Chapter 34

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On the second day, they went mountain climbing. In the middle of summer, this was practically a torment.

Just before they set off, Fu Zhi Zhou caught Qiao Luo and applied sunblock for him. Qiao Luo hated the oily texture and refused to comply. So, he tousled around with Fu Zhi Zhou, rubbed and pushed Fu Zhi Zhou’s face with the back of his hand. However, Fu Zhi Zhou grabbed that unscrupulous hand and stuffed his fingers into Qiao Luo’s mouth, teasing the tip of his tongue with up and down motions.

Poof— Qiao Luo’s face had instantly caught on fire. When Fu Zhi Zhou did him, he teased him like this too.

With a red face, his well-behaved self stayed online, allowing Fu Zhi Zhou to apply the sunblock for him. After smearing all over his neck and face, Fu Zhi Zhou took out a sunblock mist and sprayed it continuously on Qiao Luo’s little thin arms and little thin legs.

Qiao Luo hesitated but couldn’t hold back atlas, “You are really an amazing gay. You even use the mist version. Don’t tell me you even prepared a small flowery umbrella for me.”

Fu Zhi Zhou had truly prepared a sun umbrella. All these were prepared based on the teachings of Dashing Fattie’s girlfriend.

He was afraid that Qiao Luo would suffer from sunburn, so he dragged another’s girlfriend into questioning. In the end, Dashing Fattie’s girlfriend could not take it anymore, ridiculing that Fu Zhi Zhou was practically raising a “son”. Then, she went on Taobao and ordered the sunblock and umbrella for Fu Zhi Zhou.

Thus. the sunblock mist was kept in their carry-on bag. As if in a magic trick, Fu Zhi Zhou pulled out a small black umbrella from the luggage, “No flowers. I can paste some flower stickers for you when we return. Hold this.” 

Qiao Luo swayed his legs. Holding the umbrella and playing with it for a while, he asked coquettishly, “Can I not hold it?”

Fu Zhi Zhou issued a ticket of rejection, “No. Your art exams are coming, what if you become tan?”

Qiao Luo still wasn’t keen. Pulling his lips to express his unhappiness, “Fu Zhi Zhou, a very troublesome man.”

Fu Zhi Zhou watched as he puckered his tender pale pink lips cutely and leaned forward to kiss it, playing roguish, “If you’re tan, the marks I left for you won’t be so obvious anymore.”

Qiao Luo blanked out. He jumped out of bed and dashed out with the umbrella. He hopped into the lift without waiting for Fu Zhi Zhou. Tinges of red remained stuck on his face even as he reached the lobby.

The other 4 people were already waiting after keeping their things. Dashing Fattie had bought a few boxes of Baxi ice cream from the convenient store next to them. Sharing one with Qiao Luo, he coaxed like an adoring grandpa spoiling his grandson, “Faster eat while your boyfriend isn’t down yet.”

Zhao Zi piped in, “Quick, quick, quick! Look how red you are from the heat. I’ll cover you, if he scolds you, just say that it was I who gave it to you.”

Qiao Luo wasn’t sure if he should laugh or cry. Tearing open the Baxi ice cream, he ate two bites. It was rum flavored, Fu Zhi Zhou’s most favourite. Thus, he stopped eating and decided to save it for him. Without any sense of appreciation, he commented, “He won’t scold me.”

Rendered speechless, Zhao Zi’s care was clearly one-sided, with not a slight hint of reciprocation. 

At this moment, Fu Zhi Zhou came down with a bag that swelled obviously more than others, filled with 2 people’s worth of items. 

Qiao Luo hopped forward with his reddened cheeks and gave the Baxi ice cream to Fu Zhi Zhou, “Here! Your favourite flavour!”

Zhao Zi, “……”

Dashing Fattie, “……”

The other two girls were amused into laughter. Zhao Zi held his own girl’s hand, resolute in his decision to ignore Qiao Luo, this idiot from Fu Zhi Zhou’s family, “Let’s go, it’s us who aren’t good enough.”

They had a light breakfast outside. After purchasing a few bottles of drinks and water, they departed on the bus.

The summer heat couldn’t warm down everyone’s passionate enthusiasm for travelling. It was crowded at tourist attractions, but there were lots of little carts selling all sorts of trinkets. Be it pearls, skewers or scenes of people taking group photos, all could be found everywhere.

They weren’t too anxious about reaching the summit. They played around during their hike. The two girls each bought a flower wreath and wore it on their heads, as they went into their signature selfie poses, or ordering their boyfriends to take photos of them.

Zhao Zi and Dashing Fattie were the true embodiment of a straight man— The photos they took were their evidence.

Their respective girlfriends were frustrated at them as the girls decided to take photos for each other instead, giving up on their partners.

Zhao Zi was a witty and humorous fellow, yet before his girlfriend, he was the rumored “little milk pup”, selling his cutesy act, “Jie, let’s take a photo.”

After Dashing Fattie’s girlfriend took the photo for them, they took the chance to have Zhao Zi’s girlfriend snap a picture of Dashing Fattie and her.

Qiao Luo watched on as the word, “jealous”, nearly popped out of his eyes. Fu Zhi Zhou tugged on his short sleeves, retrieving Qiao Luo back to him. Then, he called out to Zhao Zi, “A photo of us too!”

Qiao Luo was extremely pleased. He hurriedly positioned himself into his most handsome pose, even wanting to secretly link hands with Fu Zhi Zhou.

As a result, in the second that Zhao Zi’s finger landed on the shutter, Fu Zhi Zhou turned sideways and placed his lips on Qiao Luo’s face.

Zhao Zi, who was made to take their photo, “……”

“What did I just witness!! An old hooligan bullying our little cutie pie! I’m going blind!! I’m going to wash my eyes!”

Fu Zhi Zhou returned his hand, “Who’s ‘our’ little cutie pie? Stop coveting my boyfriend.”

Zhao Zi, “…… Just get lost!”

Qiao Luo looked at their bantering chatter, the corner of his eyes bending from elation. He just loved to hear the way Fu Zhi Zhou addressed him with 2 words, “my boyfriend”.

It was nearly noon by the time they were halfway through the hike. The sun glares were even poisonous. Qiao Luo could now perceive Fu Zhi Zhou’s wisdom— Zhao Zi and Dashing Fattie had drenched backs from soaking in the sun. They started to bend down and take shelter under their girlfriends’ umbrellas.

Qiao Luo observed how the others walked hand-in-hand, in groups of two. Feeling much envy, he made himself known in front of Fu Zhi Zhou and started his coquettish act, “Hands sore~”

Fu Zhi Zhou could see through his thoughts at a glance. Taking over the umbrella, “Let’s go.”

The hand that was just freed wiggled and squirmed. He looked at Fu Zhi Zhou with big deary eyes, “You…… aren’t going to hold my hand?”

He dished out the most common words used during their childhood, “There’s so many people, I may get lost.”

Fu Zhi Zhou was highly entertained. Without any complaints for the heat, he slung an arm over Qiao Luo’s shoulders, “En, it wouldn’t do good if you get lost. Where else could I kidnap a little boy to be my boyfriend?”

Their lunch was dined at the store located in the middle of the mountain. Qiao Luo might be squeamish, but the main reason for that was because he just wanted to act cute to Fu Zhi Zhou. His physical strength was pretty good.

However, the two girls had sore legs already. They discussed it and decided to take the ropeway down halfway.

The key was that each compartment of the ropeway could seat two people. It was as if it was tailor made for romance between lovers.

In any case, Qiao Luo did notice this point. From the moment the compartment started swaying as it went up slowly, he drilled closer into Fu Zhi Zhou, even taking the liberty to hook Fu Zhi Zhou’s arm around his waist.

Fu Zhi Zhou was worried that he wouldn’t be safe if he kept moving, so he asked after securing his hold on Qiao Luo, “You still dare to move around? Not scared of dropping down?”

Qiao Luo made a face as he looked back at the scenery behind them. His lips fluttered lightly against Fu Zhi Zhou’s face as he said very childishly, “I just feel that with you here, I would be fine even if I drop from here.”

Fu Zhi Zhou caressed the little whorl of hair with laughter. Hugging Qiao Luo a little tighter, as a precaution in case this little fool dropped down with his blind trust towards himself, “Am I superman or batman? I can’t do anything even if you fall.”

Qiao Luo rested his chin on the hollow of Fu Zhi Zhou’s shoulder. Gazing at the verdant and lush forest getting left behind by them, he said tenderly, “But I’m just not scared— You’re hugging me so tightly, are you going to kiss me?”

Who else would dare to ask such things shamelessly? Fu Zhi Zhou focused his eyes on Qiao Luo, who had his eyes closed in preparation for a kiss, in amusement. Suspended several hundreds of meters above sea level, the two exchanged a sweet kiss. Once they arrived at the summit, Fu Zhi Zhou kissed Qiao Luo and said, “With me here, there’s indeed no reason for fear.”


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