Welcome to Dummy Novels.

Here’s your guide to getting started. Feel free to ask any mod or translator for help if you need.

  1. Ensure that you have read through the google docs titled ‘translators document’ sent to your email/discord. PM me if you need a copy.
  2. New translators have a probationary period of 1~3 months depending. Translators are subjected to review based on consistency and quality of work. If you feel that this group is not suitable for you during your time here, you need to let me know before leaving.
  3. Take your time to read through the instructions here. Once you are ready, PM Vivi#1040 the username and email you would like to use
  4. Access the link via the email provided. Change your password and log in.
  5. Set up your user profile
  1. After you have selected a series and received approval, create a novel content page
  2. Fill in the details of all required fields: Title, cover image, chinese title, author, no. of chapters, genre, translator, editor, status
  3. Click on ‘submit for review’ and PM me on discord

Things to note:

  • For the first initial release, translators are required to post at least 2 chapters (e.g. Chapter 1 and 2). Once you have posted the chapters, inform a mod and submit the blurb you have written earlier.
  • If your novel falls under a genre that is not available, let me know so that I can add it in.
  • Remember to add it to NovelUpdates if you want to it to be listed in the directory
  1. Input the chapter title field as instructed
  2. Input the chapter number and part if there is one
  3. Search for your own series (Note: Relevant Novel Page must have already been submitted for review and approved before you can see it)
  4. Indicate NSFW if you require a content warning sign at the start of your chapter.
  5. Post it immediately or schedule it.
NOTE: If you’re scheduling posts, avoid scheduling 2 posts from the same series for the SAME release time. The site orders the chapters by the release date so having two chapters posted at the same time may confuse the order of the chapters.

As you have seen, updates are automatically posted onto our discord update channel using an acronym of the novel title.

  1. Choose an acronym and a emoji
  2. PM me
  • Discord bot typically takes 10~20 minutes to post an update on the channel. Inform a mod if the bot missed a release after 20 minutes of waiting.

Once you have posted 20 chapters, please submit a request for ad revenue sharing here

Remember to read through the translator’s guide before asking any questions.

Things to note:

  • 20 chapters do not need to be from the same series. You can have 10 each from two different novels.
  • 20 chapters do not include novel pages
  • The actual amount that you’ll receive in your bank account will be slightly smaller than the amount you withdraw because payment processors (paypal) charge fees for the transfer.

The site follows a +8 GMT. Schedule chapters with this in mind.


Congratulations on completing a series! Now, here’s a list of things to fully wrap up that awesome novel of yours~

  1. Change ‘ongoing’ to ‘completed’ in your novel page
  2. Post a notice on #dum-novels-notice and tag @completed @seriesrole along with the message you’d like to inform them that your series is completed (otherwise a mod will just post a generic one for that series after 3 days)

Optional: Pick up a new series



By default, the site uses single line breaks. Click on the ‘format text’ button to remove additional line breaks

Insert the content you want to be hidden

Here is an example text[ mfn]this is the text in your foot note footnote [/mfn]

or use the footnote button on the editor > it will appear like this:

Here is an example text1this is the text in your foot note footnote

Remember to remove the space in front of [ mfn]

For if you want to hide text (e.g. spoilers, NSFW)

[ dropdown title= ‘NSFW you want readers to click on’] content you want to hide here[/dropdown]
It will appear like this:
NSFW you want readers to click on content you want to hide here

Recruiting extra help

Translators are strongly encouraged to enlist the help of an editor for all projects to improve the overall quality of your novels.

Positions available:

  • Co-translator
  • Editor
  • Co-editor
  • Proofreader
  • Translation checker

Since translators will be the ones working closely together with the editor/proofreaders, you will be responsible for all communication with them, including overseeing the recruitment process of a position for your novel.

  1. Post a message in the #recruitment-notice channel of Dummy Sect. Tag yourself, state the series, and positions you are recruiting for.  
  2. Screening process:
  • Applicants will contact you directly via discord. You can choose to prepare a test for them or use this sample.
  • You will be responsible for judging their quality and deciding if they are suitable for you.
  • Let me know the discord IDs of new staff.

All translators/co-translators will have to apply through dummy’s recruitment form and take the translator test. Should you choose to recruit a co-translator that does not wish to take the test, you will be solely responsible for them but they will be considered as separate from the group. Thus, they will not be eligible for ad-revenue nor have access to the backend of the site. However, you are free to pay them as you wish on your own.

Same conditions for a dummy co-translator applies:

  • Co-translator must have 20 posted chapters before they can start earning ad revenue.
  • Main translator and co-translator chapter counts are not combined


minimum 1x a week

  • PM me on discord with the following information: Title, raws link, translated synopsis, update schedule, editors/proofreaders (put none if there is no one), positions you will be recruiting for, additional remarks.
  • Use them sparingly for long chapters. A good guide would be about 1.8k~2.4k (English) words per chapter

As mentioned in the translator’s docs, please be responsible and prepare ahead for such circumstances. Let us know if you have any urgent emergency.

  • If you require a break for personal reasons, try to give us a timeline of when you will be able to return.
  • Make sure you inform a mod and update the status of the novel as well as the organisation docs.


This is a general guide put together by editors of dummy. They’re to help new editors standardise. Feel free to suggest changes/additions by PMing Mimishijie

Click here for style guide


Click here for a glossary of internet slangs

  • Pleco

Happy translating~

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