Chapter 41.1

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Day 16 22:43

Please fuck me on your bed.

Song Ran had been single for twenty-three years and possessed no sexual experience. Even though he had plucked up the courage to issue such a daring invitation, his gaze was still unseasoned—like a student who was ignorant yet full of a thirst for knowledge, he was eager to be guided so that he could experience the secret communication that only belonged to lovers.

The more unseasoned something was, the more enticing.

He Zhiyuan’s pupils contracted, and the ball of smouldering flame in his gut burned straight through his heart.

A voice in his ear said, Teach him, make him happy, give him unforgettable memories and an irreplaceable sense of security, make him unable to ever leave you.


A gust of wind blew 8012A’s door closed and the corridor went dark. In the darkness, their lips locked and teeth collided with their hot breaths brushing directly over the other’s cheeks. Practically unable to walk in a straight line, they stumbled through the door and kissed all the way to the bedroom while pressed against the living room wall the entire time; the ten-metre distance took five whole minutes to traverse.

Song Ran fell face-up onto that big light grey bed, a thread of glistening saliva left on his lips. He Zhiyuan straddled him, then leaned down, placed one hand on the side of his neck, and earnestly examined him from top to bottom.

During the process, his shirt buttons and belt had all been undone by Song Ran, exposing his strong chest muscles that rose and fell with his hurried breaths along with a set of sculpted eight-pack abs below. A trail of hair beginning at his navel gradually got darker and thicker until it was cut off at the hem of his underwear. The pure cotton fabric encased a generous length of hard flesh that forced open the pants zipper and aggressively exposed itself, flaunting its size.

“Mr He…”

Song Ran gasped for breath, eagerness in his eyes as he reached out to touch those chest muscles.

He Zhiyuan smiled. “No need to rush.”

Seizing Song Ran’s wrist, he held it above the younger man’s head, then lifted up his T-shirt by the hem and pulled it completely off. Just as he’d previously seen in the video, the youth had pale skin, a slim waist, and narrow buttocks, but it wasn’t the physique of a scrawny weakling; a moderate amount of musculature showed the young man’s health and vigour.

He once again patted Song Ran’s ass, and Song Ran obligingly lifted up his hips to allow him to strip off his pants and underwear all at once. That pale and pencil-straight cock stuck up into the air; because it was completely erect, the bright red head was already completely showing, and its tip was even a bit damp and sticky.

“It’s a good size.”

He Zhiyuan praised him with a smile, then held it and gave it a couple of strokes.

Just as excited as its owner, it vigorously twitched in his palm.

Song Ran was blushing, but his movements were very bold as he tugged on the elastic waistband to divest He Zhiyuan of his underwear as well. The dark red cock was immediately released, and its tip bumped against the tip of his own; the heat made him cry out softly.

He held that hefty cock, his expression a bit stunned. “Y-yours… is so big…”

I’m so envious.

It was girthy and solid, burning hot, weighty, and—most importantly—very hard. Although He Zhiyuan was kneeling, the angle at which it stood didn’t drop even the slightest bit.

At the thought that this hard rod would enter his ass later, Song Ran felt both afraid and expectant. He licked his lips, asking, “Can… Can I taste it?”

Huskily, He Zhiyuan said, “You can.”

So Song Ran slowly slid off the bed from between his legs, sat on the ground, rested his back against the edge of the bed, and took that thing into his mouth.

When doing this for the first time, there could be no skill, and the occasional careless scrape of teeth would even make the other party furrow his brow. Fortunately, the high temperature and soft wetness of the oral cavity was innately able to provide a more intense pleasure; Song Ran also knew which part of the cock was the most sensitive, so he focused on licking there. After taking it deeper into his mouth and sucking a couple times, He Zhiyuan soon became unable to suppress his panting.

“Darling, you’re doing so well.” He ruffled Song Ran’s hair, heavy lust showing in his downcast eyes. “You’re making me feel good… really good.”

Song Ran couldn’t speak, so he simply continued licking as he looked at He Zhiyuan, his fixed gaze filled with infatuation.

He Zhiyuan truly could not endure this gaze; too love-struck and too clean, it was practically about to burn away all the blood in his chest. He backed up a little and said, “Darling, lick it next time. Come up onto the bed first.”


Song Ran nodded and obediently spat out the thick cock in his mouth, but as though he couldn’t bear to leave the last bit of cream on a cake, he rolled the tip of his tongue and greedily gave the tiny hole at the tip a swipe.

In the next instant, he was completely dragged onto the bed by He Zhiyuan and held down at the shoulders and waist.

“You really… aren’t afraid of death.”

With darkening eyes, He Zhiyuan wrapped his palm around Song Ran’s member and skilfully rubbed it, starting with his balls. Then he grasped its length and occasionally stroked the delicate tip with the pads of his fingers. At the same time, he kissed along Song Ran’s earlobe, the dip in his shoulder, and his collarbone down to his chest, where he took a perky nipple into his mouth.

“Mm… it tickles! It tickles there!” Song Ran cried out and twisted at the waist to get away, but the grip on his member abruptly tightened. He promptly became afraid to move and begged for mercy in a fluster. “Don’t… don’t lick it, it’s so ticklish.”

He hadn’t even been hugged by anyone in many years, much less experienced such intimate contact. Every inch of skin was like an erogenous zone, trembling and becoming covered with goosebumps as soon as it was licked. But He Zhiyuan didn’t stop; while holding Song Ran’s member to make him behave, He Zhiyuan carefully licked him all over and even parted his legs to suck a string of red marks near where they joined to his hips.

Song Ran initially held his breath, tensed up, and bit his lower lip in an attempt to withstand the burning itch, but he exhausted his strength not long afterwards and could only lie on his back while gasping for breath. His legs were spread wide, his cock was pointed skyward, his body was covered with saliva and love bites, and his eyes were watery.

He Zhiyuan asked, “Feel good?”

He replied, voice trembling, “Ye… yes.”

This was the truth. He felt both itchy and invigorated, as if every single one of his pores had gained the ability to feel. 

Then he heard the sound of the drawer being pulled open, after which some cool and viscous liquid was smeared between his legs. He trembled at the waist and unconsciously tensed up his buttocks—that place wasn’t naturally used for entering, and some resistance still remained in his bones. At the thought that he was about to be penetrated, he felt an instinctive nervousness.

Seeing that the pale red pucker had shrunk almost to the point of invisibility, He Zhiyuan warmly comforted him. “Don’t be afraid, relax.”

Song Ran, unable to relax, looked at him pitifully.

He Zhiyuan smiled. “It seems… that I’ll have to kiss somewhere else.”

He kissed his way down Song Ran’s abdomen, gradually approaching the space between his legs. Song Ran’s breath suddenly stopped as he felt a hot tongue wrap around his member; in an instant, he felt so good that his soul almost vacated his body. At the same time, his perineum was massaged by a palm, and the sensation—achy and full—was practically indescribable.

Just as he relaxed slightly, a lubricant-coated finger unexpectedly entered.


He instinctively contracted his sphincter, but gripped onto the finger in his body instead—to reject guests after opening the door was no easy feat.

He Zhiyuan’s finger went even deeper. With small pumping motions, he spread the lubricant inside little by little. Song Ran didn’t actually intend to resist; striving to adjust his breathing and get accustomed to the feeling of a foreign intrusion, he slowly allowed himself to relax.

“How does it feel?”

He Zhiyuan asked him, adding another finger in passing.

Song Ran fisted the bedsheets underneath himself and closed his eyes as he described, “Um, it’s a bit full, and pretty warm… Your fingers are moving inside… But, but it doesn’t seem to have the sort of… like what I saw on the internet, the sort of… really good… ah!”

He trembled violently at the waist and let out an involuntary cry. His eyes flew open, and he looked at He Zhiyuan with great fright.

Just then… What was that?

He Zhiyuan felt the fierce contractions within. “Have I reached it?”

Song Ran hesitantly nodded. “I… I think so…”

Ten seconds later, he had no more doubts at all—the distinct ache in his body engulfed him, each wave higher than the previous and frighteningly turbulent. He Zhiyuan’s touch seemed to press directly upon his heart. As though an exposed live wire had been connected to his spinal cord, a crackling burst of sparks electrocuted him, numbing him from the small of his back to his brain stem; apart from pleasure, no other sensation remained.

“I can’t, I can’t, it’s too much… aah!” Song Ran kicked and cried. “I’m going to come… I’m really going to… Stop, stop for a second… ngh…”

Looking like the very image of a fish in a frying pan as he thrashed this way and that, he nearly flipped himself over to fry evenly on both sides. He stopped only after a long while, gaze empty as he dazedly looked at the ceiling. He panted, “I’m not doing it anymore, I’m really not doing it anymore… Forgive me, this… this is too terrifying… My God…”

He Zhiyuan expressionlessly withdrew his fingers. “Not doing it anymore?”

Song Ran frantically nodded. “I-I’m not… Actually, you know, being a virgin is also quite all right…”

He Zhiyuan tore open an aluminium foil wrapper, removed the condom, and swiftly rolled it onto his cock. “You won’t regret it?”

“I won’t… haa… I absolutely won’t regret it.” By the looks of it, Song Ran was planning to desperately convince himself. “You see, one can come from being stroked or from being penetrated… Rather than being so stimulated, I might as well just stroke it for an entire lifetime…”

He was still light-headed, and not much of his departed intelligence had returned yet. As he was speaking, he vaguely sensed his ass being lifted up and a pillow cushioning his waist. His legs were parted to rest on either side of He Zhiyuan’s waist, and something hard was nudging at his unfurled opening.

“M-Mr He?”

Sensing something amiss, Song Ran wanted to move, but his thighs were clamped in place and his waist was held down; he couldn’t budge at all.

He bowed his head to look at his own lower body, but before he could see clearly, he abruptly felt a sharp pain—the narrow channel had been forced open by a rod of flesh that was thicker than the fingers by who knows how much. He Zhiyuan straightened up; unexpectedly, he had entered without even saying anything!

“It’s too late to run away now.” He Zhiyuan looked down at him with narrowed eyes, his voice slightly cold. “Earlier, how did you beg me in the corridor? Have you forgotten so quickly?”


Song Ran was tongue-tied—he vaguely recalled that he seemed to have shamelessly said the words ‘fuck me’.

On the basis of these two words, it wouldn’t be unjust even if he got fucked to death.


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