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Reminder: This tutorial heavily revolves around Bite Your Fingertips’ audio drama, so for those who came for other audio dramas and are only interested in knowing how to register, top-up diamonds, or buy episodes, please do click on the corresponding sections above. Thank you~

Xena’s intro

Hello everyone, so I decided to create this on a whim after seeing that Bite Your Fingertips’ audio drama has subtitles that translates into English if you have your google translate switched on, although it’s not that perfect, but because of this, there’s a higher chance that many would want to finish the whole series right? At least that’s the case for me

I’m making this as I go along the registration, so we’ll be first-timers together yipee \>.</ Having said so, I’m not familiar with 猫耳FM (Mao Er FM/Cat Ear FM), please forgive me if I make some mistakes in this tutorial. Arigatouuuu~

Bite Your Fingertips Audio Drama Page

Clicking this link, https://m.missevan.com/drama/34220, will bring you to Bite Your Fingertips’ main page:

Do not panic! Let’s go through this step by step. —I panicked the first time (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

If you turn on your google translate, you will be shown ✨magic✨:

If you scroll down a bit and click something just below Introduction, you’ll see info about the series.
This was uploaded on January 20??? w(°o°)w

It stated that the first 4 episodes are free to listen to, now where are those 4 episodes (•ิ_•ิ)? (See boxed items below)

I suggest you first click on 主役亮相花絮, the “Main Cast Public Debut Highlights” which is the second one after “Notice”. 

After clicking on that, you’ll be brought to the page below. Click on the button looking like the Youtube logo and a video will play.

The little icon on the right side is for turning the subtitle and barrage on or off.
—Man, Lu Mingyue was funny XD He’s the one acting for Lu Shi.

For episode 1, which is “Phase one” as per google translate, there’s no video because it’s where the real audio drama starts. Playing it is the same, by clicking on the youtube logo-like button.

The barrage is a bit overwhelming so the subtitle may be a bit hard to see. I boxed it on the pic below. Good thing is, the subs are highlighted inlight blue and can be differentiated from the barrage. 

And pfft- can anyone remember where this scene is, from the earlier chapters? Hint: a sleeve-tattooed brother in red shorts might have said this… 

If you click anywhere on the space where the barrage is showing, a section “Here’s some barrage~” will pop up where you can send barrage, together with the icon for turning subs and barrage on or off. You’ll be able to send barrage after registration, restrain your hands for now…

Okay, we’re done with the basic navigations! Let’s proceed with the registration.

How to Register

To arrive at the registration page, you can either click a locked episode; the boxes tagged with yellow at the upper right corner: Or, you can click on the three lines at the topmost right of the page:

If you clicked on a locked episode

Clicking on a locked episode will bring you to something like the pic below. Click Listen now. 

Then confirm payment. Be advised that this is only to bring you to the registration page for now and not to confirm payment for anything (at least not directly).

If you clicked on the three lines

Meanwhile, clicking on the three lines will make this pop up. Proceed with Click to Login.

Registration Page

Congratulations, you have arrived at the registration page!

Click onregister

Fill out or do what’s being asked. Keep in mind that the countries for phone number are not in alphabetical order, it might be a pain to look for your country but keep looking! I’m sure it’s there.

A congratulations from the site will show up (I wasn’t able to screenshot it TT sorry), and you’ll be automatically be sent to the homepage.

As you scroll down, you’ll see many features of the site, clicking the hanging cat at the right side brings you right back up (it’s so fun clicking it, I can’t get enough?)

Topping up Your Diamonds

Once your on the homepage, hover your mouse arrow on the cat or your username at the menu bar. Click on My purse.

Then you’ll be brought to another tab where you’re offered payment methods: WeChat Pay, Alipay, QQ Wallet, and recharge quantity: from 20 to your own preferred amount. A corresponding QR code will show up for each option once you click confirm payment.

This is the hardest part. I didn’t bother with QQ and placed my bets on WeChat Pay or Alipay. Below are two videos on tutorials of how to open an account and be able to top up money on either of the two. Unfortunately, I have no passport, don’t ask why, I’ll only answer with I’m poor (ಥ﹏ಥ).

Congrats to those who have, now you only need patience and persistence.

Buying Audio Drama Episodes

Even though I wasn’t able to recharge my diamonds, I hope you were. If you’re done with that step, buying episodes is fairly easy. I’m not sure if you can buy them per episode because I’ve checked a couple of other audio dramas (Little Mushroom, Global College Entrance Examination, Guide on How to Fail at Online Dating, FOG [Esports]) and they’re all bought as a whole bunch, you need to unlock the entire series’ locked episodes. If someone has experience or has completed this step, please comment down below if each episode still needs to be bought! Is that big amount only an entrance fee???

A Step-by-Step

First, search for the series, or novel you’re interested in. You can copy the Chinese title from novelupdates or jjwxc and paste it on the search bar then click the magnifying glass button or just hit enter on your keyboard.

You’ll see this next, click the accurate match for the title you’ve searched.

After arriving here, you can choose to click that big yellow button, or the > arrow to go to the locked episodes.

Mao Er’s mascot will appear with a card either way. If you click Listen now, you’ll be asked to recharge if you don’t have enough diamonds in your account (like me(-ω-、), or you’ll proceed with a confirmation card—is my guess.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Once you’ve finished registering, you’ll realize, wait, why can’t I see the barrage anymore?!

Well, fear no more, you need to keep in mind that m.missevan.com and missevan.com are different. That ‘m’ certainly did wonders. The one with the m is where the barrage shows up, well, sometimes the barrage shows up in the one without m but I just can’t figure out why it won’t show when I clearly have the barrage turned on! After a few trials and errors, I stuck with m.missevan.

The interface there is simpler compared to the other one where all rankings, popular, and so on are displayed. If you only want to watch in peace with the subtitles and barrage to accompany you, then go to m.missevan. Otherwise, go to missevan.com.

And if I may add, sending out my own barrage for the first time felt so satisfying, I felt like Lan Wangji writing ‘Lan Wangji was here’.

Happy watching to those who managed to go through the whole process!!!! 

To those who didn’t, (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ join me in my puddle of tears……1I’ll only be able to get a passport after college, so sad QAQ Maybe I’ll go straight to China and register for a Chinese bank account, that would be easier sigh

But at least, we managed to see the features of Mao Er, which is sooooo pleasing to the eyes. No wonder they have millions of users; just exploring their site is very rewarding and fun! Plus, popular novels are there too. Being able to register and hear those free episodes are still worth it. There’s also some audio drama that’s free like “Who Takes Who Seriously” from iQIYI Literature, and Erha and his White Cat Shizun by Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat, we just need to dig deeper if we want to see them.

Perhaps, many many years into the future, I’ll be able to get back to you guys with a full video tutorial. Not just Mao Er FM, but ximalaya and other audio drama platforms as well. Good morning, good afternoon, goodnight, everybody~ Thanks for visiting this failed tutorial of mine~~ Babai~~~

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    I’ll only be able to get a passport after college, so sad QAQ Maybe I’ll go straight to China and register for a Chinese bank account, that would be easier sigh

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