Chapter 35

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Day 15 05:08

The press conference was almost over, but not many of the spectators had left early, so only a few small groups of people were in the open-air parking lot. Taking advantage of this space, He Zhiyuan leaned against the car hood and called Song Ran for an ‘examination phone call’.

The other party picked up very quickly but didn’t say a single word after picking up, not even a greeting.

This was very different from what He Zhiyuan was expecting.

He asked in surprise, “Song Ran, what’s wrong?”

Song Ran was still silent; in the receiver, there were only the sounds of drawn-out and damp breaths. He Zhiyuan called out to him several times but still didn’t receive a reply, so he began to feel faintly uneasy. His smile disappeared, and his expression became solemn.

Had he been too optimistic?

He wanted to give Song Ran a nice surprise, so he painstakingly hid today’s plan, but what if Song Ran didn’t like excessively high-profile confessions and hadn’t wanted to be ‘outed’ in public?

Then he’d be in big trouble.

“Song Ran, about today, I… I may have been too headstrong.”

Slightly panicked, He Zhiyuan didn’t know how to appropriately express himself. After this eloquent elite stepped down from the stage, he was even more nervous when facing his little boyfriend than when facing three thousand people. “I admit my mistake. If you feel unhappy, don’t hesitate to scold me. I’m willing to accept all of your emotions, but please don’t say nothing, okay?”

But the other party deliberately didn’t say anything.

The two of them dragged it out in this manner for three minutes, and He Zhiyuan’s mood became more and more heavy. Propping himself up against the ice-cold car hood, he watched the pedestrians in the parking lot increase from few to many, a muted pain in the pit of his stomach—he had originally assumed Song Ran would be endlessly excited and incoherently gush words of love as soon as he picked up the phone. He didn’t expect that he had miscalculated a step and achieved the exact opposite of the result he wanted.

Perhaps he had truly messed up this time.

At five o’clock in the morning, a weak ray of sunlight shone into the living room, giving the furniture in the darkness fuzzy outlines. With the laptop’s lid closed, Song Ran lay on the sofa and stared at the ceiling without a word as if he wanted to stare a hole into it.

He didn’t ignore He Zhiyuan for no reason.

He was truly angry.

After He Zhiyuan had gotten down from the stage, Song Ran didn’t really listen to the latter half of the press conference. It had taken him a long time to get out of his excited mood and begin to ponder some questions, one important detail among them—He Zhiyuan and his god had become one at the press conference, but was it actually a pure coincidence? Or was it planned long in advance?

He found the correct answer after ten seconds—of course it was planned long in advance.

Evidence presented to the court: Bubu.

Before, he was kept in the dark by Bubu and hadn’t thought carefully at all. Now that he had gone back and carefully followed the clues, he instantly discovered that this child had let it slip countless times—fortunately, his reactions were swift and he had promptly covered up the leak  each time, otherwise it would have been given away ages ago.

At the moment that he thought through the sequence of events, Song Ran reacted poorly. He rushed into the bedroom, wanting to haul out the little trickster from the warm duvet—but it was nothing more than a thought, because he would feel sorry if he really did. He couldn’t restrain his anger, so he ran out and found a pen before childishly drawing a furious emoji on Bubu’s face; pretending that he had let out his anger, he then came back out in a huff.

The two tricksters, one big and one small, had teamed up behind his back. He couldn’t bear to hit the small trickster, so he could only hit the big trickster.

As a result, Mr He was ignored.

When the call duration had finally lengthened to four minutes, He Zhiyuan was the first to be unable to endure. He stood up and said seriously, “Song Ran, say something!”

His tone was very severe.

Song Ran wasn’t scared by him. The corners of his lips curved, and he laughed teasingly. “Mr He, I regret it. After watching your press conference, I’ve decided to take back what I said before—the one about liking you more.”

He Zhiyuan became anxious. “Song Ran, calm down a bit, don’t act rashly. It hasn’t gotten to that point between us yet. Regarding the press conference, we can still talk…”

“Won’t talk, won’t listen, won’t calm down.” Song Ran persisted in upholding the principles of his three refusals. “I will be difficult, so what?”

He Zhiyuan put a hand to his forehead and suppressed the bitterness in his heart.

In the distance, the theatre’s main doors opened and the departing crowds filed out. A few reporters spotted him with their sharp eyes and ran over while carrying their cameras, looking like they wanted to conduct a personal interview after the press conference. He waved his hand, signalling that it was inconvenient, then swiftly pulled open the car’s door and sat inside.

What a joke.

He had made a grave mistake and was currently busy trying to coax his wife.

The reporters seemed reluctant to give up as they lingered more than ten metres away; based on the look of their postures, they wanted to observe him until he finished his call. Assailed from all sides, He Zhiyuan immediately buckled up his seatbelt, started the car, and manipulated the steering wheel with one hand to drive several blocks away via an extremely crafty route.

As he drove, his countenance abruptly changed.

The car’s soundproofing was so excellent that there was practically no background noise. He clearly heard harsh gasps for breath from the cell phone—it wasn’t the normal kind of breathing sound, for it was too sticky, trailed off shakily, and trembled slightly. From time to time, a bit of ambiguous moaning leaked through, the scent of lust so heavy that it couldn’t be hidden.

He Zhiyuan’s eyebrows tensed as he coldly asked, “Song Ran, what are you doing?!”

The other party laughed and panted a couple times, then brokenly said, “I’m—I’m thinking of him… he’s so good, nicely staying inside the picture and not tricking me. How is he like you, saying that you like me yet leading me on like… mm… like a fool…”


The car slid into a parking space and abruptly braked, and the tyres collided right into a concrete parking block.

He Zhiyuan tightly gripped the steering wheel as he faced forward, his eyes black as ink.

“You like him but not me?”

Song Ran laughed softly. “Are you angry?”

He Zhiyuan: “Very angry.”

“Then be angry. Anyway… anyway, I only like him. When I do it, I only think of him and not you… ah!” He lowly panted once, seemingly unable to bear the intense bliss. Only after a long while did his gasping even out, after which he said, “Stand aside and listen well, listen to how much I like him, gasp for him, cry for him… Go and be jealous, you trickster… mmph… you scum, you bastard!”

As He Zhiyuan imagined the gorgeous image on the other end of the phone, he forcefully hit the steering wheel, and the veins on the back of his hand protruded one by one.

He swiftly hardened, his erect cock straining against the fabric and roaring hungrily in the jungle.

What could he do?

Song Ran was thinking of him while jerking off in an almost defiant way. What could he do?

“You trickster, you scum, you bastard…” Song Ran repeated these words over and over, his panting raspy and slow. “You clearly knew long ago but didn’t tell me, making me agonise over this dilemma by myself… Wasn’t that wicked? Tell me, aren’t you wicked?”

“I am, I’m completely wicked, it’s completely my mistake.” He Zhiyuan hurriedly soothed him, gently coaxing, “Darling, I apologise. Forgive me, okay?”


Song Ran bluntly refused.

He was lying on the sofa, neck tilted back and both legs bent. His right knee was hanging over the back of the sofa while his left knee was lying flat, creating a very unreserved angle. His underwear had already been pulled down to the tops of his thighs, just barely containing half of his buttocks, and his lively member inside it was partly visible, exhibiting a bit of a healthy and fresh pink hue.

He had stuck his hand into his underwear. The rhythm of his jerking off was very intense, and the tip repeatedly bumped into the fabric, continually creating a protruding shape.

Two of his pyjama buttons had come undone, and the heaving line extended from his Adam’s apple to his collarbones. In time with the motion of his swallowing, that line rose and fell like waves, and tiny beads of sweat appeared on his white skin.

He deeply gasped for breath as he said to He Zhiyuan, “You have no idea… no idea how much I like him… When I saw him for the first time, saw how he looked reversing the car, I thought that I was done, I was finished, there would be no saving me… I didn’t even know who he was, but I was ensnared… But he didn’t belong to me! He was married, was a father, had a family, was something I absolutely couldn’t touch… So what could I do? I couldn’t let go, but I also couldn’t touch… So I thought that I’d sneakily look at him a couple times without letting him discover it… but that car of his, that Infiniti… That crappy car! I searched for more than forty days and didn’t even find its shadow!”


He Zhiyuan felt a stifled sensation in his chest, and his heart began to faintly ache—how could he have imagined that the one-sided meeting forty days ago he didn’t have the slightest recollection of would make Song Ran’s life this chaotic?

Song Ran forcefully rubbed himself a couple more times, his mood even more resentful. “What about your car? Did you sell it? Did you sell your car for no reason?”

He Zhiyuan felt extremely embarrassed.

“I have three cars, two German ones and one Japanese one. I don’t drive the Infiniti often, so it’s parked in the garage most of the time. That day you encountered me, it should’ve been that the two German ones had just been sent in for maintenance…”

“If you don’t drive it, then why buy it? Steel plates and tyres are very valuable!”

Song Ran fiercely retorted.

Now that he was almost at the peak, his feelings were more sensitive than at any other time. With his body tensed up, he was like a pot of hot oil, crackling as bursts of oil were sent splattering out and exploding at a single touch.

The delicate glans was being chafed by the fabric, irritating him very much, so he simply lifted his waist and yanked his underwear down; his member that had both excellent shape and size sprung out, its colour pinkish. One could see at a glance that it was very unseasoned, hadn’t experienced any major events, and was particularly easy to excite. The tip had already become drenched after only a few minutes of rubbing, and pre-cum flowed from the small hole, both sticky and thick.

Gripping himself tightly, Song Ran swiftly moved his wrist back and forth, and his breathing became increasingly irregular.

“Say something, keep talking…” His tone softened, and he quietly begged, “Let me hear your voice…”

He Zhiyuan asked, “What should I say?”

In a strongly nasal tone, Song Ran whined, “Say that kind of… you like me, love me, adore me, things like that… The more shameless, the better… Hurry up, quickly!”

He Zhiyuan smiled. “Okay.”

This fickle young man, first snapping at him, then demanding candy from him—he really was unbearably likeable.

He leaned against the back of the seat, cell phone in hand, and slowly said, “Song Ran, I’m the trickster, the scum, the bastard who lives across from you. I’m very sorry that, on the day that we should have met, I was looking somewhere else and didn’t see you, but fortunately, you weren’t as foolish as me. Thank you for not giving up on me and for enduring by yourself until today. You brought back this blind person who lost his way and didn’t consign me to a lifetime of being single. I promise that nothing similar will ever happen again in the future. I will always be looking at you, even if you aren’t looking at me…”

“Who’d want… who’d want to listen to this?! Those words like ‘love me’, ‘adore me’… the ones that are terribly sweet… what about those?”

Unable to withstand He Zhiyuan’s proper confession, Song Ran swiftly interrupted him. He bit down on his lip, and a moan that was slightly dyed with lust came from his nose. His hand moved faster and faster, and he lifted his waist slightly, legs and stomach both trembling; it was obvious that he was on the verge of climaxing.

Acquiescing to his wish, He Zhiyuan said in a low and sexy voice, “Darling, I like you… I love you.”


Song Ran let out an alarmed whimper as he felt an intense electric current travel from his ear straight to his lower abdomen. His waist instinctively thrust up as his cock suddenly throbbed and shuddered uncontrollably, shooting out several spurts without even giving him the chance to hold back. A puddle of salty off-white liquid spread out on his belly, and not even his pyjamas could avoid it.

When he climaxed, apart from He Zhiyuan’s call of ‘darling’, his brain was completely blank.

Too scary.

It was better than any other time he had jerked off before.

After he was completely spent, Song Ran flopped heavily back onto the sofa, breathing deeply without stopping like a thirsty fish on dry land beneath the scorching sun.

All of a sudden, he somewhat wanted to cry.

He had unreasonably made a big scene at last, made it with all his strength, made it desperately. He let loose as soon as he caught an ever-so-slightly unsatisfying small mistake of Mr He’s and compelled the other man to coax him, whereas the man on the other end of the phone gently tolerated everything, didn’t get angry, and didn’t blame him.

Very good, he didn’t have to always be a good child anymore.

He could fuss, he could stir up trouble, he could make an exaggerated commotion for the other to see, and it was fine—he was aware of everything, he understood everything.

Approximately ten or so seconds later, Song Ran recovered.

His lust ebbed away, and his reason, moral integrity, and sense of shame were like the sand beneath the water, seeing the light of day once more. His member hadn’t completely softened yet; as he held its burning hot length in his palm, thick fluid flowed between his fingers and landed on his lower abdomen drop by drop, and the air overflowed with a thick fishy smell.

Song Ran sluggishly blinked, his expression just like an amnesiac’s.

Who could tell him, when he was on the phone with Mr He just then, what… what he had done?

Had his brain been hit by a bolt of lightning?!


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