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WHO the hell are WE?

✔ Loves ߣ
✔ Loves cats 
✔ Loves bread 🍞
✔ Can translate (a little) chinese
✔ Wants world peace
✔ Maybe needs cat gifs 


a stupid person.
DummyNovels Est 2018: Created for no good reason except to poison people's eyes with bad translations and BL. Cats are our saving grace, meow meow.


Yes, tis’ me, Vivi. Welcome to our site lil kitty. Enjoy the read <3

Editors and Proofreaders!

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  1. Is there a way or link to be able to follow individual novels? I don’t see it in my iPad. Love your novels! So many unique ones which impressed me about your sight! Thank you for your hard work translating!


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