Above the Firmament: Legend of Skyrim

Author: 焦糖冬瓜 (Jiāo Táng Dōng Guā)
Chapters: 68 + 2 extras
Translator: Lucia Rose
Editors: N/A
Schedule: No fixed schedule

Some Interesting Things to Know:

1) Chapters 1-13 were edited a long time ago by Nine Knights; this is why they read so well compared to the rest of the chapters. 🙈 In fact, prior to being posted on Dummy Novels, this story was hosted by Nocturne Translations.

2) I originally had a personal website set up for this story… until I realized for plugins (dark mode is a must!). ☠ TBH, I might move this story back to my private website… one day (i.e., when I become a millionaire). That’s why, please don’t worry if — in the far distant future — this page suddenly vanishes; just go to lethargicrosetls.wordpress.com. 😉

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