Chapter 23

The way Fu Zhi Zhou informed Qiao Luo of his departure was extremely skillful. In this way, Qiao Luo could only be duped in a daze, only soaking in the delight that Fu Zhi Zhou would be spending the winter break at home. Only when the New Year came did he realised that the price he had to pay was not being able to step into another year with Fu Zhi Zhou.

It had only been a little less than 2 months since they had started dating, and Qiao Luo was at an age where he fancied the romantic ways most, wishing to spend every festival with his lover.

Qiao Luo would stick to Fu Zhi Zhou when he was young and would be able to act cute to Fu Zhi Zhou in front of his parents, saying, “Zhou Zhou gege, I want you to coax me.” But now, Qiao Luo had a guilty conscience and didn’t even dare to call Fu Zhi Zhou in his parents’ presence. 

The New Years holiday period lasted for 3 days. Teachers swore that this was the final New Years that high schoolers could spend in relaxation. Thus, they had specially assigned less homework. On the previous day, Qiao Luo had already finished everything under Fu Zhi Zhou’s supervision. Father and Mother Qiao gave special approval for him to watch TV and play computer games, but Qiao Luo was preoccupied with his wandering thoughts.

Missing Fu Zhi Zhou was a very natural occurrence, but this time’s yearning was exceptionally tormenting.

In the past, whenever Qiao Luo missed Fu Zhi Zhou, he would only have the mere thought of missing Fu Zhi Zhou. But this time round, this idea had certain changes. Qiao Luo missed Fu Zhi Zhou’s hugs, the way he would use his warm chest to envelop his back, and then his arms to wrap around him in a circle; he also missed how Fu Zhi Zhou would kiss him, the way he was able to transmit the amount of love he had for Qiao Luo just through the warmth that came from a pair of lustrous lips. Even more so, he wanted to hear Fu Zhi Zhou personally greeting him “Happy New Year, Luo Luo” when the alarm before dawn rang.

This was especially prevalent when he heard his mother letting out an uncontrollable shout of surprise when she received his father’s secretly prepared present in the bedroom. 

He sneakily sent Fu Zhi Zhou a message: Romantic Mr. Qiao prepared a present for Mrs. Qiao yet the hateful Fu Zhi Zhou never said Happy New Year to Luo Luo.

Thereafter, Fu Zhi Zhou didn’t reply since he was perhaps accompanying his grandfather.

Qiao Luo sat bubbling in anger in front of the TV for a while, until Father Qiao finished washing a bowl of strawberries and asked, “What are you dazing about?”

Qiao Luo downed two strawberries in one bite, nearly stuffing that small mouth immovable. Then he suddenly recalled that Fu Zhi Zhou seemed to have already told him that he might not have time to contact him today when they had video called previously.

Thus, he asked Father Qiao, “What should I do? Next year I’ll be having my art exams around this time.”

Regarding this question, Father Qiao felt deeply gratified, “You finally know how to feel anxious.”

However, Qiao Luo was actually not anxious. He merely wanted to change the topic. So after stuffing another two strawberries in his mouth, he said after chewing, “I’m going to the dance room. I’ll come out for dinner.”


Qiao family’s exclusive courtyard villa had 3 stories. At the 3rd level, they renovated it into a dance room, with a high usage rate. When Qiao Luo was young, the family of 3 would often be at the dance room together. Qiao Luo would practice for a performance on 1 June Children’s Day while Father and Mother Qiao would prepare a performance for their doubles dance for their tour.

Qiao Luo threw his phone onto the floor at the entrance after confirming that Fu Zhi Zhou hadn’t replied to him yet. Then, he turned on the music and practiced diligently with melancholy for a couple of hours, getting so drained that his tummy grumbled with hunger.

Dinner was takeout from a restaurant outside and they’d also invited Old Man Fu to welcome the new year together.

Qiao Luo dazed from hunger and Fu Zhi Zhou wasn’t there to let him stick on. So for this meal, he talked less and moved his chopsticks faster, eating until his tummy revealed a smooth bulge.

Old Man Fu’s age wasn’t young so welcoming the new year was just words. He would get sleepy and couldn’t hold on until 12 midnight. When it was around 10pm, he said that he wanted to return home to sleep.

Qiao Luo blew the same trumpet, shouting noisily with enthusiasm that he was tired to death. After sending off Old Man Fu, he nestled back into his own room.

Fu Zhi Zhou had replied to him.

The message above was him addressing Fu Zhi Zhou as a “hateful Fu Zhi Zhou”. Thus, Fu Zhi Zhou’s reply message had a small program that put the new address into practical use. This program was titled, “The hateful Fu Zhi Zhou sent Luo Luo baby a New Year’s present”.

Qiao Luo stared at this name and excitedly rolled 3 times around the bed in excitement, then requested for a video call.

Fu Zhi Zhou answered very quickly, but the image wasn’t the best— The towel was still draped over his head. He had probably just showered.

Yet, Qiao Luo didn’t care that much. He said cutely, “What did you call me?”

Fu Zhi Zhou acted innocent, “Luo Luo? Qiao Luo?”

Qiao Luo rolled a couple rounds on the bed and said persistently, “The modifier?”

Fu Zhi Zhou ignored him and changed the topic, “Did my little gramps eat dinner at your place? I called him but his phone was off. The housekeeping auntie and brother went home to celebrate. I reckon that little gramps forgot to charge his phone again. He’s still pretty happy, right?”

Qiao Luo was only obsessed with that one “Luo Luo baby”, and said in a very bad mood, “Grandpa Fu is very happy but Luo Luo is very unhappy.”

Fu Zhi Zhou was amused to death. He took his towel and continued drying his hair. After roughly rubbing it twice, he threw the towel aside, sat onto a chair and asked while looking at Qiao Luo, “This unhappy student, did you greet daddy and mommy a Happy New Year?”

Crap, he had forgotten about this.

The Qiao family’s familial traditions were pretty romantic. For example, such a festival that stepped into a new year must be celebrated together as a family.

Qiao Luo’s heart had been chanting for only Fu Zhi Zhou and had forgotten about this matter.

He climbed down the bed and said to Fu Zhi Zhou, “Wait for me, I’m going downstairs for a while!”

Fu Zhi Zhou replied, “En, hurry on.”

Qiao Luo put on his little slippers and ran down with a “Pi Li Pa La”. He rubbed his eyes, trying to create an extremely sleepy appearance. He even gave a yawn and said once he was in the living room, “Dad, Mom, I forgot something.”

Then, he hugged his dad, “Happy New Year, daddy!”

Then, he hugged his mom, “Happy New Year, mommy! Mom will forever be youthful and gorgeous!”

As the family’s sole female, Mother Qiao would forever be the most spoiled in every festival. Old Mr. Qiao and Little Mr. Qiao would always sweet talk to her.

The forever young and beautiful Mother Qiao tapped Qiao Luo’s nose, saying, “Go to sleep quickly.”

Qiao Luo ran back to his room and with the memory of the previous matter, he took up his phone and faced it towards his face. He purposely put on an unhappy look, “The unhappy one is back.”

Fu Zhi Zhou wanted very much to give his head a good rub, but wasn’t able to. He could only stroke his fingertips a little and said, “Luo Luo, open the small program.”

That mini program was written by Fu Zhi Zhou. Clicking into it, the interface wrote “New Year Level No.1 ”. Qiao Luo clicked on it; It was a mini game where the player had to operate a small character to light fireworks. The difficulty level wasn’t high so he passed after playing the 3rd round, winning the game’s prize.

It was a voice message. Qiao Luo put the phone near his ear and after pressing play, he heard Fu Zhi Zhou’s warm and gentle voice transmitting, “Happy New Year, baby.”

Qiao Luo nearly screamed. He hugged the phone to his chest and started thrashing about on his bed, his heart thumping insanely fast.

Baby, baby, baby.

He chanted this address in his heart over and over again, carefully savoring the sweet aftertaste.

I’m doomed, he thought, now I miss Fu Zhi Zhou more than ever.


A/n: Being a programmer is terrific oh, you just had to write a program for the sake of showing your affection in public, humph╭(╯^╰)╮


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