Chapter 6 – Ring

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In the evening, Jian Ran called his mother from the balcony. Just as he thought, his mother had long known that Ren Qinglin had enrolled at his university.

Jian Ran complained: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier!?”

Mother Jian explained: “I wanted to talk about it, but, Qinglin said he wanted to give you a surprise, and I saw that the boy was quite thoughtful, so I didn’t tell you.”

Excuse Me? This is a surprise? This is obviously a jumpscare!

Hang on

Jian Ran frowned and got to the point.

Jian Ran: “Mom, do you often contact Ren Qinglin?”

Mother Jian : “Yes, we have a WeChat group.”

Jian Ran was stunned for a moment, “What group? Who’s in it?”

Mother Jian: “Only three people, me, Qinglin, and Qinglin’s mother.”

Slowly a question mark appeared on Jian Ran’s head, “You guys… What are you guys doing there?”

Mother Jian: “Of course we are discussing the wedding!”

Jian Ran then remembered that, he and Ren Qinglin would be married during winter vacation.

Jian Ran asked subconsciously: “Then why am I not in there?”

Mother Jian threw back the argument: “When mom asked you what you thought about the wedding, you were so angry that you told mom to leave you alone, and said that if you heard the word ‘wedding’ again, you would grab yourself by your hair and throw yourself down from the 15th floor. Do you still remember?”

“…” There seems to be something like this.

Mother Jian laughed, “If you regret it, I’ll add you to the group?”

“No, just talk it over, I trust you guys, go for it.”

He, his mother, Ren Qinglin, Ren Qinglin’s mother, these four people in the same group, just thinking about it can make him embarrassed to death

Mother Jian: “But you and Qinglin still have to decide on some things, such as wedding rings…”

Jian Ran had a jolt, he hurriedly stopped his mom from saying anything further. “By the way mom, the dorm lights are gonna be turned off, I’ll hang up first, byebye.”

Mother Jian gave a final word of advice: “Take care of yourself at university, get in touch with Qinglin more, at least be friends with him…”

Jian Ran hung up the phone, and the dorm lights just got turned off.

Ke Yan has a strict daily schedule, at 11 o’clock every night, he must be lying in bed in a proper position; as for the other two, they will never go to bed until one or two o’clock unless their laptop is out of power.

Ji Yuanxi is eating chicken 1playing games with headphones on. Jian Ran looked behind him for a while, then his 2Jian Ran gaze happened to fall on his 3Ji Yuanxi left hand which was tapping the keyboard.

Just a minute after Ji Yuanxi landed, he got shot at the military base, turned into a box, Game Over. 4he is playing Apex guys

Jian Ran sneered without mercy: “Dish B.”5It means that you are not good at a certain level in some aspects, such as your level in a certain game is very low, others scold you, and say that you are dish B. Basically, he say; noob

Ji Yuanxi was so scared that he almost threw the mouse, “Fuck you Ranran…when did you come!!!”

“Keep your voice down, Ke Yan is sleeping.” Jian Ran couldn’t help but glance at Ji Yuanxi’s left hand again, trying to say something, “You…”

Ji Yuanxi: “???”

Jian Ran lowered his voice: “Why is your ring on the middle finger?”

For Jian-Straight-Ran who has never been in a relationship, the middle finger has only one meaning.

—Fuck you.

Ji Yuanxi was confused, “Where else should I wear it if not on the middle finger?”

Jian Ran: “I think my parents wear them on ring finger.”

“You only wear it on the ring finger when you are married. Wearing it on the middle finger only shows that you are in a relationship and that the famous flower is in charge.” Ji Yuanxi looked at Jian Ran suspiciously, “Why are you asking about this?”

“Just asking…wouldn’t it be uncomfortable for you to wear a ring?”

Ji Yuanxi: “It’s not like I have to go digging the field and farming, there is nothing uncomfortable about it”

Jian Ran thought for a while, “Yeah, whatever”

He wouldn’t wear it anyway, what’s uncomfortable.

Ji Yuanxi started another round of eating chicken, this time with Jian Ran silently guiding him, he got in 89th place.

The heat continued into September, and as long as there were people in their dorm room, the air conditioning would definitely be on, many freshmen collapsed, everyday one or two poor souls got heatstroke, yet the university was a heartless and cruel bastard who did not reduce the intensity of military training at all.

After dinner, Jian Ran and Shen Zixiao walked back to their dorm.

After only walking for two minutes, Shen Zixiao broke out in sweat. He kept lifting his collar to air himself, and said weakly, “When will the summer end? I’m almost reaching my limit…”

Jian Ran disdainfully said: “Then try to go to Guangdong, they are still wearing short sleeves in December.”

A group of xuemei in camouflage uniforms came from the opposite side, one of them saw Jian Ran and hurriedly poked the two girls beside her, the girls who were still chatting stopped talking immediately, they waited until they walked past Jian Ran, excitedly discussing how handsome that xuezhang just now.

Shen Zixiao looked at them and suddenly asked Jian Ran, “How are you and your husband?”

Jian Ran narrowed his gaze menacingly, Shen Zixiao immediately changed his words: “How are you and Ren xuedi?”

Jian Ran: “There’s nothing.”

Since he warned him last time, Ren Qinglin is no longer fooling with him, lying on his friend list, as quiet as a chicken.

Jian Ran is quite satisfied with this.

“I’ve heard something, someone is already aiming for him.” Shen Zixiao looked at Jian Ran’s face and made sure that the other party had no intention to beat him, before continuing with the gossip: “It’s the Japanese department’s flower, who waited for an hour on the sports field last night, just to send a bottle of water to Ren Qinglin. Unfortunately, the one who came was Ren Qinglin’s instructor and his friends, he came to where xihua6department flower was waiting and immediately chased her away in front of many people, making her unable to hold back her tears. Her best friend and the others tried to cheer her up and their fussing can be heard eight hundred miles away.”

“Eight hundred miles away is Harbin, thanks.” Jian Ran sneered, “Then Ren Qinglin must be unhappy.”

This surnamed Ren is so good at teasing, he is a worthy opponent for him

“It doesn’t seem so.” Shen Zixiao touched his chin. “It is said that Ren Qinglin had no response and directly rejected Xihua’s kindness, the Xihua almost cried at that time.”

Jian Ran was a little surprised, “Really?”

“Really, it’s written on the forum.” Shen Zixiao took out his phone, “I will send you the link, you can read it yourself.”

“No, I’m not interested in his business.” Jian Ran waved his hand, “Do not mention him in front of me in the future.”

Shen Zixiao looked at Jian Ran, “Do you really not care at all?”

“That’s bullshit.”

Shen Zixiao: “Sure, then I won’t talk about him.” He remained quiet for a while, and then began to hum a song: “Love is a ray of light, so green that you shine—” 

Jian Ran couldn’t bear it anymore: “You shit!”

Back in the dorm, before Ke Yan and Ji Yuanxi came back, Shen Zixiao quickly turned on the air conditioner, blowing the cold air into the dorm. Jian Ran went straight to take a shower and came back refreshingly, he was playing double row games with Shen Zixiao.

Shen Zixiao chose the C position and claimed to carry the audience. Jian Ran gave him some help, but he 7Jian Ran was so angry that he8Shen Zixiao was in C position. So he simply took out his hand and gun, and came out with a beautiful triple kill-the best in the game.

Shen Zixiao: “Fuck! Jian Ran, why don’t you help 9in the raw written milk, can means; help or support. If you are confused why milk, it’s like a mom gives milk to her child so they can get stronger me!”

Jian Ran’s tone was light: “As long as I kill fast enough, my teammates won’t need my help.”

Shen Zixiao took off his headphone and threw it on the table, so angry that he wanted to quit. Then, he heard loud noises from downstairs, it was very lively.

“Jian Ran, Jian Ran!”

Jian Ran took off his headphone, “What?”

Shen Zixiao pointed at the balcony, “There seems to be a show outside.”

Jian Ran didn’t feel like joining the fun, and said nonchalantly “Oh.”

Shen Zixiao pulled him up from the gaming chair, “Come on, take a look.”

When the two arrived at the balcony, they saw a pile of people downstairs in the dormitory.

“Oh no, not again!” Shen Zixiao yelled, “Can’t they think of something new when confessing? Anything besides setting up candles or waving candles, I’m tired of seeing them continue to do it after only a year.”

Jian Ran said: “No, this is boys’ dormitory.”

“Yeah, which girl is so careless about this.” Shen Zixiao paused, “It can’t be that Japanese xihua is confessing to Ren Qinglin, right?”

Jian Ran shook his head, “Look carefully at the shape of the candle.”

Shen Zixiao tilted his head and studied for a while, “What the hell is this thing? what formation is this…”

“Don’t know.”

Jian Ran felt a phone vibrate in his pocket, he took it out and took a look.

.R: Xuezhang, look up.

Jian Ran instinctively raised his head and saw two people standing on the balcony of the dorm room which is directly opposite to him.

It was too dark, Jian Ran couldn’t see their faces, but the tall boy looked like Ren Qinglin.

Jian Ranranran:?


.R: Can’t you see me?

Jian Ranranran: The other side has so many people, of course I can’t see ordinary people like you.

.R: Xuezhang, do you have bad eyes?

Jian Ranranran: Dad’s vision in both eyes is 1.2! It’s just you are too ordinary!

.R: What about now

Jian Ranranran:?

Jian Ran looked up to the opposite, only to see the balcony where Ren Qinglin was, lighting up a light—Ren Qinglin turned on the flashlight on his phone.


Jian Ranranran: I saw it, I saw it, quickly turn it off for Lao Tzu.

The opposite flashlight went out. Shen Zixiao who’s beside him is still wondering what the hell those people below are doing.

Jian Ranran: Do you know what’s going on downstairs?

.R: The weather has been too hot recently, and many people can’t stand it during military training.

Jian Ranran: 【So miserable, but it’s not my business. jpg】

.R: ==

.R: I heard we don’t have to do military training when it rains, so they are setting up a ritual to beg for rain.

Jane Ranran:【Black Question Mark.jpg】

.R: The formation is found from the Internet.

Jian Ranran: 【Sabeining oxygen.jpg】10撒贝宁吸氧 if you curious

Jian Ran looked at the xuedi wearing camouflage uniforms downstairs and couldn’t help but say, “I’m speechless”

Jian Ran told Shen Zixiao about the ritual of begging for rain, and later he also had a silly face: “Damn, is that possible? The xuedi are so smart! So superstitious, don’t you think?”

Jian Ran scolded him: “You know science? People are definitely not superstitious, they just try to comfort their heart and have fun.”

Shen Zixiao said quietly: “It’s also a nine-year compulsory education. Why are they so good.” This kind of thing is much more interesting than setting candles to confess, and , he was stupidly excited: “Let’s go down and join the fuss?”

Jian Ran slumped back in his chair, “Don’t wanna, it’s too hot outside.”

Shen Zixiao already held the door handle but quickly released it, “You are right.”

When Jian Ran was about to start another game, Ren Qinglin sent another message.

.R: Is xuezhang free now?

Jian Ranranran: No.

.R: Come downstairs.

Jian Ranranran:.

He just said he wasn’t available right?

.R: Your mother asked me to give you something.

Jian Ran hesitated and said to Shen Zixiao, “I’ll go down.”

Shen Zixiao looked dumbfounded, “Didn’t you just say the weather was too hot for you so you don’t wanna go?”

“I’m heat-resistant.” Jian Ran walked to the door, turned back and picked up the baseball cap to put it on, “I’ll go.”

Shen Zixiao scratched his head: “How weird.”

He went outside which was just like a stove, Jian Ran walked downstairs while thinking if Ren Qinglin is playing him, he will throw him against the wall, with no mercy.

There are many people downstairs, in addition to the xuedi who sincerely ask for rain, there are also xuezhang who were watching the show.

In the crowd, Jian Ran saw Ren Qinglin at a glance.

He stood under a street lamp, dressed in black, standing casually like a superstar.

Seeing Jian Ran, Ren Qinglin smiled, “Xuezhang.”

Jian Ran maintained his high and cold demeanor, “Why would my mother let you bring me something?”

Ren Qinglin said: “My mom went to Guangzhou a few days ago, and your mom asked her to bring something to Beijing, after my mom came back, she gave me the things and asked me to bring them to you.”

“What is my mom and your mom…” Jian Ran was confused, “What is it exactly?”

With the dim street lamp, Ren Qinglin captured the impatience on Jian Ran’s face one by one.

He took a step closer to Jian Ran, “Xuezhang seems to become white again.”

Jian Ran was on guard like a rabbit.

-Here we go again, Ren Qinglin’s poems are coming soon!

Ren Qinglin lowered his eyes and glanced at Jian Ran’s calf, “Xuezhang, now it’s bright and long.”


Jian Ran raised his middle finger to Ren Qinglin without hesitation, “Fuc—”

Before he finished cursing, his hand was caught off guard.

Ren Qinglin’s fingers are slender and strong, with a little chill.

Jian Ran stiffened, “hei…”

Ren Qinglin spread Jian Ran’s palm, “Don’t move.”

A cold thing slipped on Jian Ran’s middle finger, drawing a dazzling trace in the air.

“This is our wedding ring, xuezhang.”


translator note:

middle finger for life.

  • 1
    playing games
  • 2
    Jian Ran
  • 3
    Ji Yuanxi
  • 4
    he is playing Apex guys
  • 5
    It means that you are not good at a certain level in some aspects, such as your level in a certain game is very low, others scold you, and say that you are dish B. Basically, he say; noob
  • 6
    department flower
  • 7
    Jian Ran
  • 8
    Shen Zixiao
  • 9
    in the raw written milk, can means; help or support. If you are confused why milk, it’s like a mom gives milk to her child so they can get stronger
  • 10
    撒贝宁吸氧 if you curious

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