Is the Guide Reborn?

Author: 不间不界
Chapters: 100 Chapters + 6 Extras
Translator: Wen
Editors: N/A
Schedule: No fixed schedule

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3 thoughts on “Is the Guide Reborn?”

  1. Ooh, I read the manhua for this one and then mtl’ed the entire story. The MC and Ml’s dynamics are so unique, I’ve never read one like this before lol

    I think the manhua is called Loyal Love?

    • Yep, I searched and checked, that’s right. I read the first chapter, but didn’t like how the manhua tell the story, so I never continued. Hope it gets better ^^

  2. Thank you for picking up this novel! I found the manhua recently and the pacing in it feels really weird at times so I’m super glad to see a good translation of the novel.


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