Chapter 111

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Li Shuoxing’s hand was empty in the virtual space.

Blue light was flickering softly on Su Mingqian’s body, making his solid body become faint and transparent, disappearing little by little.

This sudden change brought a hint of surprise to Su Mingqian’s face.

Li Shuoxing noticed him open his mouth, as if wanting to say something to him, but no sound came out.

Without needing sound, Li Shuoxing had realised very clearly that:

Su Mingqian had woken up!

“Mingqian,” Li Shuoxing shouted at the last moment, “wait for me to come to you!”

Then, the virtual disappeared, and reality returned. Li Shuoxing reappeared on his chair at home.

He sat there, dumbfounded, for a few seconds, then suddenly jumped to his feet.

He had to go to the United States. He had to find Su Mingqian.

He didn’t know his exact address, but that didn’t matter. He could first buy a ticket to the area where the laboratory was located, and would definitely find the cub!

But when Li Shuoxing opened the ticket website, he suddenly realised something.


I have to apply for a visa to go to the United States?

It’s just a relationship. Does it have to be so realistic?

Li Shuoxing was so angry that he dropped his mouse!

However, the procedure still had to be done, no matter how much he wanted to fly straight there with wings.

Li Shuoxing took a moment to calm down. He picked up the mouse, immediately opened Taobao’s assisted visa store, and ordered an expedited processing order.

During the whole of the next afternoon, Li Shuoxing rushed to the bank, then rushed to the housing bureau, and had to fill out all kinds of forms, which made his whole brain feel weak and blank.

At that moment, the phone in his pocket rang.

Li Shuoxing was sluggish for two seconds. He slowly fished out his phone, slowly glanced at it, and saw a call from the United States.

Li Shuoxing: “?”

Li Shuoxing: “!”

His hand shook, almost dropping his phone, then he hurriedly held it tighter. He eagerly picked it up, but after doing that, felt nervous again, and even a little unable to speak.

There was also silence on the other end of the phone.

Only the sound of very, very light breathing, like a thin thread of electricity, travelled down Li Shuoxing’s ear and swam into his brain, stimulating him.

He suddenly didn’t feel nervous, and said, “Cub? Mingqian? Is that you?”

“…It’s me.”

Su Mingqian’s voice rang out. His speech was slow, and his voice was soft and weak, but it contained a smile.

“Ximu, I’m awake. I’m fine.”

The smile was like a cream flower on bitter coffee, filled with sweetness.

“I don’t want you to worry, so, I’m telling you as soon as I can…”


Su Mingqian was still very weak just after he woke up. After only a few words with Li Shuoxing, the phone hung up.

However, this call was like a stimulant, injected directly into Li Shuoxing’s heart, making his spirits high and excited for several hours. He successfully received a second call from Su Mingqian.

The moment Li Shuoxing picked up the phone, he couldn’t wait and said, “Cub, how are you feeling now? Can I see you? When can we see each other?”

Su Mingqian’s voice was still a little soft, but not as weak as it was earlier. “I’ve just rested for a while and I’m feeling much better. The doctor told me to do more basic rehabilitation work now, and my first phase of recovery is expected to be three months long. During these three months, I’ll stay in the laboratory’s clinic. Ximu, in reality, we’ll have to wait three months before we can meet again.”

This was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky!

His boiling excitement was doused by a pot of cold water.

Li Shuoxing froze. “I can’t see you for three whole months? Cub, is it your body…”

Su Mingqian apologised and said, “It’s not because of my body. There’s some lab and Ask-related work that I need to take care of. But don’t worry, it’s not a lot of work. I also specifically applied so that I can talk to you and go back into the game to be with you like before.”

Li Shuoxing’s chest ached.

What was once a worry had become a cruel reality without warning.

His cub had just woken up and was put to work. He was separated from him, left alone, the blanket cold…

They could still be together in the game, but was it the same now as it was in the past?

He didn’t want to give up just like that. “Mingqian, can we really not see each other in reality? Just once.”

Su Mingqian was a bit hesitant. “This, actually isn’t…”

Li Shuoxing asked, “What?”

Su Mingqian whispered, “I’m still weak, and don’t look good.”

Was this a reason for Li Shuoxing to not go see Su Mingqian?

Definitely not, Li Shuoxing would never accept it!

But it also wasn’t advisable to strongly refute Su Mingqian. That would only make the cub hide his uneasiness at the bottom of his heart.

Li Shuoxing, who had read many female novels, first said with disappointment, “Mingqian, ever since I knew that you were a real person, I especially wanted to see you, hug you with my own hands, and really kiss you…”

Su Mingqian faltered.

Li Shuoxing then said with deep emotion, “Mingqian, I want to see every side of you. The good, the bad, it doesn’t matter. They are all you.”

Su Mingqian faltered more and more.

Li Shuoxing used his last trick. He was a manly man, not afraid of being coquettish and showing weakness. “Cub…”

Su Mingqian was defeated.

He nodded decisively and made up his mind. “Ximu, don’t worry. I’m going to apply. Our meeting should be approved.”

I’ll work hard on my rehab and eat well from now on.

I’m sure I can recover my weight and complexion before Ximu arrives, and look my best to welcome Ximu’s arrival!

However, Li Shuoxing didn’t give Su Mingqian this opportunity.

Right after he persuaded Su Mingqian, Li Shuoxing was bursting with joy and gave Su Mingqian a heavy muah over the phone. “That’s great, cub! Come on, let’s meet online first. Let’s video call on WeChat. I know you have a WeChat account named Su.”

After saying that, he switched onto WeChat to send a request with the speed of his single-for twenty-seven-years magician hand, and then urged Su Mingqian, “Cub, accept it.”

Su Mingqian froze.

“Ximu… actually, we can go on the game…” he said to Li Shuoxing

Li Shuoxing: “No, no, no. Cub, you woke up, so I want to see you in reality!”

Su Mingqian repeated the same argument: “I don’t look good now…”

Li Shuoxing suddenly became serious. “But, in my heart, nothing looks better than you.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

Li Shuoxing then earnestly said, “Besides, are there lovers who don’t have long phone conversations and don’t meet on video? Cub, this is the ritual of love. If others have it, we must have it too!”

There was silence on the other end of the phone again again.

Immediately after, Li Shuoxing found that his request had been accepted in WeChat, and Su appeared on his friend list. He had just tapped the private chat interface, and already received a video call request.

Li Shuoxing held his breath and pressed agree.

The screen switched.

A ward and a hospital bed appeared, and Su Mingqian occupied Li Shuoxing’s eyes even more directly.

The man lying on the hospital bed was pale and thin, his cheekbones protruding, his arms weak under his clothes.

He looked so thin that a gust of wind could sweep him away.

The overwhelming satisfaction of seeing Su Mingwian really awake fell on Li Shuoxing’s heart, no matter how he looked at that moment.

Li Shuoxing: “Cub…”

Su Mingqian: “Ximu…”

They called to each other at the same time, giggled at the screen at the same time, and then put their hands on the screen at the same time, touching each other.

Then, both of them paused, thinking it was a bit silly.

Li Shuoxing lamented, “Cub, I get along with you like this, whether inside or outside the game. Modern society has proved that everyone’s in love with their phones. I’m nothing special.”

After saying that, he kissed the phone screen.

He said happily, “Since everyone does this, it’s also very normal behaviour for me to kiss my phone screen and you behind it.”

Su Mingqian felt inwardly happy. He replied with a straight face, “Yes, we are in a very normal relationship.”

Li Shuoxing was amused.

He then placed his phone in the most appropriate position.

His heart, which had been suspended, finally settled down at that moment.

“Cub, I love the feeling of you spending time with me in the game, but really…”

Li Shuoxing was incredibly glad.

“What I want to see most is you being well in reality.”

His whispers, true and sincere, entered the ears and entered the heart.

Su Mingqian, having just woken up, couldn’t expend too much energy.

The video cut off about half an hour later.

The head on his phone disappeared.

Li Shuoxing held his phone, feeling lost.

Until the heart on the Love Bar app suddenly moved a little.

An illusion?

Li Shuoxing was a little hesitant. He kept his eyes fixed on the screen and found that it wasn’t an illusion. The heart was really trembling.

The pink heart trembled, shook, and then was pushed open.

The familiar little person peeked his head out from it.

Su Mingqian: “Although we met just now, I still miss you… Ximu, I’m back.”


Half a month later, in the United States.

The red-roofed house and cobblestone courtyard once seen in the game had reappeared in reality. The cactus on the windowsill had also opened its teeth and claws, full of vitality. Peeking inside, he could also see the huge domino marble maze hanging in the hall.

Li Shuoxing, dressed in a suit and holding a bouquet of flowers, stood in front of the front door.

Li Shuoxing had strongly requested this meeting place to Su Mingqian.

He wanted to give Su Mingqian a little surprise.

Because of this, he deliberately came two days earlier than their expected meeting time to get everything ready.

The suit he was wearing, the bouquet of flowers in his arms, and the item in the bouquet.

Li Shuoxing lifted his hand, but, before he could ring the doorbell, the door had opened.

He smiled at Li Shuoxing. “You’re here.”

When Li Shuoxing came to the door, Su Mingqian was waiting behind it.

Waiting was not one person’s matter; waiting was two people’s love.


Li Shuoxing said, looking at Su Mingqian, who was sitting in a wheelchair.

Time was still short. Su Mingqian’s rehabilitation was currently only at the point where he could briefly leave his hospital bed. He couldn’t fully stand up yet.

But it didn’t matter. Any kind of Su Mingqian was the best gift from heaven.

He raised his hand and handed a red camellia to Su Mingqian, erasing the final distance between them both.

Red camellia in flower language: humility, purity, and rational love.

He opened the centremost bud, and its soft cascading petals gathered around a ring.

Li Shuoxing folded this flower towards Su Mingqian, while going on one knee.

“I’m proposing on your doorstep on our first meeting. I hope you don’t think I’m too abrupt.”

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