TTATTILH Chapter 4.18: Born like this?(2)

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Shen Zheng Duo was already aware of the matter involving Chang Yu Chi and also knew he frequented Club Zero. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to agree, “Alright, I’ll inform your teacher.”


How could he allow someone to get in the way of his son’s education?


And so, once school started, Xiang Han was surprised to discover that Shen Ze was in Class 1 while Chang Yu Chi was in Class 25. One was on the first floor while the other was on the fifth floor, a whole three levels between them.


As for him, he was ‘coincidentally’ in the second class. And even more coincidentally, the male dorm for those in class 1 was a bit lacking so some students needed to room with those from Class 2. Shen Ze was ‘coincidentally’ among these people and ‘coincidentally’ became Xiang Han’s roommate.


Originally, Xiang Han’s upper bunk had already been claimed by another person but when Shen Ze arrived, he asked the other, “Do you want the lower bunk?”


Thus, through a series of negotiations, Xiang Han’s upper bunk mate ‘coincidentally’ became Shen Ze.


Coming back from completing the errand to get hot water, Xiang Han was stunned to find Shen Ze laying on his bed reading a book. “Why are you here?”


Shen Ze closed his book and pointed above, “I’m living above you. It’s too difficult to climb up and down, so I’m just lying here for now.”


“W-Where’s Sun Yang Yang?” Xiang Han asked in astonishment.


“I’m here.” Sun Yang Yang waved at him with a smile and said, “I heard that he’s your brother? So, I’ve swapped with him.” He definitely wouldn’t mention the petty benefits he’d received from Shen Ze.


Xiang Han was speechless. Although he wasn’t clear on what happened, he didn’t have a good feeling about this.


True enough, ever since Shen Ze began staying in his dorm, he started to concern himself with Xiang Han’s life at every turn.


As long as there was the slightest hint of movement from him, Shen Ze would ask, “Where are you going?”


As long as someone came to look for him, Shen Ze would watch over him like a hawk.


During meals, no matter who sat at the same table as him, they’d be frightened away by Shen Ze’s cold eyes.


As for Chang Yu Chi, he’d been unwilling to give up at the start and continued to pester Shen Ze. As a result, he was forced to transfer to another school.


Lying on his bed, Xiang Han fell into deep thought. Was he being too narcissistic? Shen Ze couldn’t have become just like the targets from the previous few worlds and also… suddenly fell for him, right?


He couldn’t help but choke. He thought it was because he’d been too stunned by his own conjunction, but it turned out, it was only because he needed to use the toilet. Therefore, he quickly got up and put on his shoes.


Hearing movement, Shen Ze instinctively turned to look at him in silence. When Xiang Han reached the door, he finally couldn’t resist asking, “Where are you going?”


“Toilet.” Xiang Han’s face was covered in black lines. Before he’d even taken two more steps, he recalled his hunch from earlier and suddenly felt a need to clarify matters.


Thus, he held back the call of nature and turned back. Hanging off the edge of Shen Ze’s bunk, he tilted his head and asked, “Why do you always need to know where I’m going?”


Saying so, he carefully observed Shen Ze’s expression in an attempt to discover any changes.


However, Shen Ze was very calm. He didn’t even look up and replied, “If you’re going to get water, help me fill up my bottle with hot water.”


Xiang Han was doubtful. Could it be, he’d been too narcissistic? Eyeing his surroundings, he saw that no one was nearby and lowered his voice to question, “Do you…”


Shen Ze put down his book. Seeing the other person’s red face, he thought it was because he had to urgently go and couldn’t help reminding him, “You’re not afraid of peeing your pants?”


It was fine before, but once he said this, Xiang Han felt that he couldn’t hold back any more.


At this time, Sun Yang Yang just had to come back and hear these last three words. “Who peed their pants?”


Xiang Han glared at them and held his bladder as he left.


By the time he came back to the dorm once more, he already forgot what he’d intended to ask. Seeing him return, Sun Yang Yang called him over, “Come eat some chicken feet, my mom sent me a box.”


“Not eating,” Xiang Han replied in disdain. “They’ve stepped on their own poop before.” He’d raised chickens in the past, he was experienced.


Sun Yang Yang was instantly filled with disgust and picked up a piece to stuff in Xiang Han’s mouth, “They’ve been sanitised before, how is it dirty?”


Xiang Han cried out pitifully and in the end, was forced to finish one.


After eating, he was surprised to discover that things like chicken feet, which didn’t have much appeal at first, became tastier the longer he gnawed on it. Thus, he demanded, “Give me another.”


As for what he wanted to ask Shen Ze, he had completely forgotten.


Shen Ze sat on his bed with a dark expression. Who knew how, but the next day,  he’d managed to leave school and bought a huge bag of chicken feet for him.


Xiang Han was extremely touched but grew sick of it after a while. In the end, he shared it with his dorm mates. After Shen Ze found out, his expression grew ever darker.


However, it was because of this that Xiang Han finally remembered what he’d wanted to ask yesterday. Now that there wasn’t anyone else in the dorm, he feigned a joking tone and asked, “Brother, you’re treating me so good recently. Could it be that you’ve fallen for me?”


A light in Shen Ze’s eyes flickered and his mouth moved faster than his brain. He didn’t even think before answering, “Yeah.”


After his reply, he tensed up and could no longer focus on his book. He didn’t know what sort of reaction to expect.


Hearing Shen Ze’s casual reply and seeing him remain ‘calm’ without even lifting his head, Xiang Han suspected that he was also joking. At this time, someone else had returned, so he just laughed along. ‘Haha’ could be considered his reply.


This time, Shen Ze’s expression changed. He nearly tore his book in anger.


After asking, Xiang Han extremely regretted doing so. It had been too awkward and Shen Ze didn’t even say anything, why did he have to go and ask? Thankfully, his roommate had returned just in time and interrupted them.


The conversation, which left the two boy’s thoughts in vastly different places, merely ended with a ‘haha’.


In their second year of high school, Shen Ze finally exploded when Xiang Han received a love letter. Dragging Xiang Han into the equipment room, he didn’t wait before erupting, “Didn’t I tell you I like you? Why are you still accepting other people’s love letters?!”


Xiang Han looked at him awkwardly, “This is for you, I’m only delivering it…”


Shen Ze, “…”


“Wait, what did you just say?” Xiang Han’s brain lagged and finally caught up to the situation, effectively grasping the crux instantly.


Shen Ze, “…”


“I said that I like you!” He huffed furiously, heavily emphasizing each word.


Xiang Han was flabbergasted, his gut feeling had finally come true. But like a dying fish, he still struggled for a bit, “Weren’t you… just kidding?”


Instead of replying, Shen Ze stepped towards him and reached out both hands to trap him against the wall. He intended to prove it through his actions


However, a light cough abruptly came from the equipment room. As if struck by a bolt of lightning, Xiang Han pushed him away in panic and began to look for the source.


Shen Ze also calmed down, his cautious gaze wandered over the room.


Finally, a middle-aged man appeared from behind an equipment rack, holding a basketball with a complicated expression.


Xiang Han couldn’t help yelling in his heart, how unlucky! Then, he lowered his head and greeted, “Principal.”


Shen Ze’s expression tensed, but after a moment, he smiled and feigned calmness, “Hello principal.”


Principal Zhang only came to pick up a basketball and never thought he’d chance upon a confession scene between his students. He believed it was only some boy and girl playing at jealousy, but never expected to see two males.


He was frustrated. He didn’t discriminate against homosexual relationships but that didn’t mean he approved of them. Especially when it came to these high schoolers whose three world views had yet to completely develop. Who knewknows if it was just a momentary infatuation?


If it was in the past, he definitely would’ve already contacted their parents and forced them to break up. However, such a case had taken place in 23rd High before and the situation had been blown out of proportion. One had comitted suicide while the other withdrew from school. After leaving school, he’d been chased out of his family and became a degenerate.


Principal Zhang couldn’t help but be cautious. Spinning the basketball in his hands, he tossed it aside and wiped his hands. “You two… follow me to my office.”


Shen Ze’s gaze grew wary but his expression still remained calm, and even carried a hint of a smile when he said, “Principal Zhang, I was only joking with him. We’re usually like this…”


“Do you think I’m blind?” They were only one step away from kissing. Principal Zhang interrupted him in a bad mood and ordered, “Follow me.”


Seeing their anxious expression, he finally softened his tone, “Don’t worry, I won’t call your parents for now.”


Shen Ze saw that he didn’t seem angry and nodded at Xiang Han to follow along.


Reaching the principal’s office, three pairs of eyes stared at each other and after a long while, Principal Zhang finally asked, “How long has it been? Were you born like this or did something influence you?”


“Born like this,” Shen Ze replied.


Xiang Han hesitated. He’d never considered this matter in the past, but ever since he entered the virtual world, it seems like… he’s never liked a woman before?


Could it be that he’s also born naturally bent? Xiang Han abruptly came to a realisation.


“What about you? Principal Zhang turned towards him.


He coughed, “That, probably… natural?”


“Forget it, you guys wait for me.” Principal Zhang turned on his computer and who knew what he was searching for but after a while, he suddenly printed a few sheets of paper and handed it to them. “Take this test, you must take it seriously… No, you should answer it based on your first instincts.”


Shen Ze received the test papers and his expression grew strange. This test… he’d actually done it before.


After completing it once, he was sure that he’d be able to obtain results that proveds he was born naturally bent. But Xiang Han… he couldn’t help glancing to the side.


Xiang Han was extremely focused on his paper and after passing it back, his eyes were filled with tense anticipation. On the contrary, Shen Ze was extremely calm, as if he already knew the result.


Principal Zhang judged their tests silently. Shen Ze’s results couldn’t turn away from a natural-born characteristic. However, looking at Shen Han’s reaction, it should probably be a moment of muddle-headedness; he still had a chance to be saved.


Their country wasn’t as liberal as others and this path of homosexuality wasn’t an easy one. Principal Zhang sighed and shook his head. After looking at the results, he was instantly dumbfounded. They’re both naturally bent?


This was an evaluation from a legitimate website which was rumoured to be extremely reliable.


Principal Zhang’s expression further grew solemn. After another round of questions, any remaining hope finally vanished. He warned them, “I don’t object to this matter but I also don’t support it. After you graduate, I won’t care but while you’re still in school, don’t talk about homosexuality. Even if you fall for the opposite gender, you need to endure it. Which year are you two in?”


“Year 2,” they both answered.


“Oh, already in year 2 yet neither of you have any awareness regarding the severity of this matter at all.” Principal Zhang rapped his knuckles on the table and emphasised, “What’s the most important goal for a student? To study! What was your ranking in last month’s examination?”


“First,”both of them replied simultaneously.


Principal Zhang fell silent for a moment before asking, “Which stream?”


“He’s in arts, I’m in science,” Shen Ze replied.


Principal Zhang, “…”


“Regardless, I don’t care what you boys do outside of school, but don’t let me catch you again. Alright, go back and give me your reflection tomorrow.” Principal Zhang was extremely moody. Even those first in school had time to date, it looks like their homework wasn’t enough, he should…


“Wait,” he suddenly stopped them and asked, “Which class are you from?”


“Class 1.”


“Class 2.”


Hmm, he should inform the respective teachers of each class and let the head of each subject delegate more homework.


Principal Zhang waved a hand and repeated, “Remember my words, your teachers will help keep watch over you two. If I catch you again, I’ll call your parents!”

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