this incident was discovered by Du Yongjin, the sarcasm suddenly turned into a prank that was instigated by the henchmen. The children’s pranks got worse. Once, they set a trap and almost caused Wang Bailu to fall off the stairs. This became more serious. Qu Zhengyan was a little angry and had a serious talk with Du Yongjin. Xiao Jin naturally refused to listen and the two turned their faces away.

Depressed, Qu Zhengyan went home and talked to his mother about this matter. Mrs Qu also shook her head, even saying it was too much. But this time, Mrs Qu also educated Qu Zhengyan, saying that the reason why the Du’s Xiao Jin was so unscrupulous and domineering was that apart from being overly spoiled by his family, those children were at fault as well. Following him all day, spoiling him, doing whatever he says, was also one of the reasons for the situation today.

Mrs Qu’s original intention was to prevent her son from quarrelling like in the past, even if it was not his fault, he would take the initiative to ask for forgiveness within three days. But how can a young teenager understand it? So in the end, Qu Zhengyan went to seek peace first, although at the same time he also hoped that Xiao Jin would stop bullying others.

Du Yongjin glared at Qu Zhengyan. “Fine!” Reluctantly agreeing after a long time.

Qu Zhengyan was overjoyed. “Really?”

Du Yongjin’s big beautiful eyes showed irritation. He didn’t know if it was because Qu Zhengyan didn’t believe in himself or because of his obvious joy, but the child didn’t say anything at the time, just nodded.

Since then, he stopped for a long time and stopped paying attention to Wang Bailu. Up until the “carport dating incident” suddenly broke out.

At that time, junior high school children were not as emotional as they are now, and dared to express their affection for the opposite sex clearly. Puppy love was especially a sweet and poisonous fruit. In the eyes of some teachers, it was a manifestation of children’s bad character and moral corruption. In the eyes of children, it was a behaviour full of temptation and mystery but should be despised.

So when Wang Bailu was caught by the teacher on duty, hugging the bad boys from outside school in the bicycle shed, it was like dropping a coin in the school. The rumours spread out silently like a shock wave. Wang Bailu suddenly became a source of infection, despised by her teacher and isolated by her classmates.

Even though she claimed that she was framed, because the boy insisted that the two were dating, even Wang Bailu’s family did not believe her. When her aunt came to school to accept the teacher’s reprimand, she slapped her on the spot. After tearing up, she said that she felt sorry for her sister and didn’t teach her niece well.

The complexity of this matter was beyond Qu Zhengyan’s understanding. It involved the relationship between men and women. When he saw Wang Bailu’s unsmiling and lonely back, he felt sympathy, but he did not dare come forward to comfort her.

At that time, it had not been long since the high school entrance examination. Wang Bailu was in poor condition and her grades plummeted. Only her expression remained stubborn, her bright eyes began to turn cautious and she stared coldly at the people around her.

When Qu Zhengyan was with Du Yongjin, he accidentally said vaguely, “It’s nothing. Whoever she likes is her own business, as long as it doesn’t affect her studies…”

Unexpectedly, this kind of remarks that were unfair to Wang Bailu, did not arouse Du Yongjin’s fierce criticism. In the past, as long as Qu Zhengyan helped Wang Bailu to say a good thing, it would inevitably be refuted.

Looking at the figure of Du Yongjin who ignored him, Qu Zhengyan felt the strangeness. It took him a few days before he knew why.

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