Chapter 2 – It’s my service that isn’t up to standard

My nemesis has finally gone bankrupt
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T/n: 1: top
        0: bottom (This is context for later on in the story)

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The moment Ji Ran walked out the door, his back which was originally upright, gave way and hunched over.

Fuck, this was excruciating. It was a completely different pain when compared to the wounds received from fighting. Instead, it was as if over ten needles were piercing a certain area and it felt extremely unbearable.

Sucking in a cold breath, he was intending to head towards the elevator when he heard a sound coming from nearby. It was the guests from the neighbouring room.

A couple were currently staying next door. Seeing someone come out, they couldn’t help glancing over a few more times.

Recalling Qin Man’s words, he instantly straightened his back.

This was a hotel he frequented and would often stay over after having too many drinks. However, he didn’t have any idea how effective the soundproofing here was.

Enduring the pain, he entered the lift seemingly unpertubed and pushed the close button as if his life depended on it before the pair of lovers could enter.

Once the elevator closed, he collapsed against the handrails in exhaustion.

He’d already called for a cab to take him to the small villa he bought a while back. The place had long been renovated and a housekeeper was hired to clean it every two days, so it was especially tidy.

This was the first time he was staying over and to start with, he took a bath. The moment the icy cold water hit his skin, Ji Ran felt as if he’d been resurrected. Gritting his teeth, he rested a foot on the edge of the tub as he cleaned himself in shame.

Was it too late now for him to travel back in time and beat Qin Man to death?

Even if he had to go to jail, so be it, it was still better than brooding angrily in a corner.

After his bath, he casually pulled on a bathrobe and made his way to the bed, laying heavily on his side.

Fuck, even lying on his side hurt intensely. Doesn’t this mean that if he were to unconsciously turn in his sleep, he’d be awoken by the sheer pain?

The phone beside his bed rang. Ji Ran glanced at the caller ID in annoyance and picked up, switching to the speaker.

“What do you want?” His voice was lackluster.

“Ji Ran, let’s go play.” On the other end, it was Yue Wen Wen, Ji Ran’s best friend. After asking, he noticed an anomaly, “What’s wrong with your voice?”

“Nothing, I’m not going,” Ji Ran said. “It’s two in the afternoon, what can we do? Gaze at the sun? Just spit it out if you have something to say.”

Recently, Yue Wen Wen was being dragged to work by his father and usually, Ji Ran would only be able to see his friend after 5 p.m. The other party calling him so early today reeked of suspicion.

Yue Wen Wen said, “Hehe, I only wanted to ask…”

On the other side, his voice lowered, “Last night, was Qin Man particularly fierce?”

Ji Ran jumped in fright. In those few seconds, he’d already finished cursing Qin Man’s 18 generations.

But after receiving the shock, he quickly calmed down.

Wait a minute, these two men, Qin Man and Yue Wen Wen, were people who’d never interact with each other. There was no reason for Qin Man to tell him.

Hearing the silence, Yue Wen Wen gritted his teeth, “Hurry up, there can’t be any secrets between us sisters.”

“Who’s your sister? Take off your skirt and have a look, I think you’ve forgotten your own gender,” Ji Ran snapped. “Who told you that Qin Man and I… uh?”

Yue Wen Wen was rather famous in the Gay circle. His fame extended to half the gays in the city that knew him and the other half that were either deep in the closet or older folks who got married to hide their homosexuality. Even his Weibo had tens of thousands of followers, with 80% of them being females who chatted about sisterhood every day.

Ji Ran and Yue Wen Wen had known each other since junior high. At that time, although Yue Wen Wen would often act coquettishly, he hadn’t actually come out of the closet. Back then, society wasn’t as liberal as it was now and no one thought much about it.

Who knew that once they entered high school, Yue Wen Wen would resemble a butterfly who’d found its wings. Referring to himself as laoniang[1], the number of skirts in his closet easily surpassed any normal girl’s.

Yue Wen Wen asked, “Have you gone dumb from drinking? You were the one who told me last night.”


Ji Ran truly couldn’t remember this.

Last night, he’d drank considerably and evidently couldn’t recall much. Even the events leading up to the hotel had been completely wiped clean.

… However, he did remember how Qin Man’s back had been clawed by him in bed. Now that he’d calmed down, he seemed to even be able to reminisce about their body temperatures, with his own legs hung high above, pressing against Qin Man like a piece of burning iron.

Ji Ran immediately broke free from his thoughts, “Then?”

“You’re kidding, you actually forgot?” Yue Wen Wen sounded astonished, “At first, we thought you were joking since you were drunk. But who knew that you’d say Qin Man was waiting for you by the entrance so you needed to leave first. I looked… and it was really him.”

Ji Ran was furious, “So you just watched me walk away with him? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll be kidnapped by him and dragged off to some  alley to be silenced?”

“Don’t bother, you’re thinking too much. That guy doesn’t have any grudges or deep-seated hatred against you, there’s no way he’d commit such a crime. At most, you’ll only get beaten up after provoking him first.” Yue Wen Wen calculated for him, “Look, after being taken away, your only option is to be either beaten or fucked. I think it’s totally worth it. What if it’s the latter? Isn’t that simply a steal?”

Ji Ran felt that it was truly a miracle for him and Yue Wen Wen to be able to stay  brothers for so many years.

Apart from being a little coquettish, Yue Wen Wen didn’t have many flaws. However, he didn’t think it’d be to this extent.

“You’re the one looking to be fucked!” After cursing, Ji Ran was stunned to realise that these words weren’t really uncommon to Yue Wen Wen. He coughed, “Let me tell you, last night, I was the one who fucked him.”

Yue Wen Wen fell silent.

After a long while, he finally spoke in surprise, “It can’t be… Ji Ran, are you alright? You actually paid money to become a number 1?”[2]

Before Ji Ran could reply, Yue Wen Wen had already begun to roar, “Are you crazy?! You just need to visit any random gay bar and all the 0s will flock to you. The amount of people dying to be topped by you can form a line all the way to the capital! The worst part is, you actually fucked Qin Man into a 0? Fuck, fuck, I can’t. Laoniang is going to faint.”

Although Ji Ran didn’t have a detailed understanding of the gay circle, he still knew what 1 and 0 meant. “So what if I seek out Qin Man, does it mean I want to sleep with him? Why can’t he be a 0?”


“Then, let me just tell you. Every single one, I mean it, every single gay that I know – whether they’re a pure 0 or a 0.5 – wants to be topped by him. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t want to lie beneath him.” Yue Wen Wen cried, “He’s my dream partner! The lover in my dreams! The ambrosia of gays! And to think he’s been sullied by you!”

Ji Ran’s expression was complicated because Yue Wen Wen was truly amazing. He’d been rather frustrated earlier but now, he was speechless, “Yue Wen Wen, where’s your dignity as a man?”

“How much is my dignity worth?” Yue Wen Wen laughed coldly, “Moreover, even if it did have value, do you think laoniang is lacking this bit of rotten money?”

Yue Wen Wen’s family owned a mine, a real mine. So hearing these words only made one feel infuriated.

Ji Ran didn’t have any more patience to spare, “I’m hanging up.”

“Eh, eh, don’t. Ran Ran, wait a moment.” Yue Wen Wen stopped him, “That… how much money did you spend on Qin Man?”

Ji Ran frowned, “What do you want?”

Yue Wen Wen laughed sinisterly, “I’m just thinking, no matter how I look at it, it’s impossible for Qin Man to have been fucked into a pure bottom by you so…”

“Out of the question.” Ji Ran interrupted him and made up some nonsense, “Yue Wen Wen, don’t even think about it. We have a long term relationship, one year.”

“Fuck. Ji Ran, where’s your loyalty? How could you monopolise quality goods?” Yue Wen Wen continued, “Fine, instead tell me, how much did you pay?”

Ji Ran finally grew some brain cells and returned with a question, “What’s the market price?”

“Market price? I’ve never searched for anyone either. A man as tender as myself hasn’t reached the stage of begging others like some 0s out there,” Yue Wen Wen disdained. “But I know someone who has looked for a host before, it’s usually about five thousand. For top quality men, maybe around 50 grand per night.”

“…Anyway, the amount I offered is definitely enough for a year. You can’t afford him so stop dreaming. I’m hanging up!”

After cutting the call, Ji Ran felt that he couldn’t go on like this any longer.

He needed to buy some ointment. Or else, he wouldn’t be able to sleep in peace.

He directly placed an order using an app so it didn’t take long for his item to arrive.

He’d instructed the mailman to leave it at the entrance and waited until the latter had left before he slowly made his way down.

The process of applying medicine was extremely difficult and only after a tedious struggle did Ji Ran regret not beating Qin Man up.

He lay in bed, unable to fall asleep so he simply picked up his phone, wanting to look for a movie to kill some time with. That’s when he noticed that he’d received a new message.

[Q: Are you okay?]

After staring at the completely black profile picture for half a day, Ji Ran finally realised who it was.

He couldn’t be bothered to type so he instead pressed the voice record button. Holding the phone close to his mouth, he roared, “Do you think laozi is fine? Why don’t you try and let me do you once? Let me tell you something Qin Man, if my butt doesn’t recover by tomorrow, I’ll incinerate your entire family!”

Qin Man responded with two voice recordings.

“Where are you? I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“It’ll save you the trouble of burning my house down.”

Ji Ran didn’t even have the guts to meet some delivery man so how could he visit a clinic? He’d rather die than see a doctor.

“Go to the doctor my ass!” Speaking of this, Ji Ran’s mind suddenly flashed, “I want you to go to the hospital instead for a test! I only uttered some drunken words last night and you actually slept with me? Who knows if you have any strange diseases?”

Of course, Ji Ran knew that the other didn’t have any disease. Who was Qin Man? Before he went bankrupt, Qin Man was the proud prince of the heavens. One could only look from afar, not touch; an extremely aloof man.

But Ji Ran only criticized in order to mercilessly trample all over Qin Man’s dignity.

He assumed Qin Man would either get angry or simply ignore him. But who’d have thought that in just a few minutes, the other side would send over an image followed by a voice recording.
Ji Ran tapped to open it and unsurprisingly, it was a health report.

“I only just managed to find it.” Qin Man’s voice was calm, “This is a report from last week. You don’t need to worry, I don’t have any strange illness.”

This time, it was Ji Ran’s turn to become speechless.

He was still stunned when there was a sudden change on his WeChat interface.

[Q has transferred you 20,000 yuan.]

[Daddy Ji: ???]

[Q: I didn’t control my strength properly the first time, it’s my service that wasn’t satisfactory. Since I’m to blame, I can’t take all of your money, so I refunded you some. Is 20,000 enough?]

Ji Ran nearly choked.

T/n: it’s a simple and extremely predictable novel without much novelty, but after reading so many complicated QT, I feel that coming back to petty cliches gives me a sense of familiarity. Nonetheless, there’s still some plot twists and hidden schemes~

[1] laoniang: A term used by women to refer to themselves in order to assert dominance; feminine version of laozi
[2] 1 = gong/top, 0 = shou/bottom


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