Chapter 16 – Let him fall for you, then dump him

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It was common for Yu Wen Wen to get drunk. Although he wasn’t clear-headed, he could still return to the bathroom to wash himself up without needing another person to help him. Afterwards, he even completed his skin-care routine and slowly headed back to his room.

“He usually isn’t like this. He’s had too much to drink tonight.” Ji Ran picked up the luggage on the ground and threw it at Qin Man. “Your room is over there. Unpack on your own.”

Ji Ran didn’t have a maid’s room as he’d said. He never liked allowing others to stay over and normally only hired some day-time workers to come over to tidy up before leaving.

There weren’t many rooms and there were only two guest rooms. One was taken by Yu Wen Wen and the spare was the room beside the master bedroom.

Previously, he had forced Yu Wen Wen to the second floor because he wanted some peace. But now, he had a feeling it might have been better to have Yu Wen Wen sleep in the room next to him instead.

Qin Man calmly caught the bag. “Alright.”

Turning around, Ji Ran prepared to return to his room when he remembered something and turned back to remind him. “If you dare disturb me, you can go back to your hostel.”

“Okay.” Qin Man reached out a hand towards him and revealed the bottle in his hand. “What should I do with this?”

In response, Ji Ran slammed the door shut.

The sound-proofing in the house wasn’t bad. There weren’t any strange sounds throughout the night so Ji Ran slept peacefully.

The next day, he was awoken by the smell of fried oil.

He didn’t know where this smell came from. The sunlight shone through the curtains that weren’t properly drawn and onto his face. Ji Ran narrowed his eyes and turned, preparing to go back to sleep.

At the top of his drawer, his phone vibrated softly.

Burying his head in his pillow, he picked it up after a few seconds and brought it in front of his eyes.

It was all messages from Yu Wen Wen but the time stamps were different.

Yu Wen Wen: Little Ran Ran, my head hurts. Those fellows poured too much and I felt terrible the entire night. Did you know I even dreamt of Qin Man… It wasn’t any strange dream! I promise!

Yu Wen Wen: ???

Yu Wen Wen: !!! I just went out to get a glass of water! I saw Qin Man? Have I gone crazy? Am I still drunk?

Yu Wen Wen: Fuck.

Yu Wen Wen: Little Ran Ran, I’m leaving. My life is more important. I’m going home to hide. Call me if you need anything.


Ji Ran yawned and tossed his phone aside, fully intending on going back to sleep when he heard something fall.

He suddenly sat up and threw on a pair of boxers before going out.

Qin Man was standing in the kitchen. He turned back upon hearing movement. “Did I wake you?”

Once he opened the door, the smell of oil grew stronger. Ji Ran finally realised the smell came from his house.

“… What are you doing?” He asked with a frown.

“I’m preparing breakfast for you.”

Unscrewing the cap, the smell of burnt food wafted out. “… But obviously I failed.”

Ji Ran glanced at the pot of porridge that no longer resembled its previous form. It was impossible to consume it.

His kitchen had been made into a mess. Ji Ran’s morning irritability had reached its peak.

“You don’t even know how to cook a pot of porridge? How have you not starved to death yet?”

While scolding, he didn’t forget to bend down to pick up the broken ladle.

“It was Yu Wen Wen who told me to make some porridge.” Qin Man said, “I won’t randomly do it again.”

Ji Ran squatted down to pick up the broken pieces grumpily. His nude body revealed his muscular back and slightly protruding shoulder blades. It was very pleasing to look at.

After watching with restraint for some time, Qin Man reached out and used his fingertips to slightly trace over Ji Ran’s head, causing him to break out in goosebumps. He nearly fell over.

“What are you doing?!” He turned back and cursed.

“I’ll pick it up.” Qin Man glanced at the window. “Go and put on some clothes.”

Ji Ran didn’t like a dark house, so he installed many windows to allow the sunlight to filter in. The kitchen was no exception; there was a park on the right that was close enough that the passer-by could even greet him.

Naturally, Ji Ran had never greeted any of his neighbours.

His hand paused for a second before throwing the trash into the bin. He turned to return to his room, “You’d better clean this up before I come back out.”

When he came out again, Qin Man was already sitting on the sofa with his laptop on his lap.

Seeing him appear, Qin Man closed the lid. “Should I call for delivery?”

“No need.” He had gotten sick of all the takeaways from nearby restaurants. Moreover, his mood wasn’t good now so he preferred to eat something light.

He walked into the kitchen and poured some oil on the frying pan. His movements were extremely smooth.

Hearing the sound of movement behind him, Ji Ran stopped. “Why did you come in?”

Qin Man wasn’t affected by his nasty attitude in the slightest. “You can cook?”

Ji Ran’s tone was bad. “What do you think?”

“I thought you belonged to the group of people who only ordered deliveries.” Qin Man asked, “Why don’t you hire a helper?”

In the past, Ji Ran had hired one. However, a problem arose a few days later and he was carried to the emergency room by Yu Wen Wen. After he was saved and wanted to settle this matter, he realised the helper had already disappeared.

After everything, the police discovered a type of drug in his food. Thankfully it didn’t have a high dosage or he would have already left to meet his mother.

Although the police weren’t able to find the helper or her motive, Ji Ran understood.

His actions over the years had always been extravagant and provoked many people who wanted him dead. Moreover, it wasn’t easy to make someone disappear so cleanly.

After that incident, he learnt to cook for himself. It didn’t matter whether it tasted good or bad, as long as he wouldn’t die.

A moment of silence passed before he replied, “It’s none of your business. Get out, don’t ever step into my kitchen.”

Ji Ran made himself two poached eggs and toast, completely ignoring the person sitting on the sofa as he ate. When he finished, he randomly picked up a set of car keys and prepared to leave.

As he was leaving the house, he saw Qin Man on the phone.

“No need, I’m living quite comfortably now.” He didn’t know what the other person said but Qin Man suddenly looked up and met Ji Ran’s eyes. “I’m living at… a friend’s house. Yeah, an old friend. You don’t know him.”

Ji Ran was passing by and heard this.

“Help me to pass on my thanks to Uncle, but I’m afraid I’m not free in the afternoon. Dinner? … That’s fine, I’ll see you at night.”

Qin Man hung up and looked at the person beside him.

“Ji Wei?”

“Yeah, he invited me to dinner tonight.”

Ji Ran sneered, “Since you have such a good relationship with him, why isn’t he providing you with help when you’re in dire straits?”

“He did offer to help but I rejected him.”

This person was really strange. He rejected his good friend’s help but was willing to lower himself in front of him.

“Qin Man.” Ji Ran suddenly grew curious. “You said you’re a prideful person, but why did you agree to be in such a relationship with me? Aren’t you afraid once this matter is leaked, your good friends would know about it?”

“It doesn’t matter. We are…” Qin Man paused for a moment before continuing meaningfully. “They won’t believe anything happened unless they personally see it.”

True. A few months ago, Ji Ran wouldn’t have believed it either.

Ji Ran took out his phone with a smile. “I’m calling Ji Wei now.”

“Okay.” Qin Man replied sincerely. “Do you have his number? I can give it to you.”


He really didn’t have Ji Wei’s number.

And Qin Man’s expression clearly showed he didn’t believe anyone would take his words seriously.

“…There’s not enough kick if I say it over the phone.” Ji Ran lost interest and threw his phone back into his pocket. He turned towards his garage. “Laozi will tell him in person next time.

In the billiard room, Ji Ran sat by the side with his legs crossed uninterestedly.

“Why are you just sitting.” Cheng Peng shot the ball in with his cue. “Have you indulged yourself in debauchery too much after breaking apart the jar?”

“Indulge your ass.”

“In that case, why do you look so haggard?” Cheng Peng looked at him. “You didn’t bring Qin Man with you?”

“Why should I? Do you think I am like you, bringing that little thing around everywhere you go as if afraid others wouldn’t know he’s your lover?”

“I like him. Of course I’ll bring him around.” Cheng Peng said.

Ji Ran snorted, “Since you like him this much, why don’t you bring him overseas and have a wedding?”

“Not to that extent.” Cheng Peng laughed. “Don’t you like Qin Man?”

Ji Ran was stunned. “How could I like him?”

“You don’t like him, so you gave him money? You have too much money?”

“It’s because…”

“Because you hate him?” The last ball went in. Cheng Peng tossed the cue stick on the table and took a seat beside Ji Ran.

“Ji Ran, I’ve always wanted to ask. Why do you always look for ways to get under Qin Man’s skin? I don’t remember him ever having provoked you?”

Everyone from their group knew Ji Ran hated Qin Man.

Back in school, Ji Ran would deliberately create a mess whenever Qin Man was on duty for that day.

The following day, Qin Man would return him a drawer full of trash.

During morning assembly on Monday, Ji Ran switched Qin Man’s script out for a porn book. Unexpectedly, Qin Man scrunched up the papers without batting an eye and recited his speech perfectly.

After that incident, Ji Ran’s cellphone was infected with a virus. No matter what he pressed, it would play the exact same contents of the porn book he had given to Qin Man.

Ji Ran would steal Qin Man’s worksheets from the staff office while Qin Man would photocopy extras.

The next day, the school conducted a surprise inspection and Ji Ran’s secret stash of cigarettes were all confiscated.

… This type of matters happened too often from middle school until they entered the first year of high school.

Thinking of this, Qin Man’s temper was quite mild. If it were him, he would already have battled Ji Ran inexhaustibly for three days and nights without rest.

This endless battle started from Ji Ran but ended with Qin Man.

No one knew why but once they were in their second year of high school, Qin Man would no longer react no matter what Ji Ran did to him. Every prank by Ji Ran would be effortlessly resolved by Qin Man and soon, he lost interest and it didn’t take long for him to stop.

He wouldn’t have expected that in just a few years, Qin Man would go bankrupt and the two would enter a physical relationship… it was really hard to understand.

“I don’t like looking at him. Is there a problem?” Ji Ran asked.

“Now that he’s bankrupt, you can torment him however you’d like.” Cheng Peng swept a glance over him. “Why do you have to go this far?”

Ji Ran wasn’t sure how to explain. There was no way he could confess he’d accidentally been topped by Qin Man after getting drunk and throwing a fit. He couldn’t embarrass himself so he could only explain it like this.

He took a drag. “I just like doing this.”

“Sure, sure, sure.” Cheng Peng laughed. “What do you plan to do afterwards? Are you going to humiliate him in front of everyone else? From what I saw that day, he doesn’t seem to mind that much.”

Ji Ran was growing impatient. “… I’ll think about it.”

“Why don’t I teach you a way?”

Ji Ran turned his head suspiciously. “What way?”

“Come here.” Cheng Peng hooked a finger at him, signalling for Ji Ran to come closer before he whispered, “Make him fall for you then dump him. Then, leak the film of the two of you having sex to his friends…”

Ji Ran felt as if he’d been struck by thunder. He shrank back and cursed, “Fuck.”

“Hahaha. What kind of reaction is this?”

Ji Ran took a deep drag of his cigarette to suppress his shock. His mind was now filled with the scene of him being pressed under Qin Man’s body, sweat staining his body.

If that video was exposed, who would be the one to suffer?!

“You can’t be serious. I was only joking, did you take it for real?” Cheng Peng’s eyes widened at his silence. “I’m telling you that you shouldn’t. I was just speaking nonsense. Qin Man may be broke but he still has connections. If you really do such a thing, you’ll definitely be sued…”

“Of course not.” Ji Ran said, “Shut up.”

After driving Cheng Peng away, Ji Ran prepared to take another puff when his phone rang.

He glanced at the screen and his hands froze.

After half a second, he calmed down and slowly picked up the phone.

He slowly answered, “… Dad.”


T/n: *Looks at the title of this chapter* nonono that’s a terrible idea. This is a one-way ticket to ruining everything. Applaud ji ran for not agreeing to do something so dirty but also his intentions aren’t that pure UwU


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