Chapter 4

Qiao Luo’s summer vacation came.

Mother and Father Qiao rewarded Qiao Luo for his good examination results and took him around Europe to travel.

In the beginning, Qiao Luo wanted Fu Zhi Zhou to go together with him, but Fu Zhi Zhou really didn’t have the time for it, so Qiao Luo could only follow his parents up the plane.

On the first day, Qiao Luo was airsick and felt a little uncomfortable. Upon landing, he vomited all the way till sundown, till his small face became as pale as candle wax. He could only return to the hotel and rest.

Qiao Luo leaned off the bed, took a straw and sipped on some lightly salted water. Feeling sad, he sent Fu Zhi Zhou a black pot over a Wechat message: I blame you for not coming, making me end up sick in bed.

Qiao Luo’s small body was indeed a little expensive1can also be ‘delicate’. ‘expensive’ in terms of monetary and fragility.. A cold could knock him straight onto the hospital bed. When he was a child, Fu Zhi Zhou would always be by his side whenever he fell sick. Although he didn’t talk to him (QL), he would always be holding his hand.

This was the first time that Qiao Luo had fallen sick with Zhou Zhou gege not only not by his side, but also very far away from him.

Fu Zhi Zhou’s reply came in fast: What’s wrong?

Qiao Luo typed: I feel so uncomfortable o(TヘTo)

Given an inch, he tried to take a mile2since FZZ replied so fast, he wanted to ask for more love~: I want to hear your voice (≧﹏≦)

Fu Zhi Zhou was silent for a moment then he called him via the Wechat voice call function.

Qiao Luo was flustered. After answering the call, he threw his phone aside and spoke to Fu Zhi Zhou on loud speaker.

His voice when he’s sick would become even softer, even stickier. He aggrievedly sold meng3acted cute, “Zhou Zhou gege, can I go and see you when I’m back?”

Just because of this “Zhou Zhou gege”, Fu Zhi Zhou was inwardly angry for quite a few days. When that troublemaking little rascal became sick and softly called out “gege”, Fu Zhi Zhou’s anger dissipated in a second, but he was still tense and serious as he replied a neutral “en”, and said, “Rest well.”

Qiao Luo acted coquettishly, “Coax me~”

If the two were together in the same place right now, this “coaxing” method was something Fu Zhi Zhou was incomparably familiar with—— rub his little face clean, feed him some water and hold his little hand to coax him to sleep.

But the problem here was that they were not in the same place.

Fu Zhi Zhou choked a little and said unnaturally, “Go to sleep.”

Qiao Luo maxed out his meng as if wanting Fu Zhi Zhou’s life, and humphed, “Zhou Zhou gege, can you coax me~”

This nasal cry made Fu Zhi Zhou’s head feel like it was going to explode. He was able to imagine Qiao Luo’s appearance as he gazed expectantly at him with his big watery eyes and his aggrieved look. Throwing his pen to the side, he walked to the corridors and said with an awkward tone, “Not allowed to cry.”

Qiao Luo didn’t cry but his tummy felt uncomfortable. Hearing these 4 words, he quit his coquettish act, “You’re so fierce to me.”

Fu Zhi Zhou held his temples, “I wasn’t.”

Qiao Luo thought about it then requested, “Then say this to me: Luo Luo, be good. Once you’re back from overseas, Zhou Zhou gege will come and accompany you.”

He soften his voice and dragged out his syllables as he begged, “Say it quickly~”

Fu Zhi Zhou took a deep breath and could only spit out two words, “Be good.”

Qiao Luo was satisfied and emphasised once more, “Promise me that I can come find you once I’m back.” With this, he finally released Fu Zhi Zhou.

Father Qiao bought back some medicine but Qiao Luo had already fallen asleep with his heart full of satisfaction.

Mother Qiao whispered to her husband, “If our child was a daughter, we would have long since married her to the Fu family’s child.”

She lifted her chin to point at Qiao Luo, “Just exchanged a call with the other and he’s finally stopped messing around, obediently going to sleep.”

The Fu family’s child on the other hand, was doing proper business.

Together with a couple of his classmates, he wrote a program for a small game. The response to it was pretty good and there was a gaming company who had an eye on it already. They were currently in talks of a cooperation with the company.

The one who represented the company was a senior of theirs. The atmosphere was harmonious and friendly. Once Fu Zhi Zhou came back, he even teased, “A girlfriend?”

Fu Zhi Zhou was almost choked to death from his own saliva, and said helplessly, “A kid at home. He fell sick and was making a fuss for me.”

His classmates froze, “No way, Lao4endearment between close friends Fu, you have a child?”

Fu Zhi Zhou, “…… My younger brother.”

Not sure of where this sudden urge to flaunt had come from, once the Fu Zhi Zhou who didn’t usually speak much finished talking, he added in another sentence, “He has been very clingy to me since young. Without me nearby when he’s sick, he becomes very unhappy.”

The said kid who was unhappy had finally gotten his Zhou Zhou gege’s awkward comfort. He had a good comfortable sleep and by the next day, he was revived, as healthy as a dragon, as lively as a tiger.

It was his first overseas trip, plus he was at an age where he liked to play around, so everywhere he went felt new and refreshing.

He hung a camera on his neck and with a “peng-peng-da-da”, he snapped a lot of photos as he went along.

——Fu Zhi Zhou’s phone rang and vibrated for the whole day.

To be precise, it was only for half a day.

Qiao Luo’s phone and camera were linked and both devices took photos wherever he went. He could take 7 or 8 photos for just one place. After that, he would choose the best photo and immediately send it to Fu Zhi Zhou.

Fu Zhi Zhou looked through carefully at every single photo and then pressed save. He even made a few albums for the photos. After that, he replied to Qiao Luo, “Not allowed to send anymore.”

Qiao Luo speedily sent a “pitiful and pathetic” sticker meme, asking: Why can’t I send?

Fu Zhi Zhou: Ugly.

Qiao Luo held his phone and with a “ka-ka-ka” sound, he took a few selfies and asked: Then is this good looking?

Fu Zhi Zhou: ……

Qiao Luo continued his pestering and sent three consecutive messages: Is it handsome? Is it good-looking? Tell me, is it handsome!

Fu Zhi Zhou said in his heart, just why exactly did I have to agitate this little rascal? Then, he threatened: Walk properly, don’t come and trouble me if you fall down.

Qiao Luo refused to give up, determined not to let Fu Zhi Zhou change the topic: Quick say it! Is Luo Luo handsome or not!

For about half an hour, Fu Zhi Zhou ignored him.

Just as Qiao Luo forgot about this incident, his phone vibrated.

Fu Zhi Zhou: Handsome.

And then, Qiao Luo really fell.

Regarding the matter about him being handsome, Qiao Luo was rather confident about himself. After he continued to pester Fu Zhi Zhou about this question, Fu Zhi Zhou never responded to him.

Once. He only replied once. It was during that incident in 5th grade where he was thrown into the pond by Fu Zhi Zhou.

At that time, he was playing soccer outside. In one game, he fell quite a number of times. When he reached home, he was just like a muddy monkey and even unreasonably drilled onto Fu Zhi Zhou’s bosom.

He was roughly and ruthlessly washed clean by Fu Zhi Zhou, then he was thrown into that pond where that fall still felt a little painful. But all these weren’t important. After washing up, he impatiently asked, “Is Luo Luo good looking?”

Fu Zhi Zhou was still covered in mud and even sprayed with water. He was raging to the point of fuming and said, annoyed, “You’re ugly to death.”

Qiao Luo felt attacked on the spot. After that incident, for a few years, he had never asked Fu Zhi Zhou this question ever again.

This time round, he thickened his skin to take a selfie. Qiao Luo was prepared to be ignored by Fu Zhi Zhou or hear another sentence of “ugly”. Anyway, he was having fun overseas. After feeling disdainful for a while, he would feel much better again.

But, Fu Zhi Zhou had actually said, handsome.

Qiao Luo jumped around in excitement and in a moment, he landed on air and sturdily fell big time.

Qiao Luo rubbed his little butt in agonising pain, thinking: He said that I was handsome so I won’t say that he has a crow’s beak5someone who predicts an ominous event and ends up becoming a reality!


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  • 1
    can also be ‘delicate’. ‘expensive’ in terms of monetary and fragility.
  • 2
    since FZZ replied so fast, he wanted to ask for more love~
  • 3
    acted cute
  • 4
    endearment between close friends
  • 5
    someone who predicts an ominous event and ends up becoming a reality


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