Chapter 128 – Going Home Once More

On the same day in the middle of the night, Mother Jiang suddenly sat up in bed and shook Father Jiang beside her, frowning.

“What’s wrong?” Father Jiang was shaken awake.

“I can’t sleep.” 

“Why can’t you sleep?”

“When Ke Yan came over today, I suddenly remembered that when Jiang Qi came home the previous time, he wanted to learn how to cook. Now that I think about it, it could be that he wanted to learn to make food for Ke Yan.”

“Probably.” Father Jiang was very tired, so he flipped over and continued sleeping.

“Humph, Jiang Qi had never cooked for us before, but cooked daily for that Ke Yan.” Mother Jiang showed that in her heart, she felt unequal.

“They live together everyday, Jiang Qi making food for Ke Yan is a normal thing, and besides, didn’t you say that the food that Jiang Qi made was terrible?” Father Jiang muttered dazedly.

“Wait.” Mother Jiang squinted her eyes at Father Jiang, then reached out a hand to pull Father Jiang’s ear.

“AIYAYA!” Father Jiang hurriedly sat up in bed to protect his ear in pain.

“You continue!” Mother Jiang used more force. “Do you agree with them being together?”

“AIYAYA, pain! Wife, let go first.”

“Humph.” Mother Jiang released her hand.

“It’s not like you don’t know.” Father Jiang massaged his ears. “Although Jiang Qi has been obedient since young, when push comes to shove, who could change his mind?”

“I just don’t believe it.”

“Jiang Qi, from young till now, are you still unclear of his personality?” Father Jiang persuaded. Now, with Mother Jiang and Jiang Qi like this, he felt a little heartache for his son instead. He didn’t know if he could sleep well, still thinking of how to let his mummy agree to letting him and Ke Yan be together. 

Mother Jiang fell silent. She lied back down, and suddenly recalled something that happened when Jiang Qi was still young.

That time, Jiang Qi was still a child. Father Jiang went to work, Mother Jiang was taking care of the kids at home. When he was young, Mother Jiang often took leave to care for the sick Jiang Qi. That time too,  Jiang Qi fell ill, so she took leave to stay home. At that time, Mother Jiang watched tv with Jiang Qi. In the show, there was a scene where the man abandoned his girlfriend for money. Mother Jiang could remember so clearly, because she asked Jiang Qi that time, “Xiao Qi, next time when you grow up, you mustn’t be like that person and do such things okay? You must love your wife.”

Xiao Jiang Qi watched the show for a while, then silently shook his head and said softly, “When I grow up, I want to find someone who loves Xiao Qi and marry them1author didn’t specify any gender, so “them” is used!.”

Mother Jiang blanked, then smiled, “Xiao Qi is a boy. After you find your wife, you must spoil her, not the wife spoiling you. Boys need to learn to cherish girls.”

Xiao Jiang Qi heard and shook his head again, as if not wanting to be like what Mother Jiang said. “Then I’ll find a boy to love me.”

“Silly, boys can only find girls. Besides, why do you want to find someone to love you, to marry you? Don’t you want to love your wife?” Mother Jiang asked and felt that this question was a little too deep for Xiao Jiang Qi to understand.

“Because if the person loves me, they will cherish me. Besides, I don’t want to spoil a girl.” The answer Xiao Jiang Qi gave to Mother Jiang made her freeze. Did her son mature too early? She couldn’t pick out any flaws in that answer. However, that last part of not wanting to spoil a girl, what was with that?

Now that Mother Jiang recalled the past, she doubted that Jiang Qi wouldn’t have decided then that he wouldn’t find a girl, right? Although the Jiang Qi then was young, he wasn’t that young, but he wasn’t considered old too. Furthermore, she didn’t even know how they two met.

The frustrated Mother Jiang could not fall asleep. And Jiang Qi, whom his dad was worried about, had long slept soundly due to his exhaustion.

Next day, Ke Yan had lunch with Jiang Qi, then prepared to leave the company. When Jiang Qi asked where he was going, Ke Yan still said that he was going to a banquet.

Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan, who had the appearance of someone who was unable to lie, and helplessly said, “Go on then.”

Ke Yan had Jiang Qi’s permission, so he nodded his head and left.

After Ke Yan left for a while, Jiang Qi also left the company.

His destination was in the same direction as Ke Yan’s.

Ke Yan came to Jiang family’s front door, pressed on the doorbell, but no one opened the door, so he pressed a few more times. The inside still had no movements of any sort. 

Ke Yan knocked the door, “Aunty, open the door for a while.”

In the house, Mother Jiang continued eating her lunch unruffled. Yun Hui looked at the direction of the door, then looked at Mother Jiang. She opened her mouth, “Mom……”

“Quickly eat your food.” Mother Jiang ate another piece of meat.

“Wife, if you don’t let Ke Yan in, how can you solve anything?” Father Jiang said as he prepared to open the door.

“You dare!” Mother Jiang slammed the chopsticks down.

Father Jiang sighed, then sat back down.

Ke Yan standing outside the house also sighed. It looked like Mother Jiang didn’t plan to meet him.

“You are……”

Jiang Bu carried his luggage to his house door and saw an unfamiliar man knocking on his door.

“You are Jiang Qi’s older brother?” Ke Yan heard the voice and turned around to see Jiang Qi’s older brother, Jiang Bu.

“Yes…… You are…… Xiao Qi’s boss? Ke Group’s president?” Jiang Bu finally remembered who Ke Yan was.

“Yes, I’m Ke Yan.” Ke Yan and Jiang Bu shook hands.

“You are indeed Mr Ke.” Jiang Bu smiled.

“Just call me Ke Yan.”

“Okay, Ke Yan, you’re looking for……”

“I’m here to find Uncle and Aunty for something.”

“Regarding Xiao Qi?” Jiang Bu asked worriedly.

“Yes, I haven’t formally introduced myself, I am Jiang Qi’s lover.”

“Love, lover?” The hand that Jiang Bu used to slot in his keys froze, he must have heard wrongly.

“Yes, the reason I came over to find Uncle and Aunty is to hope that they will approve of our relationship.”

“……” Jiang Bu was completely dumbfounded, but after a while, he opened the door with his keys. “Come in first, then talk.”

Mother Jiang was eating and heard the sound of the door opening, followed by the sound of someone entering the house. She looked towards the door and saw Jiang Bu carrying his luggage in.

Yun Hui was so happy she stood up and went to help Jiang Bu with his luggage. 

But when she saw Ke Yan behind Jiang Bu, she looked at Mother Jiang.

Mother Jiang also saw Ke Yan and stood up, “Why are you here again?”

“Because you haven’t agreed to our relationship.” Ke Yan looked at Mother Jiang.

“Mom, Xiao Qi really likes Ke Yan?” Jiang Bu hadn’t completely reacted to this situation.

“It’s real, but I won’t agree to their relationship.”

“But, how about Xiao Qi?” Jiang Bu thought about Jiang Qi, his heart worrying for him.

“Ding dong——.”

From the door, came the sound of the doorbell again. Yun Hui, who was the nearest to the door, opened it and saw Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi entered the house, saw Jiang Bu, then Father Jiang, Mother Jiang, and called, “Brother, dad, mom, I’m home.”

Mother Jiang had not seen Jiang Qi for the past two days, and so when she saw him today, she couldn’t help her reddened eyes.

“Brother, Ke Yan and I are together, unable to leave each other. Mom, I really beg you, I hope that you can forgive me and bless our relationship.” Jiang Qi walked beside Ke Yan and linked their hands together.

Although Ke Yan was shocked that Jiang Qi had come too, he tightly held onto Jiang Qi’s hand.

Mother Jiang saw and couldn’t help looking away. Mother Jiang didn’t want to look at Jiang Qi because she was afraid that she would be soft to him. What if her soft hearted moment of impulse cause Ke Yan to make Jiang Qi’s life unhappy in the future?

However, how could Ke Yan let Jiang Qi live an unhappy life? The one who hoped most for Jiang Qi to be happy was Ke Yan. But currently, Mother Jiang was still unaware of it.



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    author didn’t specify any gender, so “them” is used!


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