Chapter 11

On the days where Fu Zhi Zhou personally woke Qiao Luo up, it wasn’t as blissful as he thought it to be.

Thinking about it in another angle, if he were to face Fu Zhi Zhou directly, Qiao Luo would find it extremely difficult to tear himself away from the bed. This basically guaranteed that the promise of “answering the first call” would be a failure. He needed Fu Zhi Zhou’s second and even third call to even get up on a usual basis.

After answering the phone, without even thinking, one would know how poor Fu Zhi Zhou’s attitude would be.

Qiao Luo felt deeply buried in losses, but he still continued to sell meng to Fu Zhi Zhou shamelessly. Everyday, he would murmur the same sentence while muddled from sleep, “Tomorrow, I will definitely answer the phone very quickly tomorrow, I promise! Zhou Zhou gege, don’t be angry~”

And thus, when ‘tomorrow’ came, there would come another ‘tomorrow’. It would never arrive.

However, after surviving a challenging month, Qiao Luo delightedly welcomed the PRC National Day holiday1People’s Republic of China National Day which is celebrated on 1st October with a 3 days public holiday

The holiday meant that he could sleep in, but it also meant that he wouldn’t receive the daily morning phone call.

Qiao Luo hugged his workbook as he reminisced about life in agony: Why couldn’t he have a chance to sleep in and have his Zhou Zhou gege?

Fu Zhi Zhou seemed to have heard his cries as he appeared at Qiao Luo’s living room.

At Qiao Luo’s age, there were many students with the mindset of “If I can play for a while longer, I will. The only reason why I study is because the teacher will scold me if I don’t.” They weren’t very mindful about everything and hadn’t considered their future plans.

And thus, Qiao Luo wasn’t worried or troubled. Naturally, there would be someone who was concerned for him.

It was due to the request of Father Qiao that Fu Zhi Zhou made this trip down, not because of his own accord. He researched and found many brochures of new enrollments for high schools that offered specialisation in dance, and information for private art schools.

All of the information was customised for a certain little bastard and with just a glance, one could see the great amount of effort expended on compiling these.

Father Qiao was rather embarrassed, “Actually, regarding private arts schools, Luo Luo’s mom and I are somewhat knowledgeable about this, and we were even invited by some to hold a lecture there. But our knowledge still doesn’t level with yours, so detailed and so deep.”

Fu Zhi Zhou was pretty calm, “I’ve been through high school and know the type of information the examinees need. Furthermore, Luo Luo sticks to me, so I will also be concerned about such things for him.”

Of course he would be worried. After all, he had other plans towards that little rascal.

Fu Zhi Zhou coughed a little. He thought, What is that little guy doing upstairs? He still hasn’t heard the sound of my visit?

And saying calmly once again, he went into the specifics of an art examinee’s course and asked, “Whether to apply for a private art school or to enroll in a general school, shouldn’t we ask Luo Luo first?”

Qiao Luo was currently in the bedroom secretly playing his game device. At the top, his English workbook blocked him and at the side was his mathematics paper as a prop.

When Mother Qiao knocked, he was shocked out of his wits, speedily hiding his game device, asking, “What! I was thinking hard about this question and now my thought process has been broken up because of your knock!”

Fu Zhi Zhou followed upstairs as he said, “I need to discuss something with you.”

Qiao Luo, “!!”

He scanned his table top seriously and found a half-finished language paper to put on the table, then went to open the door, “Zhou Zhou gege, how come you’re here?”

Mother Qiao said, “Your Zhou Zhou gege is having a headache worrying for you. Just look at your grades. Your dad and I have been discussing whether to have you enter a specialised dance academy.”

Dance was something Qiao Luo didn’t dislike. He was already in senior high, everyday he would be so drowsy that day would resemble night. Even his academic fundamentals hadn’t been completely laid.

He turned his small face towards Fu Zhi Zhou, “Does a specialist2a student who specialises in e.g. dance. academic grades then becomes secondary (but still important). the priority of a specialised student is to ace in his subject of specialisation. not need to attend morning self-study?”

It was rare for Fu Zhi Zhou to have such good patience; he repeated everything that an arts examinee needed to prepare for and the entire course after acceptance. He then asked, “Do you want to apply for an arts academy majoring in dance, or a general school as a specialist?”

Qiao Luo looked at his own parents, then at Fu Zhi Zhou as he scratched his head, sincerely saying, “I don’t know.”

He looked at Fu Zhi Zhou, asking for a lifeline as he habitually relied on Fu Zhi Zhou, “I want to follow your choice.”

In front of the other’s parents, Fu Zhi Zhou was a little embarrassed and said with a stern expression, “For this sort of thing, you must discuss it with Uncle and Aunty. I can’t be the one to make decisions for you.”

Qiao Luo pouted, “Oh……”

He actually had a vague idea in his heart, but all his attention was currently on Fu Zhi Zhou, “Then I’ll discuss it with Mom and Dad next time! I have a lot of things I want to say to you.”

Mother Qiao then said, “Okay, you two can go and play. I’ll make lunch. I’ll have Luo Luo’s dad call Uncle Fu over for lunch in a while.”

When Mother Qiao left, Qiao Luo pounced on Fu Zhi Zhou. He opened his mouth but before the words could exit, Fu Zhi Zhou said coldly, “Playing games in the house again?”

Qiao Luo, “!!”

He subconsciously denied, “I didn’t……”

Fu Zhi Zhou glared at him, “Did you forget the consequences of lying to me?”

Qiao Luo became obedient. He pitifully tugged at the corner of Fu Zhi Zhou’s shirt, “I only played once today. For a whole month, I didn’t even touch it. Really! I don’t dare to lie to you.”

In just one month, Qiao Luo’s small face had lost an inch. Starting of Year 1 would not be too tiring, it must have been the consistent lack of sleep that did it.

Fu Zhi Zhou was a kind of person who would rather break his own back than have Qiao Luo sleep uncomfortably. Qiao Luo faced Fu Zhi Zhou with his tiny face, looking at him pitifully for a while. Fu Zhi Zhou’s heart melted and he said with a dark expression, “No other exceptions.”

Qiao Luo nodded his head crazily and sold meng while holding his own selfish intentions, “How about you bring the game device back? Come back once every month and so I’ll definitely not play secretly again!”

This little intention of his could never be hidden from Fu Zhi Zhou, so Fu Zhi Zhou took the bait willingly, “That’s not impossible too.”

Qiao Luo handed in the crime tool, his PSP, and then bounced back to Fu Zhi Zhou. Previously, he would randomly drill into Fu Zhi Zhou’s embrace without hesitation. But this time round, he hesitated a little, unsure of why he would feel a little embarrassed. Thus, he obediently sat in front of Fu Zhi Zhou, saying, “Actually, I don’t need to discuss with my parents…… I don’t want to go to the arts academy.”

Mother and Father Qiao were both very famous dancers. If Qiao Luo walked on this path, it would be much smoother.

Fu Zhi Zhou had personally wanted Qiao Luo to develop as such, so he asked, “Why? Don’t you enjoy dancing?”

“It’s not that I don’t enjoy it.” Qiao Luo thought about it seriously, “Dancing requires a lot of training, performances and competitions. If that happens, then I would have way less time to spend with you. I feel like you’re more important.”

Fu Zhi Zhou wanted to remind Qiao Luo very much that even if he didn’t go to an arts academy, logically speaking, both of them would start their own families separately in the future, unable to stick together just like when they were young.

But in the instance when he opened his mouth, what came out was, “Then you have to study the cultural course well.”


T/N: hmm well I wonder what “other plans” Mr. Tsundere has for Mr. Sticky Bun

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  • 1
    People’s Republic of China National Day which is celebrated on 1st October with a 3 days public holiday
  • 2
    a student who specialises in e.g. dance. academic grades then becomes secondary (but still important). the priority of a specialised student is to ace in his subject of specialisation.


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