Chapter 40

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Opening the door, Qin Yuyang could see Professor Craig sitting on the sofa pouring two cups of tea. He turned to look at Qin Yuyang with a mocking smile on his face, “The dragons are as enthusiastic as described in the legends.” 

He was implying that he had heard the movement outside.

Qin Yuyang felt embarrassed for a while, but as an experienced driver, these were all trivial words to him, “Ahem, thanks for the tea, teacher.”

“How is that kid?” Professor Craig asked him.

“…” Qin Yuyang almost choked. He didn’t expect Professor Craig, who was over half a hundred years old, would be so unrestrained and ask such a question.

“Haha, you are so innocent.” Craig said with a smile and then waved towards him, “Come, teacher will explain about the ten elemental auras for you.” 

“Okay.” Qin Yuyang said quickly. A professional teacher was giving him pointers, he couldn’t ask for more. 

Talking to Professor Craig late into the night, he slept on the sofa after they were done. 

His surroundings were very quiet, so quiet that people could suspect that the world around them was fake, but it was just a conjecture in his own dreams. 

But after opening his eyes, the world around him became real again. 

Professor Craig woke up early in the morning. He was already neatly dressed and said to the sleepy student, “Good Morning, dear boy. Get up for breakfast and teacher will take you to go through the enrollment procedures.”

“Okay.” Qin Yuyang rubbed the corners of his eyes, got up to wash and eat.

Although Fulton University has a luxurious dining hall, Professor Craig seems to prefer to make food himself.

This single male professor is refined in all aspects. 

After going out yesterday evening, Qin Yuyang could imagine the consequences of going out during the day.

When he was really being paid attention to, he felt very ashamed. 

That’s when he knew for the first time that being too handsome is also a problem.

Facing everyone’s hot eyes, he dared not smile back at all. So he kept his eyes straight and his face serious.

He didn’t know that this would make him look more attractive and while the crowd was admiring him, they would also feel awe.

When Professor Craig introduced Qin Yuyang to the other teachers, the teachers were surprised by the outstanding performance of the young wolf and his identity.

In any case, the heir of the heroic admiral is always admired.

Especially when that God of War had passed away, leaving only an adult son.

Qin Yuyang’s enrollment procedures were completed smoothly. Professor Craig handed him a key to the 07 courtyard, “Go, young man. I believe your roommate is waiting for you.” 

These words made Qin Yuyang’s scalp numb.

“Thank you teacher.” He took the key from Professor Craig.

Professor Craig looked at his back and reminded him, “Don’t forget to gather in the classroom in half an hour.” 

“Okay.” Qin Yuyang replied, taking a deep breath and prepared himself to be watched from all directions, biting the inside of his mouth all the way to yard 07.

An unfamiliar face came out of Yard 07 and bumped into him.

“I’m sorry.” Qin Yuyang apologized.

The man just glanced at him coldly and left without saying anything. 

This action made the corners of Qin Yuyang’s mouth twitch. If he was replaced by his old self, he would’ve given the other person a middle finger but with the current him, he was calm. 

There is only the last room left on the second floor of Yard No.7 which was room 706.

The key Qin Yuyang got was 706.

He walked towards the staircase for the first time, feeling that the surrounding space around him had become smaller.

Jing Xuan went out of his room to go to class but when he saw that Room 706 was open, he went over and took a look. 

With a careless look, he immediately laughed when he saw the figure in the room, “Your Excellency, good morning.” 

Qin Yuyang turned his head after hearing that voice, and who else would the young man leaning at his door be if it was not the unscrupulous dragon from last night?

“Morning.” In fact, Qin Yuyang didn’t fear him losing his morals at all. He just feels that it takes a bit of time for their relationship to change from between pets to between lovers or friends.

This little bit of time might be one night or one day.

“Are you cleaning up your room? I can help.” The Pterodactyl walked in the room pretendingly.

“No.” Qin Yuyang frowned slightly, looking at him with a puzzled expression and said, “Why do you keep approaching me here and there?” It was kind of ironic seeing how Jing Xuan used to be someone who doesn’t like approaching and being approached by others.

Jing Xuan didn’t understand why Qin Yuyang asked him that question. He stroked the small mole at the corner of his eye with his finger, “Well, it’s because you look different from others.” 

So him and that Silver Wolf were willing to overlook anything he did1As in him and Yifan were willing for Yuyang to do anything to them.

“Where am I different?” Qin Yuyang asked.

When Jing Xuan’s gaze stuck to him like a scanner, Qin Yuyang felt a little scared, “Forget it, you don’t need to answer me.” Anyways no matter what the answer was, he couldn’t do anything, “Since you respect me, then listen to me. Don’t use honorifics for me.” 

“Huh?” People enjoy being respected by others of higher status. Jing Xuan’s use of honorifics towards Qin Yuyang was flattering but this man did not accept it, “Do you, like 707, that smelly wolf, look down on me as a nouveau riche?”

“I didn’t mean that.” Qin Yuyang explained, “Everyone is the same in terms of age, and you are much better than me in terms of ability and background.” He walked towards Jing Xuan, “I am a newbie in the Department of Martial Arts, please be more lenient.” 

The pterosaur looked back at him, and then at his outstretched palm, there was no denying that he felt a little bit touched, “Well, you are better than I thought.”

“Thank you.” Qin Yuyang said, “By the way, shouldn’t you apologize for what happened last night?” 

As soon as Qin Yuyang brought up the night before, Jing Xuan grabbed Qin Yuyang’s palm with his hand that had just been released from the handshake and his fingertips scratched Qin Yuyang’s palm, “It should be a thank you, instead of an apology.” 

That was the most enjoyable release he had since he learned about this sort of thing. 

As soon as he saw Jing Xuan’s smile, Qin Yuyang knew that he shouldn’t have brought up the matter, “Let go.” 

“You are the pet, right?” Jing Xuan enjoyed being close to him, every pore on his body was exuding joy, “I’ll be honest, when you were a pet… you were cute.” 

His lips leaned close to the man’s ear and when he said this, his heart trembled.

“Your prototype is also very cute.” Qin Yuyang didn’t like this feeling of being powerless. He likes to be the one leading. For example, their current situation, originally, it was the pterosaur who was approaching him step by step. In the blink of an eye, he squeezed the opponent’s wrist and pinned the other person to the white bookshelf in his room.

“I’m so glad you think so.” Jing Xuan said with a smile, his beautiful eyes with a tear mole on the side looked brilliant.

He didn’t mind that his wrists were being caged by Qin Yuyang, nor did he mind that his range of motion was forcibly compressed, these were all just him being generous.

“Do you want to have sex with me?” Qin Yuyang stared at him without a smile on his face.

If it was Yan Yifan, he would accept it. He was a beautiful and energetic guy with a very good physical condition and mental vitality.

“Can I?” Jing Xuan slowly approached and hugged him.

“Yes, if you are ready to be fucked by me.” Qin Yuyang’s face brushed against his earrings, “If you are, you are welcome to come to my room to find me any time.”

Was he…

Jing Xuan’s body and expression stiffened for a few seconds. His actions all fell into Qin Yuyang’s eyes. He secretly laughed madly. It turned out that this guy was doing this on a whim, he will teach him a lesson to make him more honest in the future.

“Huh? You want to do it now?” Qin Yuyang lessened the space between them until he couldn’t anymore and lowered his head to find the other party’s lips.

The young dragon who was still stiff just now, half pushed and half accepted it.

Because he really did enjoy it… the taste of blending his breath with this man’s, but he remained vigilant and once the other person’s hand crossed the impossible safety line, he immediately pushed him away in disbelief.

“It’s a bit late.” Qin Yuyang sighed when he saw Jing Xuan who was a little pitiful and couldn’t bear to tease him anymore, “We have to go to class now, right?” 

Jing Xuan was stunned and finally returned to his senses. He licked his lips that still had the taste of the other party and nodded, “Well, I’m leaving too.” When he walked past the other party, he turned his head in nostalgia.

Freshmen and seniors are in the same department, but not in the same classroom. 

Jing Xuan kept the promise he made last night and tried his best to send Qin Yuyang to the door of the freshman classroom.

Along the way, he felt a lot of enthusiastic gazes that made him irritated. Most of the gazes were directed towards the man next to him.

He knew that a man like Qin Yuyang would never lack admirers.

And the other party doesn’t seem to be a very conservative person, maybe he will invite other people to his room tonight.

“This is the freshman classroom.” Jing Xuan’s gaze towards Qin Yuyang was not as blatantly hot as before, but a little more complicated, “Before going in, I should remind you to not accept other people’s favors at will.” 

Qin Yuyang stood beside him with a smile, “I know, thank you.” 

Out of courtesy, he waited for Jing Xuan to leave before going into his own classroom.

When he appeared at the door, many students looked at him, either stunned, full of greed or unbearably passionate. 

Qin Yuyang didn’t care about them, he found a remote corner to sit down and found out that his table mate was a cold-faced person.

Taking a closer look, short black hair and long narrow phoenix shaped eyes, a typical Chinese look, he seems a bit familiar.

He realized that his table mate was the person who had collided with him in the morning. Qin Yuyang neither greeted him nor changed his seat, he just treated him as if he was air.

Not long after, Professor Craig entered the room.

The noisy classroom suddenly quieted down.

“Dear students, I am very glad to see you all. I am Craig and I will be teaching you theory in the future.” Professor Craig turned around and wrote his name on the blackboard.

While scanning the students with kind eyes, he paused at Qin Yuyang.

Qin Yuyang smiled and applauded with everyone else. 

He then found that the classmate next to him still looked distant and did not respond.

“Next, please come to the front of the class one by one to introduce yourself.”

After Professor Craig finished speaking, he stretched out his hand to signal the first group of students on the first table, starting with them.

Enthusiasm and cheerfulness are the characteristics of the people of the Eastern Continent. The first person to introduce themselves was a male from the Brown Bear clan, he directly took off his shirt to show his muscles, “I live in Room 04 of Yard 28, my classmates can come and find me anytime.” 

Qin Yuyang’s lips twitched and he realized how familiar those words were. 

The people on their seats kept whistling, “Are there any gender restrictions, Mr. Handsome Brown Bear?”

“Of course, I only accept women, unless it’s the white-haired classmate.” 

“…” Qin Yuyang received attention from all sides and continued to look blankly, as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Everyone didn’t mind his indifferent reaction but no one would use him as a joke again.

When it was his turn, Qin Yuyang walked up and generously hooked up his lips, “Hello classmates, my name is Qin Yuyang, please take care of me.”

He nodded and made an end gesture, implying that his introduction was over.

“That’s it” The group of people on their seats shouted, “Say more! For example, which yard do you live in? Are there any lovers?” 

“Do you like men or women?” 

“Men.” Qin Yuyang said, causing an uproar in the classroom.

The students in the next classroom were silent, they couldn’t listen to a lecture at the moment and were listening to the noise of the freshmen next door.

The teacher was also very helpless and smiled, “Maybe there is a heartthrob among the freshmen, everyone bear with it.” To be honest, he also wanted to go over and see who has such a great charm.

“He really is a heartthrob.” Jing Xuan sat on a chair, raising his legs and leaning back against the desk of the classmate behind him, making people afraid to make noise to provoke his anger.

“Do you know them?” The one sitting next to him was named Yuan Hai, who is well aware of Jing Xuan’s nature, “Is that sarcasm?” This guy is notoriously high-sighted and it was absolutely impossible for him to admit that others were good looking.

“I’m telling the truth.” Jing Xuan said.

Looking at the Silver Wolf on the table next to them, he said, “You can ask him.”

Yuan Hai followed his line of sight and saw Yan Yifan, his head shook like a rattle, “I heard about what happened to Marlin. I can’t provoke this fierce new classmate.”  

Jing Xuan snorted when he heard that, “I will take a nap for a while, wake me up when class is over.”

He was the most impatient when studying Theory.

In contrast to him, the noble young master who had newly transferred to the department seriously took notes on every key point the teacher mentioned. As expected of a typical good student.

Only occasionally, the noise from the class next door would make him distracted.

After class, Qin Yuyang remembered something. He knew that Jing Xuan was in the classroom next door so he went over.

Standing at the door, he found someone and asked them to call him over.

“Jing Xuan?” The student who was entrusted to call Jing Xuan shrank his neck, a little hesitant.

“It doesn’t matter, I know him.” Qin Yuyang looked into the room. In fact, Jing Xuan had already noticed him, he had just pretended to be indifferent.

“Jing Xuan, someone is looking for you at the door.” The student went over and said. 

“Yeah.” Jing Xuan glanced at the door and the corners of his beautiful mouth twitched, “His Excellency is looking for me, don’t you want to go out and have a look together, 707?”

“I don’t want to, thank you.”

“Oh, actually I didn’t really want to invite you either.” Jing Xuan stood up and walked out briskly.

As expected, everyone around them was looking and those annoying glances stuck to the man he admired. This feeling was very annoying.

Jing Xuan moved Qin Yuyang to a slightly hidden corner, trying to block other people’s sight with his body but it was a pity that Qin Yuyang was taller than him and his eye-catching face unconsciously released his charm.

“Is there anything you need from me?” The young dragon divided his attention into two, half was intimidating those who were snooping and half was enjoying being able to get close to his favorite object.

“Yan Yifan’s ribbon is still in your hand, right?” Qin Yuyang stretched out his palm at him, “Give it back to me, I want to return the property to its original owner.” 

Jing Xuan looked at him in surprise, “What do you mean? You want to tell him that you are Xiao Di?” 

He was unwilling, very unwilling. He had hoped for this to be a secret between himself and Qin Yuyang.

“Well, he lost his pet, he should be very sad.” Qin Yuyang was an experienced old driver, how could he not see Jing Xuan’s resistance. He immediately said with a smile, “In the beginning, he took me in, that is to say, he caused us to meet, shouldn’t you thank him?”

“That was an accident, okay?” Yan Yifan unintentionally caused them to meet.

However, the expression on the young dragon’s face loosened, and Qin Yuyang added another bargaining chip, “Let’s have dinner together at night.”

Almost at the same time he finished his sentence, a dark green ribbon appeared in his hand.

Qin Yuyang suddenly had an impulse to touch Jing Xuan’s head and call him a ‘good boy’ but he resisted it. This was a bad idea.

“Well, okay. Now please call him out for me, thank you.” Qin Yuyang said.

“…” Jing Xuan’s face immediately sank. How was he willing? “Let others do it.” As for himself, he turned away and walked to the bathroom.

“Forget it, I’ll return it to him when we have dinner together in the evening.” Qin Yuyang said.

“What?” Jing Xuan fell back, giving him a frown, “You want to have dinner with him? What about me?” Didn’t he say he wanted to have dinner with him?

“The three of us together.” Qin Yuyang said, “If you want to get to know each other, you should always talk about things face to face.”

“Then you can eat dinner with him, I won’t go.” Jing Xuan felt something blocking his heart, his face was cold and there was no sign of sadness.

“Do you hate him that much?” Qin Yuyang raised his eyebrows and said, “If that’s the case, I will find it difficult to get along with you.” 

Jing Xuan’s face immediately turned black and red. Who is difficult to get along with? They obviously only have a disagreement!

Dragons and wolves have different personalities and living habits.

“Don’t try to refute, you said it yourself.” Qin Yuyang approached him with a smile, “Yard No. 7, the person with the worst temper is the leopard, followed by you.” He approached him closer, “When you had said this, I was in your arms.” 

“…” The young dragon remembered that the one in front of him was also a wolf but this person behaved way too differently from those traditional wolf clans. In fact, he was completely different.

He couldn’t help biting his lip, his sensitive skin heated up in a second and he couldn’t stand the man in close proximity.

“Okay.” He whispered, “I’ll go for dinner.” 

After speaking, the bell rang to signal the next class, which was still a theory class.

“Go to class.” Qin Yuyang used his hand to wave him away.

“I can’t walk.” Jing Xuan said shamelessly.

The surrounding students walked into the classroom one after another and the spacious hallway gradually became empty.

Qin Yuyang looked down and looked at the crotch of the youth opposite to himself. This subconscious move was because the impression the youth left him last night was too deep.

“Huh?” It seems to not be as obvious as he had expected.

“It’s quite boring to attend theory class.” Jing Xuan felt dry as soon as his sight landed on the person opposite to himself, his palms felt hot and he said, “Let’s practice releasing auras for next week’s ranking competition, what do you think?” 

“Huh?” He clearly knew that the youth in front of him was trying to seduce himself, ultimately his goal should be to take advantage of him but Qin Yuyang didn’t refuse his offer, “Okay.” He turned his head and looked at the corridor. The lecturer hadn’t come yet, “Then hurry up, I don’t want to get caught by the teacher.”

As soon as his voice fell, the lecturer’s figure appeared from the distance.

Damn it… his crow’s mouth2Basically any bad outcome he says out will happen.

Qin Yuyang immediately gave up skipping class and was about to persuade Jing Xuan to go back to class. Before he could do so, his wrist was suddenly caught.

“…” He watched as his body rose into the air and quickly began to fall from a height.

The young dragon turned back into his prototype form, caught his favorite man in the air, turned around and quickly flew away from the teaching building.

This process only took about two seconds.

Qin Yuyang sat on the back of the pterodactyl and after getting used to the speed of flying in the air, he began to enjoy the pleasure of riding on a dragon’s back.

The breeze and tree canopy whizzed past his face and he was eye to eye with a huge building in front of himself. 

“Jing Xuan, you are really amazing…” He smiled and praised the pterosaur heartily.

The Pterosaur could feel his happiness and deliberately took him to fly further and higher. Although there were regulations in school that stated this was illegal, he didn’t care.

Moreover, Jing Xuan wouldn’t mention to Qin Yuyang that only the parents and spouse of those in the dragon clan could ride on their backs, followed by their children. But the dragon clan had so many children, it was not often that any of them would be able to ride on the dragon’s back.

“Find a place to land, it’s not good to be seen by a teacher.” Qin Yuyang was not rebellious enough in his bones to be indifferent to the rules, so he instructed Jing Xuan to stop.

“Okay…” The Pterosaur originally wanted to tell Qin Yuyang that the lecturers allow high-achieving students to do whatever they want but after thinking about it, it would be better to be obedient.

He stopped at a spot near the edge of the forest which was within the school grounds.

“I’ll teach you the skill for releasing and condensing your aura.” Jing Xuan transformed back into his human form and stood beside Qin Yuyang, holding his arms, “But this is a thankless and tiring job. You can’t make me work for free, right?” 

In fact, it was not necessary for Jing Xuan to imply that he wanted to be rewarded all the time. Qin Yuyang also understood the wishes of the other party but he thinks that it’s a little cute and funny, “What do you want?” 

Qin Yuyang let him think about what he wanted. However, Jing Xuan didn’t have the guts to ask for a hug or to hold hands. 

“In the future, you can only have dinner with me.” Jing Xuan crossed his arms, looked away and said, his honey-colored cheeks were imperceptibly flushed.

Qin Yuyang, who was ready for the other party to make an awkward request, was stunned for a moment, “…” He had not expected him to make such an innocent request. 

This is not desire, it feels more like… the start of falling in love.


  • 1
    As in him and Yifan were willing for Yuyang to do anything to them
  • 2
    Basically any bad outcome he says out will happen


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