Chapter 29

After the winter holidays came school. Qiao Luo was trapped in some sort of an entanglement.

On one hand, the last juncture of the arts1his dance exams examination was arriving very soon. He wished for the days to pass slowly.

On the other hand, his 18th birthday was also coming. He yearned for the arrival of that day with much anticipation.

So when the birthday that Qiao Luo had been looking forward to finally came, he felt that the disparity of reality and ideal was as wide as heaven and earth.


Qiao Luo’s birthday fell on a Thursday at the end of May. There wasn’t anyone who would grant him a birthday leave, so school had to be attended, the arts school had to be attended too. It was with much difficulty that he managed to hang onto nightfall. Because of his upcoming arts examination, he didn’t dare eat his birthday cake.

His expectations were sky high. On this birthday, other than an extra line of well wishes that stated “You will truly be a grown up in the future”, there were no other special exceptions. As a result, the disappointment was even higher.

“When feeling down, one would crave sweets.” This sentence spoke the truth.

After eating two beef briskets, he stared wide-eyed at Fu Zhi Zhou, “I want to eat cake.”

Fu Zhi Zhou hadn’t bought any for him from the start. He gave him a piece of mushroom and lied through his teeth, “Here, cake.”

Qiao Luo didn’t want to eat it. He slumped his chin on the table and mumbled, “If I had known, I would have eaten more junk during the winter break……”

Fu Zhi Zhou patted him up, “Eat properly.”

Qiao Luo felt wronged. Why? He was already 18, a genuine and serious adult. Why was Fu Zhi Zhou still lecturing him like he was 8?

He puffed up his cheeks and glared at Fu Zhi Zhou. Then, he poured all the vegetables in his bowl onto Fu Zhi Zhou’s, “I’m not eating!”

Mother Qiao couldn’t watch any more, “Luo Luo, you’re already 18, so why are you making a fuss out of nothing? You are the one with the exams so what are you bullying Zhi Zhou for?”

Fu Zhi Zhou slowly chewed on Qiao Luo’s leftover food without any psychological barriers, “Aunt Qiao, it’s no problem, he’s just acting cute with me.”

Mother Qiao replied, “Don’t spoil him too much.”

Old Man Fu succeeded the quarrel and took out a piece of jade, “No need to be so strict with Luo Luo in front of family. Come, Grandpa Fu will give you a birthday present as your coming-of-age gift.”

The Qiao family didn’t accept it on the basis of it being too expensive. Only Fu Zhi Zhou’s heart was in great tremors, drifting along a stormy sea.

That jade originated from a pair. His grandfather kept it for a lifetime and today he saw the other half here with Little Gramps. That only meant that the two old men had finally resolved his heart’s knot.

He touched Old Man Fu’s hand, “Grandpa……?”

Old Man Fu waved a hand at him and the Qiao family, saying, “Zhi Zhou came to me when he was 7, but Luo Luo was only a small bean and made it less suffocating with his dance and songs. I wish to give this present to him.”

Qiao Luo didn’t understand the undermining intention and only after seeing his parents nod, did he then thanked Old Man Fu, placing the gift into a pocket of his bag carefully.

In that pocket, lay a fountain pen. It was from Fu Zhi Zhou. At this moment, a sense of comparison welled up and Qiao Luo gave Fu Zhi Zhou a kick under the table.

When Qiao Luo kicked Fu Zhi Zhou, he was very mature. Yet, when they almost reached home, he lost all that maturity. He stared at Fu Zhi Zhou innocently, “Can I sleep over at your house?”

Fu Zhi Zhou’s eyes stayed on the road ahead of him as he drove, not even sparing Qiao Luo a glance, “For what reason are you going to my house?”

Qiao Luo’s face reddened a little and he turned his head back to the front in a proper posture. After a while, he cupped his face and said in a small voice, “I’ve grown up already.”

Fu Zhi Zhou, “……”

Mother and Father Qiao were driving a separate car, but there was Old Man Fu in the backseat, who knew of the inside story and was dozing off, but still had to be taken into consideration.

Fu Zhi Zhou originally planned to lead Qiao Luo back into his own house, but after Qiao Luo said this, waves of unease poured over him, and he furrowed his brows to lecture Qiao Luo, “You don’t eat properly during dinner and act unreasonably, throwing tantrums, so tell me, how is this like a grown up?”

Qiao Luo felt aggrieved, “Isn’t it all because you gave me a fountain pen.”

Fu Zhi Zhou, “What do you want then?”

Before Qiao Luo could speak, Old Man Fu, who was seated in the back seat, pulled out the rug from under his feet, “What he wants to say is that it’s not something you prepared. Are you still planning to compensate him with another present in the middle of the night?”

Qiao Luo thought that his voice was soft enough and also thought that Old Man Fu was asleep. This moment, Old Man Fu had made him an anxious wreck. Hh hurriedly zipped his mouth and silently turned back, looking at Fu Zhi Zhou with begging eyes.

They arrived home. Fu Zhi Zhou undid his safety belt and said, “What did you think the jade represented? That was my grandfather’s gift to his granddaughter-in-law.”

Qiao Luo was stunned silly by this ‘granddaughter-in-law’. From the moment they started talking outside the car, his face turned bright red, almost wanting to run home directly from the embarrassment.

Just for this little rascal’s coming-of-age birthday, Fu Zhi Zhou had secretly planned it for god knows how long. How could he just let him run off like this? Fu Zhi Zhou tugged onto his bag and pulled the other back by his side, and then he spoke to Father Qiao, “I’ve been busy at school these few days. Since I’m back today, I’ll go check on his work.”

Fu Zhi Zhou was a man who would confess in one second and ask him if he had finished his homework in the next second. He was also a man who would force Qiao Luo to do his winter homework even though they could finally go on dates after many difficulties. In his little boyfriend’s heart, there was no trust that could be spoken of.

Qiao Luo followed Fu Zhi Zhou into the bedroom and tightly hugged his bag, “You’re not really going to check my school work, right……”

He hadn’t done it.

Fu Zhi Zhou was rendered helpless. He slung an arm over Qiao Luo’s shoulders and brought him back to his room, saying, “After fussing for a whole night, I’ve already prepared a birthday cake for you. But I’ll say first, you’re only allowed to eat one bite.”

Qiao Luo took a huge scoop with his spoon and ate it up. But after finishing it, he still wanted more. He looked at Fu Zhi Zhou dew-eyed, “Another bite please?”

Fu Zhi Zhou took away the cake and said strictly, “No.”

Qiao Luo felt wronged. His eyes floated along with the cake, looking especially pitiful.

Fu Zhi Zhou was actually distressed to the maximum, but if he let Qiao Luo eat it, Qiao Luo would definitely make a fuss over 1-2 non-existent extra pieces of meat the next day.

Thus, he pecked the corner of Qiao Luo’s lips, “I’ll buy it for you after your exams.”

This brought back Qiao Luo’s spirit. He retracted the gaze on the cake and said with extreme quick-wit, “Kiss me again. How ‘bout kissing me every time I want to eat snacks. If you occupy my lips, then I won’t want to eat.”

Fu Zhi Zhou was helpless towards Qiao Luo from the beginning. He took him into his arms and kissed him for a while before asking, “Getting only a fountain pen from me, are you feeling especially aggrieved?”

The kiss had made Qiao Luo obedient. His tiny face blushed as he spoke honestly, “Not really… I like everything that you give me.”

Fu Zhi Zhou knew it. He pinched that tiny face and said, “It was just to make trouble with me, right?”

Qiao Luo didn’t answer him. He merely leaned forward and took the initiative to kiss Fu Zhi Zhou. He spoke frankly in a soft voice, “Only wanted you to kiss me. I think that you have some sort of poison, making me wish for more kisses after receiving your kiss.”

Fu Zhi Zhou held Qiao Luo in his embrace. Dancing at a young age had made Qiao Luo’s waist slim and firm, as if 2 hands were sufficient to clutch the entire waist. Fu Zhi Zhou felt that even if Qiao Luo finished the whole cake, he wouldn’t get any fatter. He couldn’t resist pressing the other onto his front using those hands supporting the waist. He asked, “Other than a fountain pen, your boyfriend prepared something else. Then, do you want to kiss or see your present now?”

The just-officially-turned-18 Qiao Luo pouted, “Only kids make choices, I want them all!”



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