Chapter 8

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At nine in the morning, Qin Yuyang dressed neatly and walked out the door while yawning. The WiFi at home was unstable, so instead, he went to the milk tea shop and had a simple breakfast.

The stock market in this world was similar to the one in his original world. It had already passed the bull market stage1Bull Market is a market that’s on the rise and where the economy is sound; bear market is the opposite where the economy is receding in which one could make money as long as they had the means to buy. Now for the rest of the retail investors, most of them were novices who were trying their luck, and while a few of them were experienced, they didn’t make any money.

Qin Yuyang wasn’t a stock god. His biggest advantage when compared to others was that he possessed a better understanding of the twist and turns of these enterprises.

As long as one worked hard to comprehend the information and carefully distinguished between what was false and what was effective, then some results could be seen.

In light of the fact that there wasn’t much money in his hands, he picked two relatively safe stocks to buy then stopped browsing.

He sent a message to Su Ranqiu. “Xiao-Qiu, send me the address of your school.” After thinking for a while, he added another sentence. “What time does your class end?”

Su Ranqiu was in class when he suddenly felt his cell phone in his trouser’s pocket vibrate. His heart trembled and he had a premonition that it was a message from Qin Yuyang.

Sneakingly taking out his phone to check, he saw that it was indeed as such.

He hesitated and thought, do I really want Qin Yuyang to come?

Qin Yuyang waited for about ten minutes before he received Su Ranqiu’s belated reply. “If you walk to the bus stop where you got off last time and take bus number 688, you’ll directly reach the University gate.”

Then came a second message. “My class ends at half-past eleven. How’s your job search going?”

He turned his gaze and replied, “I’m still looking for one, people think I eat more and work less.” No boss is willing to hire me.

“…” Su Ranqiu’s lip twitched. It’s true. Who’d like to have an employee who’d behave more like a boss than themself? If it goes on like this, Qin Yuyang won’t be able to stand it and will end up returning home to be a young master again. Right?

After reading Qin Yuyang’s message, Su Ranqiu’s mood in class was somewhat affected.

If someone was seeking a job, ordinary work would’ve already satisfied them, but he couldn’t imagine Qin Yuyang doing express delivery or working as a waiter.

Qin Yuyang got on the bus at 10 a.m. and arrived near the school at 10:45 am.

After getting off the bus, he went to a small restaurant and ordered two takeouts of ‘Calcium bone supplement soup.’

The school security guard looked at the takeout in Qin Yuyang’s hands and let him enter right away. Only after did he realize something was wrong. This boy was so handsome and compelling, if he really was a delivery man, then all the schoolgirls must be going crazy?

Qin Yuyang walked into the campus and received quite a lot of attention along the way— all eyes were glued on him. The students were wondering things such as ‘which department the handsome guy belonged to’ or ‘was he here to deliver lunch to his girlfriend?’ 

A small garden was planted in front of the college building. Walking along the cobblestone path, one could see three or four small, stone tables and chairs under the tree.

Qin Yuyang was afraid that Su Ranqiu wouldn’t be able to find him after his class, so he stood in the most conspicuous crossway. He was about to send Su Ranqiu a message, but a man suddenly stopped him.

“Qin Yuyang?” Second Young master Jiang, who was fashionably dressed, came over with a look of scrutiny. “Why are you here?” He raised his eyebrows and asked. “This is the department of law, right?”

“Hello, Jiang Yilang,” Qin Yuyang greeted him calmly. After all, he knew from last night that Jiang Yilang was also a student in this department.

“It couldn’t be that you specially came to find me?” What’s the matter? You crushed me so badly last night. Are you still looking for a place to fight today?

“How can that be, I just came to deliver this.” Qin Yuyang carelessly pointed to the food box in his hand.

“Well, you’re just talking nonsense.” Jiang Yilang smiled and quietly gazed at the man standing in front of him. Now that he was looking closely, not only was this man tall, but he was also very handsome. “Your driving skills are really good. Do you want to exchange phone numbers? We can play together later?”

Qin Yuyang coldly replied, “I’m not interested. Your driving skills are extremely lame; they’re boring.”

Jiang Yilang could only say, “Shit…” Qin Yuyang was the first person who dared to say that his skills in driving were lame. Jiang Yilang felt like he just got wounded and lost ten thousand points.

But he had no sentence left to retort with. After all, the other man’s driving skills were really good, and he also knew how to make people feel bad without being over-excessive.

“I only came here to deliver food to my partner.” Qin Yuyang looked at him and said, “You have no one to deliver you food, what are you wandering here for? Why don’t you go and eat?”

Jiang Yilang thinned his lips. “Who told you I don’t have a  lover?” However, he was more curious that Qin Yuyang’s lover was someone from the law department. “Which beauty is your lover?” He turned his head and glanced at the school building. The flowers in their department didn’t seem to be very beautiful. If one of them was matched with Qin Yuyang, it could only be said they received a jackpot.

Qin Yuyang answered, “He’ll be down in a moment. You can see for yourself.” He held his phone down and sent a message.

After three minutes, Su Ranqiu read the message and sent back, “Give me three minutes.” After sending the message, he devoted the remaining three minutes to the class.

“Ranqiu, let’s have lunch together.” Xi Zhikai poked at Ranqiu, who was in front of him. He wanted to take advantage of the meal to collect some learning materials.

The other three people in their dormitory could count on Su Ranqiu’s notes for review.

“Not today,” Su Ranqiu replied, “I have an appointment today.” He packed up his things,  hurriedly said goodbye to his roommates, and then went out the door.

Under the tree in front of the teaching building, two eye-catching men stood side by side; one was the famous school bully, the other was a handsome guy who the students had never seen before.

But the people able to get in touch with Jiang Yilang weren’t ordinary people. Even if a person was handsome, they could only look at him from afar.

Except for Su Ranqiu. When he saw Qin Yuyang, he directly walked over with his backpack on his back. 

The athletic outfit, coupled with a half-hidden mask on his face, all added a bit of mystery to him.

Jiang Yilang waited for a long time, but no beautiful woman came over. He was a little suspicious that Qin Yuyang had fooled him. Soon, a man with a half-covered face came over and said to Qin Yuyang, “Sorry, did you wait a long time?”

The second young master froze and looked at Qin Yuyang with wide eyes and a gaze that had ‘gay’ written all over it. 

“No, I just chatted with your classmate Jiang,” Qin Yuyang answered casually.

“Are you the one who sat in his passenger seat last night?” Jiang Yilang stared at Su Ranqiu’s face, unable to see anything. 

Su Ranqiu nodded and said nothing. 

Qin Yuyang stated, “Mr. Jiang, We’re leaving. You can find someone else to eat with by yourself.” He pulled Su Ranqiu by his wrist and walked towards the stone tables and chairs in the small garden. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to leave a contact number?” Jiang Yilang turned and started chasing Qin Yuyang’s back. 

“Let’s talk about it if fate allows it.” Qin Yuyang waved without looking back. 

Su Ranqiu was dumbfounded and didn’t understand why such a domineering person, like Jiang Yilang, had such a good attitude towards Qin Yuyang. 

What was even more frightening was that Qin Yuyang wasn’t giving him any face. 

“Are there any classes in the afternoon?” Qin Yuyang sat down and asked. 

“Yes.” Su Ranqiu glanced anxiously at Jiang Yilang who was standing not too far away. He felt a little strange and asked, “Does he want to associate with you?” 

Qin Yuyang thinned his lips and questioned, “Can’t you see that he wants to sleep with me?” 

“Cough…” Su Ranqiu blushed and choked with embarrassment.  He didn’t know why his heart felt stuffy, but when he saw Qin Yuyang’s cold expression, he felt a little relieved. 

“Eat, leave him alone,” Qin Yuyang said, posing and lowering his head to eat with concentration. His appetite was always good, even more so with the amount of meat today.

“I can’t finish it.” As soon as Su Ranqiu saw so much meat, he immediately allocated half to Qin Yuyang. Anyway, the more the man ate, the better. 

“Do you want to go anywhere after eating?” When he saw Qin Yuyang eating so fast, he felt this question arise in his mind. 

“I have to leave to continue looking for a job,” Qin Yuyang blindly said with his eyes open.

“Hmm.” Su Ranqiu thought that the other party had come a long way to send him food. At least no one had done this for him before. 

Even if he fell in love with some girl in the future, it’d be impossible for him to be taken care of like this by a girl.

But that was just hypothetical. He didn’t believe he’d fall in love with a girl in the future.

“Then you continue with your classes, I’m leaving.” After finishing his meal, Qin Yuyang didn’t linger for long.

“I’ll give you the key if you want to go back and rest…” Su Ranqiu’s voice grew smaller and smaller as he took out two keys and placed them on the table. 

“Okay, I’ll take out some time to make a pair of keys and I’ll return it to you soon.” Qin Yuyang thought for a while and stretched out his hand to rub Su Ranqiu’s head. “Today your face looks better than it did yesterday.”

To be honest, he was slightly looking forward to Su Ranqiu’s recovery, his face after healing should be quite cute.

Su Ranqiu lowered his eyes and put on his mask.

His heart was thumping and his eyes felt a little hot. “Mm.” He was thinking about what he’d do if Qin Yuyang was always this sincere.

“I’m leaving.” Qin Yuyang gathered the rubbish created by him and Su Ranqiu, then turned to leave the campus in a chic and unrestrained manner.

Su Ranqiu sat on the small, stone bench, feeling a little empty in his heart. 

On the other side, Jiang Yilang dined with his attendants — absent-mindedly — as he was constantly thinking about the name Qin Yuyang. 

“Little A, does Qin Yushun have siblings? Do you know their names?” He asked his subordinate who had better intel.

“Second Young Master, I am not very clear about that.” Little A thought they had nothing to do with Qin Yushun. He was in the entertainment industry whereas, they were in the upstart of the finance industry. They had no business connections with the other, let alone private ones. 

“Find out and tell me,” Jiang Yilang ordered.

“Okay,” Little A nodded. After dinner, he made a phone call and asked someone to check Qin Yushun’s family situation. 

The result of the investigation was quite interesting. He found out about a recent gossip that just took place, even though it had been pressed down by both families. But Jiang’s line of contacts were full of talents, so it wasn’t a difficult task to find this piece of news.

At noon the next day, Little A had lunch with Jiang Yilang and reported, “Second Young Master, I found it.” 

Jiang Yilang glanced at him.

Little A stated, “Qin Yushun has a younger brother named Qin Yuyang. He’s the one who married the Ji family’s second young master three years ago, but he’s become a big topic of gossip recently.”

“What?” Jiang Yilang raised his eyebrows. It really was Qin Yuyang.

He found it strange that the man’s temperament didn’t seem like that of ordinary people. 

“Second Young Master Qin cheated and was caught in bed by Second Young Master Ji, guess what happened afterwards?” Little A told, “Both of them divorced and Second Young Master Qin didn’t take a single penny.”

Jiang Yilang was shocked. He suddenly remembered the boy who wore a mask yesterday. He knew in his heart that he must be the third party who Second Young master Ji caught in bed with Qin Yuyang.

If that was the case, then was Qin Yuyang now living with this third party?

Jiang Yilang cryptically thought, no wonder he was reduced to helping Tao Zhenting bet on cars, he deserved it. But apart from rejoicing, he was a bit inexplicably envious of the male mistress who was being favored by Qin Yuyang.

“Now the Qin family is searching everywhere for Second Young Master Qin, they don’t even know where he’s disappeared to. I heard he revealed that he was with his male mistress,” Little A said at last.


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