Chapter 9

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After Ji Ruoran had divorced Qin Yuyang that day, he learned that his ex hadn’t returned home, nor had he informed the Qin family that they’d divorced. 

As the divorced party, he wasn’t obligated to help that bastard Qin Yuyang conceal his faults. 

Therefore, soon after the divorce, Ji Ruoran called Qin Yuyang’s family and revealed, “Your bastard son cheated on me and was caught in bed with someone else. He voluntarily offered to leave the house after cleaning up his mess. Now he’s messing with his mistress outside, don’t you people care?”

All that was remaining was of the Qin family’s concern, Ji Ruoran thought to himself. Their affairs didn’t matter to him anymore as his obligations here had been fulfilled. 

Once the Qin family knew about the matter, there was no need to guess their reaction. They were so furious that they couldn’t wait to pull Qin Yuyang out and chop him into eight pieces. 

Especially Qin Yushun who had always looked down on his asshole of a little brother; the biggest stain in his perfect life. 

If he had the chance, he’d hope that time would rewind itself to the moment when Qin Yuyang had just been born. He’d definitely have choked Qin Yuyang to death without hesitation. 

“Search everywhere! Drag him out even if he’s in hell!” Father Qin was really angry this time. “After finding him, send him to your uncle’s place immediately. I won’t let him return until he’s in his right mind!” 

Qin Yushun said, “It should’ve been like this since a long time ago.” If his parents hadn’t spoiled Qin Yuyang so much, they wouldn’t have to face such a situation today. 

This time his parents were finally determined and made up their minds to control his younger brother. Qin Yushun also freed up his hands and sent someone to find out more about Qin Yuyang. 

Ji Ruoran was pressed by his former eldest brother-in-law, answering, “I only know that he’s with his mistress, I’m not sure about the rest. It’s useless to ask me.” 

Remembering what Ji Ruoran had said before, Qin Yushun frowned with suspicion. “You mentioned that he cleaned up and left the house without a single penny on him?” 

Ji Ruoran was still certain about this. “Yes, he gave me all the money.” Before the divorce, there hadn’t been any transfer of money, everything was the same as it’d been. 

The divorce was sudden, and regarding Qin Yuyang’s simple mind, it was impossible for him to have planned for so long.

The world was so big that even Qin Yushun, who had never been at a disadvantage before, was helpless if he wanted to locate someone who was deliberately hiding. 

University C, Faculty of Law. 

Su Ranqiu’s cheek no longer showed the outline of the palm print today, only a trace of the bruise was left. 

He took off his mask in class and unsurprisingly, many classmates asked him what happened, to which he replied that he’d accidentally bumped into something. 

Every time Su Ranqiu was asked about the wounds on his face, he’d involuntarily think of Qin Yuyang. 

That guy, every time he ate the eggs that had been rolled over Su Ranqiu’s face, it was as if he’d been actively boiling them just to be eaten. 

Thinking of this, Su Ranqiu covered his face with a complicated expression. He had lost count of how many times he thought of Qin Yuyang in class today. 

“Ranqiu, do you still need to practice your number? I’ll practice with you at noon.” At the end of the class, Xi Zhikai patted Su Ranqiu on the shoulder. 

“Well, good,” Su Ranqiu replied in a daze. 

He walked out of the classroom door with Xi Zhikai when suddenly, a familiar voice stopped him. 

“Hey, the one wearing a mask,” Jiang Yilang pointed at Su Ranqiu with his finger, “You, come here.” 

The surrounding classmates looked at Su Ranqiu with sympathetic eyes as he was being targeted by Jiang Yilang. 

“Ranqiu…” Xi Zhikai’s throat tightened. He didn’t remember there being a feud between Su Ranqiu and Jiang Yilang. 

“It’s okay, you go on ahead,” Su Ranqiu instructed and gave his friend a soothing look. He then walked forward. 

Jiang Yilang raised his chin to him. “This isn’t a place to talk, let’s go to the rooftop.” 

This remark made the surrounding students tremble again and begin to hesitate informing the school. 

“Okay.” Su Ranqiu had no objections and calmly followed Jiang Yilang forward. 

The current season was late spring so the wind on the rooftop was rustling.

Jiang Yilang put his hand in his pockets and looked at him. “Take off the mask.”

Su Ranqiu did as he was told and raised his hand to remove his mask. 

When Jiang Yilang saw his appearance clearly, he suddenly curled his lips. “So this is what he likes.” It wasn’t a national beauty, just pleasing to the eyes at best. Then he asked him, “What’s your name?” 

Su Ranqiu looked at the other party and answered, “Su Ranqiu.” 

“You pressed Second Young Master Ji into a corner. It’s pretty impressive.” Jiang Yilang changed his posture and said without a smile, “Now First Young Master Qin is looking for you everywhere, do you know what kind of person he is?” 

Su Ranqiu felt a shock in his heart and remained silent. 

“I won’t say what type of person he is, but I’d advise you to take this message to Qin Yuyang and tell him to go home as soon as possible.” Jiang Yilang walked to Su Ranqiu’s side. “Otherwise, if he’s found by his older brother, he won’t be the only one to suffer.” 

Su Ranqiu lowered his eyes. “Thank you, I know.” 

Jiang Yilang looked at his appearance and couldn’t help holding his breath. “What does he like about you? You can’t smile or laugh. You can’t utter more than two to three words either and you aren’t even funny” 

“I don’t know, but…” Su Ranqiu retorted, “What he likes about me, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you?” 

Jiang Yilang was surprised. “Yo.” Finally he showed his claws, and here I thought he wouldn’t bite. “How could it have nothing to do with me? If I tell Qin Yuyang’s family about his whereabouts, guess what will happen?” 

Su Ranqiu was still unaffected. “That’s your business, it has nothing to do with me, right.” 

Jiang Yilang held an evil fire in his stomach, but there was nothing effective he could say. “People like me are used to consuming delicacies from the mountains and the sea, only occasionally eating porridge and small dishes unlike you. It really feels fresh for a while.” He walked over and patted Su Ranqiu on his shoulder before saying while leaving, “A person should know their own worth. People sometimes mistakenly think too highly of themselves.” 

Su Ranqiu was slammed to one side and when Jiang Yilang completely left the rooftop, he frowned and rubbed his shoulders.

He met up with his friend at noon, but because he was absent-minded while playing the game, he ended up losing a few rounds. 

After his two classes in the afternoon, Su Ranqiu immediately took the bus back home. 

A message came in: “Xiao-Qiu, remember to bring ingredients on the way back. I want to eat meat and please buy the discounted bread, we can eat it at night if we feel hungry.”  

Su Ranqiu opened the message on the bus and looked at it blankly, feeling quite stuffy in his chest. 

“I see.” Since there was no large supermarket near his house, he got off the bus one stop early, bought something from Walmart, and then walked all the way back home. 

“You’re a bit late today.” Qin Yuyang heard the movement and lazily came out to open the door. 

His goal was the food in Su Ranqiu’s hand which he swiftly took, unwrapped, and ate all while walking back; like an abandoned child who’d been starving for a long time.     

Su Ranqiu watched this scene unemotionally and no longer hesitated to say, “Someone asked me to give you a message today.” 

“Who?” Qin Yuyang ate with relish. 

“Jiang Yilang.” Su Ranqiu said, “Go home, he said your eldest brother is looking for you.” Looking at his own dim and small place, it really wasn’t suitable for two people. 

Qin Yuyang’s eating action paused. “Big brother?” Then he clapped his hands and found the sim card he’d hidden before. “Don’t worry about this, I’ll take care of it.” 

Qin Yuyang had now adapted to this strange new world and it was almost time for him to deal with the mess left by someone else. 

“You’ll move out?” Su Ranqiu inquired. 

“Yes,” Qin Yuyang replied, his flexible fingers were inserting the sim card. 

Su Ranqiu nodded. “…” He felt a bit grateful that Jiang Yilang’s advice came so early. Otherwise, as of now it’d only been a few days, but if it happened in the future, there was nothing he could do. 

“I’m going out to make a call, I’ll be back later,” Qin Yuyang told him and went out.

At the Qin family mansion, Qin Yushun sat at the dining table surrounded by his relatives and lowered his head to take out his vibrating cell phone. 

Seeing his bastard brother’s name on the screen, his eyes suddenly narrowed. 

What a surprise, Qin Yuyang’s first return call wasn’t to his doting parents, but rather to the older brother who ignored him. 

“I’ll answer the phone.” 

Qin Yushun said and left the table in a mystical way, not telling his parents at all. 

“I thought you were dead out there,” he said coldly after answering the phone. 

“Aren’t I still alive?” Qin Yuyang picked it up quickly. This ‘big brother’ of his was the kind of person who refused to acknowledge him. “I heard you’re looking for me, are you going to deep fry me?” 

Qin Yushun’s breath stalked in his chest, he gritted his teeth and warned, “Don’t challenge my bottom line, I’m not your father or your mother.” 

“But you’re my brother.” Qin Yuyang paused, restrained his dangling attitude, and expressed solemnly, “You guys shoved me with Ji Ruoran all while wanting me to have a stable environment, and become someone who could be the master of my family. But my goal isn’t just to worry about food and clothing, I’m a thoughtful adult. I don’t need a place to eat and sleep, so I ended this marriage. What’s wrong about that.” 

Qin Yushun was taken aback, he suspected that he was having auditory hallucinations. 

“I’m now living near C University and having a good time. I’ll go back after a few more days of adjusting.” Qin Yuyang looked at the sun that was about to set and said seriously, “A relationship without affection is of no use. It’s better to let yourself go out and explore.” He possessed ‘Qin Yuyang’s’ memory and knew how his original life had been. 

This was why he hadn’t returned home immediately after signing the divorce papers that day. 

His father and mother were very doting parents. They regarded Qin Yuyang as a three-year-old child, so he relied on his parents at home and on objects outside which essentially turned Qin Yuyang into waste. 

Qin Yushun rebutted, “Having said all that, isn’t it just an excuse for you to be a flirt outside.”

“That’s my fault,” Qin Yuyang quickly admitted his mistake, “it’s why I left home.” 

“Speaking of which, I heard from Ji Ruoran that you’re now with your mistress.” Qin Yushun advised, “If you really like him so much, you can take him home and show him off to our parents. It’ll make you feel sensible and maybe you can manage the situation better.” 

Qin Yuyang thought to himself, if I were the original Qin Yuyang, I’d have easily believed in your evil lies

“You’ve lived for 27 years and you haven’t said a decent word.” Qin Yushun was taken aback by being able to say the thing he had wanted to say for so long. 

“Are you not afraid that I’ll covet the family’s money?” Qin Yuyang asked, leaning against the wall of the building behind him. He didn’t pay attention to it at the moment and got dust all over. 

What was more was that he and Su Ranqiu weren’t like that. 

“If you’re not selfish for your own money, what else can you be selfish for?” Qin Yushun mocked, “Do you even have the ability to be greedy? Greedy for me to be nice?” He was the one who’d asked for Ji Ruoran at the beginning, but it was because he wanted someone who could control Qin Yuyang. Otherwise, why would the family choose him so cleverly? Such a powerful object for him. 

Unfortunately, there still wasn’t an effect, Qin Yuyang remained ignorant. 

There was no way they could argue about this for the whole day. Qin Yuyang touched his nose and confidently said, “Then you can just wait and see, I’ll be your opponent in the future.”

“Heh.” Qin Yushun responded with a sneer, “Send me the address and I’ll send someone to pick you up in three days.” 

“Then let’s talk about it in three days.” Qin Yuyang had guessed earlier that this cold-faced man didn’t really hate his younger brother. Whether as a family or as a man, he admired Qin Yushun a lot. “Hanging up, bye.” 

He turned the phone off immediately after the call and went back inside to change the sim card. 

Su Ranqiu heard the door open and close while he was washing vegetables in the kitchen, pretending to be nonchalant. 

“Xiao-Qiu, what are you cooking?” Qin Yuyang leaned over and watched Su Ranqiu without blinking. 

Su Ranqiu had red lips and white teeth; such beautiful features, he was indeed a beauty.

If anyone took care of him for two years, he’d be no worse off than a noble son raised in a wealthy family. 

“Are you looking at the food or me?” How could Su Ranqiu not know that Qin Yuyang’s gaze was on him. He secretly took pleasure in his heart, but when he thought of Jiang Yilang’s words, his secret joy immediately turned into self-deprecation. “It’s just ordinary lettuce, you can go outside, it’s too narrow here.” 

He said that as he turned his head and back to Qin Yuyang.







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