Chapter 104 – Finding Someone

Sun Nian Qing sat on the chair, looked at the computer screen and frowned. Men were supposed to be attracted to beauty. She was pretty confident about her looks, but Ke Yan didn’t seem to be attracted to her at all. 

Jiang Qi.

When Sun Nian Qing thought about this name, she frowned even harder.

“Hah, Sun Nian Qing, you actually still think that Ke Yan would be attracted to such a look1degrading SNQ, mocking SNQ for being overconfident of her own look of yours?” Wang Si Qi mockingly laughed in the office. She (SNQ) thought she had a lot of abilities, but wasn’t the result still the same in the end?

Leaving aside Jiang Qi and Ke Yan who were currently busy at work, Yang Shao Yu was currently worried. He said that he would go on a date with Lin Zi Rui, but he hadn’t had an opportunity to do so recently. No. No matter what, he had to take him out on a proper date at least once.

Yang Shao Yu made up his mind, and decided to call Lin Zi Rui out for a date. The phone suddenly rang. Yang Shao Yu looked at the caller screen of the phone and frowned immediately. He felt an ill omen sign in his heart. It seemed like his date would be another failure.

Answering the phone, a familiar voice came from the phone. “Xiao Yang Zi, you’re dating? And it’s even a boy?”

“En, en.” Yang Shao Yu powerlessly grunted an “en” twice.

The Mo Lu and Ma Tong who were behind the call, sat in a taxi, and were rushing towards Ke Yan’s office.

Talking about Mo Lu and Ma Tong, after the previous time when they were caught home by their dad, they were so busy with attending all sorts of banquets and learning how to manage the company that they did not manage to make some time to go back. 

Now that they’ve finally escaped, they decided that they must have enough fun, because they would have to take over the company once they left the country again. They wouldn’t be able to cause trouble at that time.

As for the reason they had to run back in such a manner, it was because Jiang Qi sent the email saying that Yang Shao Yu had someone he liked, and furthermore, it was a male.

Mo Lu and Ma Tong were skeptical at first but Jiang Qi wasn’t the type to lie. Hence, after they believed it, the both of them wanted to meet the one who had accepted Yang Shao Yu’s heart.

The taxi reached Ke Group. They called security to help them bring their luggage down. As the Ke Group’s veteran guards, they naturally recognised these two.

Placing the luggage at the front desk, the two of them went on the elevator towards the 39th floor.

The employee who had just arrived at the front desk watched the two’s leaving backs and secretly asked her senior, “Who are they? So pretty.”

“They are very familiar with President and Assistant Yang, so make sure to treat them with the same amount of respect you would give to the boss.” Receptionist 1 answered.

“En. But we don’t know if they are President’s and Assistant Yang’s girlfriends.” Receptionist 2 also joined in the discussion.

“They may not be.” Girl 3 shook her head.

“How do you know?” All of them asked in chorus.

“Because I feel that President and Assistant Yang should be with men, so that their visual attraction would be even higher.”  Girl 3 said with shining eyes.

“Chey~” Everyone let out a sound in unison. They forgot that this girl was a big rotten woman2otherwise known as a fujoshi.

Ke Yan already knew from Yang Shao Yu’s side that the both of them were coming back, so when he faced the two who had suddenly appeared at his office door, he wasn’t surprised.

Mo Lu was a little disappointed while Ma Tong immediately sat on the sofa, removing her high heels.

“How come you guys are back?” Ke Yan paused his work and sat with Mo Lu, Ma Tong and Yang Shao Yu to chat on the sofa.

“Of course it’s to see Xiao Yang Zi’s boyfriend!” Mo Lu stretched out her palm towards Yang Shao Yu.

“What do you want?”

“A photo. Let me see a photo of that person. I want to see if he looks good or not.” Mo Lu really wanted to have a look.

“I’m not letting you see it. Anyway, he looks very handsome. Don’t disturb him, you guys.” Yang Shao Yu was afraid that the two of them would plan to cause some trouble. What if Zi Rui was scared away by them?

“You really believe that we won’t be able to find out who he is?” Mo Lu humphed.

However, Ma Tong did not say a single word from the beginning, because she was sending Jiang Qi a text message: Jiang Qi, come over here faster. There’s a vixen in Ke Yan’s office.

Jiang Qi stared blankly at the text. It wasn’t because of the “vixen” in the text, but it was a surprise that they were back.

Standing up, he walked out and took the elevator to the 39th floor.

The other people saw Jiang Qi going up the elevator but didn’t raise their heads. Once Jiang Qi entered the lift, they looked up and said, “I’m guessing that he must have gone to floor 39.”

The crowd nodded their heads.

The moment Jiang Qi reached the 39th floor, he saw Mo Lu and Ma Tong and said, surprised, “You guys are really back.”

“En, Jiang Qi, come over quickly and let us hug you. We missed you so much.” Mo Lu and Ma Tong stretched their arms out.

Jiang Qi went forward and hugged the both of them.

Mo Lu took advantage of the moment Jiang Qi lowered his head to wink at him. Jiang Qi immediately reacted and whispered to Mo Lu in a soft voice, “XX Hospital.”

Mo Lu nodded her head.

Jiang Qi loosened her hug to sit down and chatted for a while. When Mo Lu was really feeling too restless, she brought Ma Tong with her, saying that they would take their leave first.

“Wait till we end work then we can all leave together.” Yang Shao Yu suggested.

“No, we want to wash our fur clothes. We didn’t bring much clothes when we came.” Mo Lu lied without blinking.

“Alright then, I’ll go back to work first.” Yang Shao Yu had a large ton of work waiting for him outside.

Mo Lu and Ma Tong took this chance, when Yang Shao Yu wasn’t suspicious, to leave. They flagged for a taxi and headed for Lin Zi Rui’s hospital.

In the previous email that Jiang Qi sent, it seemed that he was called Lin Zi Rui or something similar. Mo Lu and Ma Tong reached the hospital. Although they knew the hospital name, what department was it? Which floor?

Mo Lu and Ma Tong looked at the hospital entrance and called Jiang Qi. They had to ask.

But when they called, no one answered the phone.

Mo Lu ended the call, and decided to look for him (LZR) inside.


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  • 1
    degrading SNQ, mocking SNQ for being overconfident of her own look
  • 2
    otherwise known as a fujoshi


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