February 2021 Releases

Dummy has gotten a couple of new novels just in time for Chinese New Year. In the month of February, 5 new series translations are coming!

Click on the novel title to go directly to the novel page and this list will continue to be updated as the series are launched.

  1. Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]

Released: 1 Feb 2021

Translator: Amber


Wēn MíngYì has a next door neighbour childhood gege (elder brother). His gege is wealthy, handsome, and powerful, and would spoil him. However, under the influence of the novel, Wen MingYi staged a cold war fraught with scorn and ridicule with his gege for three years.

At long last, the three years were over. Wen MingYi was about to make amends with his gege when, pushed by the novel’s main character – slam – he died.

After his death, Wen MingYi realised that he and his childhood gege were merely side characters in a novel. He had to die to complete the main characters’ true love relationship. Because of his death, his gege turned into a villain, becoming a stepping stone for the main characters’ true love, and who eventually got reduced to a penniless person who lost his family and life.

Wen MingYi could not take this lying down, but! He realised that he reincarnated! He had been reborn at the point when the white lotus main character was preparing to seduce his gege!

Wen MingYi hurriedly ran to his gege, wanting to tell him to cherish life, to get away from the white lotus.

The clock sounded at 9 o’clock, and he found that he had turned into a cat.

Wen MingYi was shocked. He got closer to his childhood gege and shouted: “Ge, ge……”

But the voice that came out was, “Meow, meow, meow meow meow meow……”

Sī JūnDuó looked at the didi (younger brother) who suddenly turned into a cat, stunned.

Wen MingYi aggrievedly “meow meow meow”-ed for half a day, and bit his pants leg, don’t leave!

Si JunDuo: ……

Si JunDuo reached down to pick the cat up.

Anyone who associates with Si JunDuo is aware that he cares greatly about Wen MingYi, whom he had grown up with. He never retaliated no matter how much Wen MingYi raised trouble with him.

His friends observed, “You like him, romantically.”

Si JunDuo indifferently said, “I do not.”

Half a year later, Wen MingYi who had been sharing the same bed with Si JunDuo as a cat everyday, stated that he should probably go back to his room. Si JunDuo grabbed his hand, “Just stay here. You’re mine when you turn into a cat or dog. When you transform back into a human, naturally you’re also mine.”

Wen MingYi: ???

Si JunDuo stroked his head, “Behave.”

— I like you, romantically.


2. Monster

Released: 8 Feb 2021

Translator: Rainbowcloud


He was born without eyes, nose or mouth, just a piece of rotting flesh, a cruel and terrible monster.

He had eyes for only one person, his creator, Feng Yeran: a terminally ill, ambitious scientist.

He had only one wish, to get him. That included getting his love, his everything, to be with him forever―

For that he would give everything; anyone who dared to lay their hands on Feng Yeran would be doomed.

Younger Yandere Monster Top X Weak Researcher Bottom


There were four pieces of playdough on the table, of different sizes. Little Feng Hua was puzzled.

—Feng Hua: Ye’er, how do we make a small house out of these four pieces of playdough?

—Feng Yeran: Squeeze them into the shape you want. This one is the roof, the biggest one is the walls, this one is the doors and windows, and the last small one is the chimney.

—Feng Hua: There are so many coloured pencils and pastels here!

—Feng Yeran: When we finish the house, let’s paint the background of the house, the earth, the green grass, the blue sky and the white clouds.

—Feng Hua: And paint the two of us!

—Feng Yeran: Yes, one adult and one child!

—Feng Hua: We’ll be together forever!


3. Meeting The Wolf

Released: 7 Feb 2021

Translator: Jeanie


There was once a Bunny who became a high school teacher after successfully cultivating his human form.

Since he took his cultivation very seriously, Bunny was able to conceal his scent perfectly.

One day, a new student transferred into Mr. Bunny’s class. This student was a wolf and a student-athlete. He was tall, handsome, and was born into a wealthy family. But he refused to retrain his wolf-nature, and so this boy was aggressive, mischievous, and spent his time on causing trouble instead of studying and cultivating. Wolf’s parents worried so much for their son that their furs have gone white.

Because he always goofed off during cultivation, Little Gray Wolf didn’t know how to hide his Scent and Mr. Bunny recognised his true form upon their first meeting. It was impossible for a bunny to overcome his instinctive fear for wolves, so Mr. Bunny was so terrified that his legs turned weak every time he saw the Little Gray Wolf.


Wolfy was very rebellious: engaged in fights, skipped classes, didn’t turn in his homework. Since he had the responsibility of being Wolfy’s teacher, Mr. Bunny mustered up the courage to call Wolfy into his office for a talk. Halfway through his speech, Mr. Bunny began to whimper out of fear— he was so scared.

Wolfy: …..Teacher, don’t cry. I’m really sorry, I’ll never skip class again and I’ll turn in all of my homework, alright? Please don’t cry, shhhh, please stop crying…..”


Dumb, Sweet, Cute + Younger Gong/Older Shou + Strong Gong/Weak Shou + Mutual Pampering but Gong pampers Shou a little bit more + Fairytale-style writing

Gong was held back a year, so despite being in the second year of high school, he’s already 18 and is an adult.

Student Gong and Teacher Shou


4. He Lifted My Red Veil

Released: 9 Feb 2021

Translator: Nana


As a gay who always falls in love with straight men by accident, Le Han has been single for twenty years. In the border of collapse, he looked up to the sky and requested the love of Lao Gong.

At this time, the popular virtual game across the country introduced a new way of marriage playing: Tie the knot, also known as ‘Choose the bride and choose the groom.’

Le Han: Good, it’s just for me.

However, facing the outstanding and elegant grooms in the ‘Groom Selection’ area, Le Han blushed shyly and was embarrassed to choose.

So he returned to the ‘Bride Selection’ area, put on a red wedding gown, covered his head with a red veil, and obediently waited for the gong to choose him.

…He never expected that a big man would come.


5. What To Do When The Campus Idol Is Too Overbearing

Coming soon!

Translator: Stiff


Lu Rong, the school bully, kept a low-profile as he made his fortune in silence. Using his diligence and intelligence, he successfully turned his school’s dark forces into a money-making machine. He was then known as the leading business figure at Southside High.

One day, a rich campus idol, Ji Wenfeng, appeared in the school out of nowhere. His excellent appearance and ridiculous monetary power stirred up commotion throughout the student body.

Lu Rong exclaimed, “Is he extraordinary just because he’s a rich-second-generation?!”

Then he went home and discovered that his aunt married Ji Wenfeng’s dad; he’s now living at the Ji family until he’s of age. He’s going to eat Ji Wenfeng’s food, ride Ji Wenfeng’s car, stay in Ji Wenfeng’s house…

Ji Wenfeng: “Are rich-second-generations extraordinary?”

Lu Rong: “Yes, incredibly extraordinary.”

Ji Wenfeng: “You’re just a little brother (note, slang for someone weak/of lower status).”

Lu Rong: “Hello, Gege.”

Ji Wenfeng: “In this house, you have to listen to me. Starting for now, you are my little slave.”

Lu Rong nodded obediently, appearing like a coward. “Understood, I’ll go wash your clothes then.”

And immediately turned around, mercilessly packing up Ji Wenfeng’s entire closet: “Official Campus Idol’s real branded jacket! Starting bid at ¥3500! Come take a look! Don’t miss the deal!”

Endless brainhole-No shame-Rich Campus Idol Gong X Pretending to be weak- intelligent- in love with money- School Bully Shou

Campus Idol Gong ran through an entire “Rich Young Master and His Little Wife” script inside his head; meanwhile, his little wife did nothing but make money all day.

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