Author: 小妖子
Chapters: 33
Translator: Cloudout
Editors: None
Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Translation of author’s comments:

Brain burning, lots of foreshadowing, lots of traps, anti-traditional structure, stream of consciousness in later stage.

The bottom may seem like scum in the early stage, but please stick with it.

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7 thoughts on “Monster”

    • Fellow readers, this novel has been finished translating. It’s a very interesting piece of article, I loved every bit of it, makes you contemplste about the stories you have read, been reading, and will read too.

      The overall plot is good, the characters, I love them to the every cell of their fictional existence, and their love for each other, oh, the heavens will shy away.

      That’s it. Please read the novel and promote the story.

      Ps. Beware of the Tragedy tag~

  1. I cried reading it so I’ve recommended it to my friends so they can cry with me.

    It’s so good even when u know it’s so bad but you just can’t look away ahhh! Addicting and tearjerking but HE(it doesn’t feel like it yet it does)


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