Author: 小妖子
Chapters: 33
Translator: Rainbow Cloud
Editors: None
Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Translation of author’s comments:

Brain burning, lots of foreshadowing, lots of traps, anti-traditional structure, stream of consciousness in later stage.

The bottom may seem like scum in the early stage, but please stick with it.

He was born without eyes, nose or mouth, just a piece of rotting flesh, a cruel and terrible monster.

He had eyes for only one person, his creator, Feng Yeran: a terminally ill, ambitious scientist.

He had only one wish, to get him. That included getting his love, his everything, to be with him forever―

For that he would give everything; anyone who dared to lay their hands on Feng Yeran would be doomed.

Younger Yandere Monster Top X Weak Researcher Bottom


There were four pieces of playdough on the table, of different sizes. Little Feng Hua was puzzled.

—Feng Hua: Ye’er, how do we make a small house out of these four pieces of playdough?

—Feng Yeran: Squeeze them into the shape you want. This one is the roof, the biggest one is the walls, this one is the door and window, and the last small one is the chimney.

—Feng Hua: There are so many coloured pencils and pastels here!

—Feng Yeran: When we finish the house, let’s paint the background of the house, the earth, the green grass, the blue sky and the white clouds.

—Feng Hua: And paint the two of us!

—Feng Yeran: Yes, one adult and one child!

—Feng Hua: We’ll be together forever!

Rainbow Cloud

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