Dummy Novels 1st Anniversary Celebration + 1000 discord member milestone!

Hello Readers!

It’s been a year since Dummy Novels was established. Formerly known as Dummy Translations, our group has transitioned to be known as Dummy Novels back in May 2020. To celebrate this joyous occasion and express our appreciation for all staff and readers who have been part of this journey, we will be hosting a series of events.

There will be 2 main parts to this event. One will include discord prizes, while the other will allow readers to show their appreciation. If you haven’t joined our discord yet, what are you waiting for?! Nonetheless, if you have no discord or decide not to get an account, you are still welcome to take part in the event in the spirit of celebration and stand a chance to have your entry showcased!


? Event duration: All events will run from 1 May to 30 May. Any submission should be done latest by 30th May 2021, 23:59, +8 GMT. Winners will be announced on 31st May. Once you are selected, be sure to DM vivi#1040 on discord to claim your prize!



Prize Corner (Event)

? Dummy Trivia! 

Welcome to Dummy Trivia where you will be tested on how well you know your favourite dummy! In this trivia quiz, you will receive a random set of questions on little tidbits of Dummy’s history. Answers and clues can be found on our website. You’ll need to answer all five questions correctly to be a part of the lucky draw!

There is no limit to the number of times you may submit a response, but each person will only be counted once in the draw. This means that you are allowed as many retries as you’d like if you get the quiz wrong. You may also obtain additional lucky draw chances by leaving a review on your favourite novel!

You’re free to seek help for questions that you aren’t able to answer on our discord channel #game-hall but sharing of wholesale answers is prohibited!


?Take the dummy trivia quiz here!

?Obtain a bonus lucky draw chance here!

Prizes: (Lucky draw) 4 x Discord Nitro Classic to be given out

Who is eligible:

Readers: 2 lucky winners

Staff: 2 lucky winners



? Dumdum 1000 member Celebration

⚠️As a last-minute event for unexpectedly reaching 1000 discord members just in time for our 1 year anniversary, there will be an additional event⚠️

  1. Cat gifs/pics

Caption them please-

This is a call for you to give us whatever cat gifs/pics/videos you have been saving on your phone or in the deepest crevices of your home. Chuck them all into our very own #cat-worshippers channel. If you know the source, please credit them as far as possible~ The best gif that makes vivi go aww will get a free nitro

  1. Translation memes

If you have any translation-related memes, share them in our #gays-and-memes-altar. Go buck wild and make us laugh. The best meme that makes vivi laughs will get a free nitro~


Number of winners: 2

Who is eligible: Readers and staff

Prize: Discord nitro classic



? Dumdum Translation Spree

Prize A: USD 40 – Translator with the highest number of page views

Prize B: USD 30 – Translator with the 2nd highest number of page views

Prize C: USD 25 – Translator with the highest number of released chapters. 


Number of winners: 3

Who is eligible: Dummy Translators

Prize: Cash



To be eligible, each chapter should have a minimum of 1.5k words to prevent over-splitting. Pageviews are not counted by series, but by translator. Translator must have a minimum of 1 ongoing series to be eligible.

Chapters and pageviews are only counted within the event period



? Dummy Appreciation Corner

While everyone is having fun with the events and prizes, let’s not forget the editors and proofreaders who have made reading smoother than ever. Since you have already scrolled this far down, we urge you to leave a word of thanks and encouragement for our editors & proofreaders to assure them you appreciate their hard work. You can do so on our ?About us page? or Discord #dum-thankyou-corner. 

Feel free to tag the editor if you’d like or make a collective heartfelt message. The best messages will get a chance to be featured on our homepage*. 

*This is only eligible for general messages to no specific editor on our about page.



Last but not least, do follow us on ?twitter?to get updates on relevant news from our group such as notices of new events, new novels, completed novels announcements, and more!


Feel free to tag us in any fanart for a RT! https://twitter.com/dummynovels


PSS: Dummy now has a ko-fi where readers can make donations to support the site. All donations will go towards paying and maintaining the site (in case you haven’t noticed there’s been a lack of ads for awhile)

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